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Healthcare Cloud Providers: How to Make the Right Choice?

Imagine a world where patient records are seamlessly accessible, where doctors can collaborate effortlessly, and where the promise of cutting-edge medical...

Cloud Computing In Healthcare
Cloud Computing In Healthcare: Use Cases And Trends

Cloud-native ways are no mystery. Many of our everyday applications are tailored for cloud deployment. Gartner’s crystal ball sees a future...

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Top 10 cloud security companies

In the boundless world of cloud computing, where data soars freely and possibilities seem endless, one top concern remains the same:...

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How Devops Helps The Business Growth

As one of today’s most mainstream concepts for businesses, DevOps means higher performance to the companies who implement them. More and...

AWS Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud

The chance of unexpected disasters, whether they are natural or artificial, underlines how important it is to have a strong disaster...

Storing Secrets on Microsoft Azure
Services for Storing Secrets on Microsoft Azure

We have already talked in our blog about “Services for Storing Secrets on AWS” and now, let’s take a close look...

Storing Secrets on AWS
Services for Storing Secrets on AWS

In today’s world of technology, secrets management has become a critical aspect of application security. Companies need to store and manage...

cloud migration overview
Cloud Migration Overview

Cloud migration is an essential process that allows companies to move their digital assets and services from on-premise systems to cloud-based...

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Building a GDPR-compliant architecture on AWS

Data has become a powerful component for businesses in the current digital age, and its protection is fundamental. The General Data...

Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry
Guide for Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry

What startup to develop: a web app or a mobile application? Let's speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both.