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We stay current on healthcare IT trends and advances and constantly publish new articles on topics such as healthcare data analytics, healthcare cybersecurity, patient and also find how to develop hospital mobile app development in our healthcare app development blog, and more. In our healthcare software blog, we assist senior IT managers, project managers, healthcare providers, medical device makers, and pharmaceutical firms in determining how to improve the productivity of the IT-healthcare symbiosis for caregivers and patients.
AWS Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud

The chance of unexpected disasters, whether they are natural or artificial, underlines how important it is to have a strong disaster...

TOP Business Challenges Faced By Startups
The Most Common Business Challenges Faced By Startups

You probably know that healthcare startups face unique challenges that can make it difficult for them to succeed in disrupting the...

Storing Secrets on Microsoft Azure
Services for Storing Secrets on Microsoft Azure

We have already talked in our blog about “Services for Storing Secrets on AWS” and now, let’s take a close look...

Storing Secrets on AWS
Services for Storing Secrets on AWS

In today’s world of technology, secrets management has become a critical aspect of application security. Companies need to store and manage...

Protect Data on AWS
Protect Data on AWS using the Encryption Method

With so much data being stored on cloud platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services), it’s essential to take extra precautions to...

AWS Cost Optimization
AWS Cost Optimization

Keeping your AWS expenses low is becoming crucial as more businesses migrate to the cloud. AWS offers a variety of pricing...

Img for post preview GDPR
Building a GDPR-compliant architecture on AWS

Data has become a powerful component for businesses in the current digital age, and its protection is fundamental. The General Data...

Top Benefits of Mobile Apps Post
Top Benefits of Mobile App and Web App

What startup to develop: a web app or a mobile application? Let's speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Article baner
How to launch app – Success Tips

There is nothing extraordinary today for brands to have their own apps. Indeed, almost half of the small businesses have their...

Top Databases for React Native App Development Preview
Top Databases for React Native App Development

In this post, we are reviewing the best databases for React Native to help you create your new app. Welcome!  Introduction ...