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The composition of your development team depends directly on your business needs and project requirements. Your dedicated team may consist of the following specialists:

5+ years

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Projects completed successfully

3+ R&D offices

Well distributed team in more than 3 offices in Eastern European countries

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The primary advantage of employing dedicated developers is saving a significant amount of money on software development.

The following are the top five strategies for demonstrating why dedicated recruiting is a cost-effective strategy:

  • There is no need for additional recruiting costs.
  • There are no training costs.
  • The Advantages of Technical Expertise
  • Establish the Most Effective Strategy for Your Project.
  • Pay the Balance as Soon as the Project Is Completed.

Outsourcing is often less expensive than employing local professionals – this is particularly true if you are based in the United States or Western Europe and are seeking a software development company in Eastern Europe. This is due to the disparity in living costs, which enables developers to earn a livable wage while charging less.

A typical software development team consists of experts with a wide variety of knowledge and skills:

  • Designers of user interfaces and user experiences;
  • Frontend engineers;
  • Backend engineers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • Quality Assurance experts;
  • Project managers;
  • Some support members.