Top Databases for React Native App Development

Top Databases for React Native App Development F
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In this post, we are reviewing the best databases for React Native to help you create your new app. Welcome! 

You may already know that everything connected to React Native boasts an increasing interest, and lots of companies have built their confidence on this environment to launch and deliver mobile apps.

The choice is quite a challenge at the beginning, to be honest. Among the vast majority of nice options we will try to find the best. By best choices we mean the ones to match your project needs like offline features support or easy adjustments with your user base. Let’s go!

Hence, our list of the most efficient databases for React Native will be relieved a bit later. One thing comes first at this point. 

Some Points To Take Into Account While Searching 

It is important to think over some aspects which are going to define your choice in a better way. 

  • Eligibility

The dreamt application popularity brings new challenges, the creators’ scope of work step up as well as their competencies and duties. Dealing with massive data amounts is stressful. Fulfilling new user requests will not be a piece of cake as precise data services is a mastery of a higher level. 

  • Managing Memory 

Proper data management is your guarantee for the perfect app functioning, you do not need any crashes. Using tools that clear cache by and by ensures that everything works fine, there is no need to worry about memory space, and your app keeps running save and sound. 

  • Data Clashes Handling

Adding more coaction based functions inside your app may drive some data clashes. You have to look for databases that provide the clash handling rules. 

  • Usage Convenience And Simplicity

May your ambition will be the React Native local database that is associated with minor efforts. In this case, all the development workflows will be more effective and the IT team’ job simplified. 

  • Data Multiplicity

It is necessary that for most of the apps, data is kept either by means of core values or a JSON scheme. That is why choosing a data repository that can handle intricate data schemes is essential. Complete documents or full objects are examples of this.

  • Syncing Data Offline

Sooner or later your users will also need their applications to work offline like in rural areas, for example. So, it is vital to involve the database that enables data synchronization. This is how Google docs or Pages work, for example.

Best of the Best


This data repository is set up for creating intricate applications, and its priority number one is things-as-they-are performance. Simply put, your application is going to launch quickly. 

Everything is easier with a simple application, but when you have to manage tons of data records, the launch of your app will hardly get started fast. Besides, a full database download into JavaScript is not cheap! Watermelon is saving the situation by being “lazy”. Everything is loaded only when requested, and most issues get fixed immediately. 

Yet, the drawback is when you have to change a record, all the user interface that relies on it will re-render accordingly. 


“Lite” is about being a lightweight library with only a basic setup needed. Developers like it for its ACID compliance, offline endurance, security measures like data encryption support, and more. Some performance features with SQLite are more than reliable and operate decently even at an ultimate level. As to the pricing, it is free open access, but if you prefer official license, it will costs around 6000 USD. One time payment. 


Let us start with the drawback here. Data is not encoded at the server part, which unfortunately makes it vulnerable and open for cybercriminals. Therefore, if you are going to manage considerable amounts of sensitive info like in the Healthcare industry, we advise you to consider some other React Native local database for your project.  

Apart from this, Firebase may be your best choice when we put on the table such changes like offline mode and data coordination. It is popular and much appreciated among the developers for being real-time data sync which is very useful if the offline mode is suddenly the only option for your app to use. Another pro is its basic setup and cross-platform access as well as its offline endurance. The database is known for its clear and simple data entry security rule scheme and safe connection, fast data sharing and free cloud storage that make Firebase superior to other local data foundations. 

As for the expenses, you do not have to pay for the memory up to 1GB. Still, there are prime offers for a bigger storage, and a special type of payment which is real time instead of credit. 


It can also coordinate data between numerous clients, so no data clash is relevant here. However, in the case of a native library, it works differently. They believe PouchDB is the most solid and safe server-side data collection. It has a cool feature of local storage disconnection. Both copies are independent and being simultaneously updated. The renewed info gets synced across numerous users with no fear of any data leakage issues. Moreover, its authentication scheme guarantees wonderful security characteristics like password keys encryption, cookie storage, high level data protection, and more. On top of that, PouchDB usage is totally free. 


This database for React Native is fast and light with free access data storage. Vasern creators wanted to build something free access and easy to learn tool for developers. It is indeed simple and clear, a storage of a linked-consistent type. It is also developed for cloud services and coordination across numerous app clients using a dominant language Golang. Among its main benefits is UTF-8 encoding, a simple data type base. 

Realm Database

It is special for its self sufficiency and freedom from any key-value stores, that is why RD is so popular in the IT world when it is mostly about big data management or apps with high functionality. Realm boasts great synchronization run and pretty cool offline performance. Its encryption norms provide utmost data security. Many banks trust it, by the way. Realm has proven to run faster than other ones. Realm may be absolutely free to use, but if you want the prime version it is around 1800 USD per month.



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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmila Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech


With the wide choice of nice databases for your next project, there is always one that will work perfectly exactly for you. We do hope our review was useful and improved your vision in this aspect. Before making the final decision, please, write down all your requirements and keep an eye on it. Compromises are not relevant here as any wrong step may cost a lot. Thank you for reading our blog, keep in touch! Take care!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech