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Why IT Outsourcing Is a Powerful Startup Tool
Why IT Outsourcing Is a Powerful Startup Tool

In this article you will learn the main steps of outsourcing for startups as well as its advantages and potential challenges....

5 tips you need to know before implement product analytics
What is product analytics? 5 tips you need to know

5 tips you need to know before implementing product analytics.

Advantages and disadvantages of EHR and EMR
Discovery phase in software product development from A to Z

In this article we describe the importance of the Discovery phase in a project, focusing on its benefits and illustrate ZenBit’s discover...

EMR and EHR systems
ZenBit Named a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at ZenBit, we know it can be tricky to juggle implementing state of the art tech solutions while also maintaining a steady level of ...

zenbit named top e commerce developer in ukraine
ZenBit Named Top E-Commerce Developer In Ukraine

ZenBit Named Top E-Commerce Developer In Ukraine

outsourcing development
Develop an App for Business Process Automation: Worth It?

Automation of business processes can improve the quality of management in a company and the quality of its product. What forms of buisnes...

outsourced development team
Top Fail Reasons Behind 7 Startup Cases

The answer is here: it is the human nature that destroys us.

offshore software development
Why Only 1% Win (Startup Survival Rate)

We often see that great products eventually fail. How can they prevent it? Here are these most important reasons.

outsource technology services
Why IT Outsourcing Is a Powerful Startup Tool

IT Outsourcing is growing rapidly. If you've ever wondered what the core tasks of an outsourcing team are, then look it up here.

it outsourcing services
4 Startup Taboos You Should Break

Our world is a whirlwind of taboos and stereotypes. Some beliefs may be useful but often they stop you at the very beginning. Let's talk ...