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healthcare information technology company

Healthcare software development in 2022: How to make it work

Table of Contents In this article, we will illustrate the situation in the healthcare software development market today and try to picture its nearest...

custom medical software development

Medical software development: challenges and opportunities

Table of Contents In this article, we will discuss the benefits of mobile health solutions in facts and figures and the challenges faced. We...

HIPAA Purposes and Compliances 1

HIPAA – Purposes and Compliances

Table of Contents What is HIPAA Since the internet became prevalent and ubiquitous, the world has made significant movements towards the digitalization of all...

5 tips you need to know before implement product analytics

What is product analytics? 5 tips you need to know

5 tips you need to know before implementing product analytics.

cybersecurity in healthcare

Why Cybersecurity is Important in healthcare

Cybersecurity in Healthcare is vitally important nowadays as all data becomes digital and is stored in the cloud, we will help you to get..


EMR vs EHR – How electronic health records will improve patient care?

Find out more on EMR and EHR, with their difference and applications in health care.

Product Roadmap

Discovery phase in software product development from A to Z

In this article we describe the importance of the Discovery phase in a project, focusing on its benefits and illustrate ZenBit’s discover...

jon tyson 1Mq4QQaVhis unsplash

ZenBit Named a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at ZenBit, we know it can be tricky to juggle implementing state of the art tech solutions while also maintaining a steady level of ...

3d render medical background with abstract virus cells

Does early screening reduce the cancer mortality rate?

Does early screening reduce the cancer mortality rate?


Internet of Things in agriculture

How can IoT technologies help agriculture to meet global food demand?

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