Microsoft Healthcare Cloud Services

The cloud services we provide using the platform Microsoft Azure have a range of secure and scalable for healthcare organizations. Our company can help healthcare organizations streamline their operations, improve patient outcomes, and enhance collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. 

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How much does it cost to implement Cloud Solution?

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With what Regulations are we Working?

United Kingdom
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • NHS Digital Assessments Questions (DAQ)
  • Data Protection Act (DPA)
Flag of Europe
European Union
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Medical Devices Regulation (MDR)
  • Network and Information Security (NIS)
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands
United State
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA)
DPO as a Sevice
  • Data Protection Officer is a knowledgeable professional, who can improve information security and compliance, like GDPR or HIPPA
  • Our specialist have proven methodologies for implementing effective privacy frameworks and deep data protection expertise;
  • Get your benefits from our cost-effective outsourcing service.
DevOps as a Service
  • You can choose an appropriate development team where we achieve all of your needs based on Cloud.
  • Our cloud & web security developers provide high-level, totally unique solutions.
  • Select the SLA level you require based on the level of risk you are willing to accept.

Microsoft Healthcare Cloud Technologies we Use

Cloud services
Azure api for FHIR
Azure IoT for Healthcare
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Virtual Desktop

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Custom Web app development
Our healthcare cloud services are scalable, allowing easy match to all needs of our customers. This flexibility helps to increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize the need of additional infrastructure.
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Custom Web app development

Our team can manage high-performance computing resources for you if you need to leverage innovative technologies or optimize for machine learning and data analytics workloads.

Our client's testimonials

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Chief Executive Officer at STEMI Global
Focusing on such a sensitive area in HealthTech we depend on a reliable and professional partner and I can declare that after almost 2 years of cooperation ZenBit has been one of such partner for us.
David Nogueras Co-founder of EvZein
David Nogueras
David Nogueras
Co-founder of EvZein
ZenBit was very involved in the project, they were very supportive and helpful and didn’t only focus on the technical side but helped us to refine our design. In fact ZenBit went even further and they have introduced us to our very first client so now we are very close to start kind of working on the first pilot of application and we are very happy for that.
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Our AWS Workshops

Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmyla Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech
If your company operates in the EU, you need to ensure that your architecture is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR applies to all processing of personal data either by organization that have an establishment in the EU or EU supervisory authorities who can issue fines of up to EUR 20 million, or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is higher, for a bridge of the GDPR.
Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmyla Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech
Our knowledgeable CTO Liudmyla Dziubynska walks you through the process of putting encryption techniques in place to protect your sensitive data.

You can learn about various encryption techniques such as:
  • Client-side encryption;
  • Server-side encryption;
  • Encryption on flight (SSL).