4 Startup Taboos You Should Break

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5 mins read

4 Startup Taboos You Should Break

Entrepreneurs often fall into the same psychological and social trap. 

Which one?

The society has been dictating us therules for quite a long time (for centuries). These rules have touched upon all the aspects of our life. Your business is not an exception.

How often do you catch yourself on thoughts which stop you from being aggressive and launching what you want to?

In order to succeed in your beginnings, you have to break certain taboos. You know why?

Because they don’t work anymore.

Take a look at the following to-get-rid-of list. 

1. All alone in the dark

Somehow, supporting other startups is not a very common thing to do. Despite what you might think, this tip can help you build a whole network of investors, colleagues and entrepreneurs. 

Look at the Twitter subscriptions of @webappseed. have you noticed how many of them are startups and just good projects?

Twitter subscriptions to startups

Keeping in touch with other businesses will let you have your finger on the pulse. What’s trending? How to improve my startup? Which investors can I make interested in my product?  

It is not the question of competition but rather an essential partnership tool.

2. Fear of the New World

Keeping old traditions alive is a good thing but not when it comes to business strategy. 

The thing you are doing may be outdated, old-fashioned in a bad way and nothing is worse than not keeping with the time. Your best option is to go ahead of it. But don’t make the time go ahead of you.

Remember those freaks who suggested some weird stuff like “why do we need a regular mini-USB port? Why not have a cool new type-C?” or some other weird new features of various apps? Or.. smartwatch?

Who is laughing now? 

If we speak not entirely about tech aspects, then we can take something simple. Any business. Any company.

Sticking to the traditions of your ancestors may be a rather profitable way of living. But the world we live in demands constant changes, infinite improving and self-reflection.

Remember that even the most flourishing enterprise requires a fresh look sometimes.

Succesful business negotiation and generation gap by Unsplash

If you don’t follow this piece of advice, then you’ll definitely have one of the two possible outcomes.

a) The light version of this is that you will drown in your never ending stream of deadly boring stability. 

Successful investors and founders don’t just stand by. They are constantly moving. They always seek some new opportunities.

b) As for the worst possible outcome, your business will just fail and destroy itself because it is not relevant anymore.

3. All work and No Play

A lot of people think that as soon as you are aboard of the startup ship, you have to pretend you are all for the serious business and nothing can make you smile. 

Who told’ya? 

Entrepreneurs, developers, managers, they are just people. They go to work, yes. But you know what? Everybody loves a good joke. 

No one likes to be too serious and perhaps that is exactly what made them big. 

Here, we should say a word about using social media. 

Did you notice how informal are the twitter accounts of Big people? Like, take a look at any startup advisor. There are hardly any of them who will constantly talk about figures, graphics, reports etc. That is just boring.

Instead, they share their opinions, tips, and suggestions. They like small talks and they are up to date with the Internet trends (most of the time).

So why you hesitate?

business communication and fun

4. Depending on market demands only

 Doing a primary market research is essential for your product to succeed and go viral.

Nevertheless, it’s not a solid reason to abandon your dream if you think that your product has something valuable to offer.

Consider looking at the messenger apps on the Play Market. Are there a lot of differences between them? Are they completely different?

The answer is no. They have the same basic function – chatting. Though, additional functions and usability are exactly the things you should pay attention to. 

That’s what made such apps as Telegram and WhatsApp prominent.

That’s what can make you prominent.

Stand up and shine bright like a diamond.

business communication and fun


Our world is a whirlwind of taboos and stereotypes. Some beliefs may be useful but often they stop you at the very beginning.

The best possible solution to dealing with them is their analysis. Think about the results you can get if you break the rules or act in a non-ordinary way. 

What people might think of you is not important because you’ll rise upon all the prejudice you might get.

With our tips, we are sure that your business insight will hit the ceiling.

Just don’t forget to use them!

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