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Featured Top Medical Development Companies
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In this article, you will get some knowledge of how to look for the right team of experts to suit your project and discover the top names in the industry. 

Top Healthcare Software Companies

In The World of Top Healthcare Software Companies. Introduction

Looking for top healthcare app developers? Here is our research of the best options in the industry. All the companies we chose for our list provide custom medical software of cool quality, boast extensive experience in creating Healthcare digital solutions for both start-ups and huge multinational businesses. 

Hospitals that use software from the providers we enumerate have a higher percentage of patient satisfaction, and readmissions happen less. These companies give all-embracing extensive packages for clinics, hospitals, labs, and health insurance structures. 

Are you a large hospital that wants to build a healthcare app of the most advanced level? Or just a doctor who wants to offer your patients something innovative? With the following top healthcare software development companies you are able to create a perfect product that fits all your needs. 

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies. To Stay Competitive

  • Glorium Technologies was founded in 2010, with its headquarters in Princeton, NJ. Remember, ThoughTech, ITR Software, and many more are among their celebrated clients. 4.7/5.0 is its rating at Clutch. Their pricing starts from 25 USD per hour. Awesome reviews. 
  • Award-winning ValueCoders, founded in 2004 with headquarters in Gurugram, India, provides top all-inclusive services globally. Clutch rates are 5.0. Hourly price is lower, it starts from 15 USD per hour. Ethical and honest attitude, easy engagement, no freelancers, only own staff involved, cost efficiency, and more. 
  • Ukrainian Custom Software and MedTech Solutions Development Company ZenBit Tech, was founded in 2017. 5.0 Clutch rating. In their portfolio, you can find such clients as Oxford University Innovation, Médecins Sans Frontières, Johnson & Johnson, and more. The team’s reputation evolved due to exceptional regard for details, deadlines, high quality, and user contentment and delight. 
  • American Light-It from Aventura, Florida, with 50-99 USD per hour and a team size of up to 250 employees. They helped to bring tech innovations for Megalabs, CuraScribe, D-local, etc. and the company focuses on big healthcare projects that are worth 50 thousand USD minimum and more. 
  • Polish Lomray Software located in Warsaw works with the same hourly price as Light-It but takes two times smaller projects, starting from 25 thousand USD budgets, their team is from 10 to 49 experts, and 40% of service focus goes to custom software development.  
  • Saritasa with a 4.8 Clutch rating. Serving various industries apart from Healthcare, the company is much appreciated for its flexibility and boasts world-famous clients like Sony, Yamaha, Disney, iHeartMedia, and more. 
  • 5.0 rated Apzumi developers from Polish Poznań with their offices in Germany and the US, successfully adjust, discover and fulfill their client’s needs within the projects starting from 10 thousand USD. They did remote patient monitoring solutions for the cardiology department in ChanlHealth and helped to implement video and chat telemedicine tools for Medici.MD, and more.
  • TATEEDA GLOBAL from San Diego, USA, provides high-quality results following deadlines, as their celebrated clients like Ventrilink, NDA, or VisionTree admit. Big team and 50-99 USD per hour rate. 5 stars at Clutch.  
  • Blackburn Labs’s services are one of the most expensive here in our list starting from 100 up to 150 USD per hour, from 10 to 50 team members, and the highest percentage of custom software development focus – 55%. Their main office is in North Kingstown and successful projects include Cardio Compass for Brigham Health hospital, web and mobile apps development for DevLess, and many more.
  •  American Oomph, Inc. with its offices in Providence, RI. Only 10% of custom software development focus, and yet great projects and happy clients, even if their services’ costs are high ranging from 150 to 200 USD per hour. Oomph team boasts a Gold award for website development in dotCOMM Awards, Silver in W3 Award, and more.
  • N-iX from Malta offers a huge team of employees – from 1 to 10 thousands, and takes projects starting from 100 thousands USD. Rated 4.8 by Clutch, their expertise covers many fields, including custom medical software. Among their happy clients in this field are Brighter, ThinkResearch, Weinmann, and others. 

  • 5.0 rated ItCraft from Warsaw, Poland with 11 years in the market and more than 250 completed projects, and more than 50 praising reviews on Clutch. They developed a mental health planform for American MindLeap Health, a web app for KidsDoctor, apps for HomeDoctor, SupraCare, and more. 

  • Intetics Inc. from Florida, 4.8 rating and more than 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge. 50-100 USD per hour, minimum project size 50 thousand USD, and the big team involved – 250-1000 employees.   

What to consider first when looking for the right developers for your project? There are a lot of aspects, to be honest. Location, services specifications, your budget limits and their hourly rate, reviews you can trust, celebrated clients, and more. For that reason, we recommend a wonderful source – Clutch where you can do your research and choose the firm you need by looking at the structured info about each provider and linking to their website, all in one place. The final choice is yours but you have great tools for the right decision.  

Healthcare app development companies

Do you want to develop custom medical app?


Healthcare app development companies are an essential component of the modern medical world. They are high-level advisers in the industry and can lead your business to the top rank. Having such professionals as your partners will make you put more energy and attention on your patients and less on technology matters.
These companies provide solutions for better diagnostics, emergency services, and online medicines with the right consultation. They guarantee customer service day and night, seven days a week, so you feel safer in case of any system issues.

Staying competitive is impossible without the newest technology at your disposal. So, if you are considering hiring a telemedicine app development company services, and need more info, you are welcome to contact our team for a friendly talk! Have a nice day!

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