Top Benefits of Mobile App and Web App

Top Benefits of Mobile Apps
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Imagine this: you decided to extend the bounds of your business, or a great startup idea has been born within your business team. As soon as you’ve become determined to launch a cool and money-making project, the dilemma about a mobile application, or a web application choice comes up.
Today, there are 350 000 digital health apps present in the market providing quality care to patients. For that reason, it is important to know the healthcare apps’ benefits and their development challenges.
Before we jump to the main section, let’s have a look at the mobile health apps market size in the USA and its future prospects.

The growth of mHealth apps market in the USA
The growth of mHealth apps market in the USA

Top 10 Benefits Of Mobile Apps

Patient Engagement

Patients nowadays face the double challenges of unusually complex healthcare systems, and at the same time work with medical professionals who are not able to spend enough time on patient education and support. A mobile app saves this situation by improving patient engagement and care with health literacy and preventive care as they are key components of modern value-based care models.


Cost-efficiency, Saving Time, And Effort

Another important application benefit refers to reduced healthcare costs by promoting population health management are possible as well as reaching more customers. Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we use medical services. Be it ordering drugs in a chemist’s, getting insurance info, or fixing doctors’ appointments online. Various patients’ needs are catered to via a convenient medium. Companies offering mobile app development services have benefitted from this greatly. Healthcare apps have made it easier to boost business growth saving time and money. Both providers and patients benefit from it.
Besides, having a mobile app means saving a lot of money on ads. Referral programs and other features enable building a solid consumer base, they are tools for advertisement on multiple media platforms as well.

The mobile industry is flourishing with more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide. App usage keeps growing steadily and this tendency is not going to change in the nearest future.

Data collecting and management

A mobile app is great for informed decision-making by offering real-time data at the fingertips. Collecting relevant data is crucial in any area of the healthcare industry. The app benefits also mean fast and accurate data gathering. The data field in your app’s initial capture gives already tons of valuable info. Filling in an intuitive, well-designed, and fun-to-use app is encouraging and inviting. In the future, this personal and health data will extend your target market reach, this is why it is so treasured. On the condition of strong security compliance, of course. The user experience is of top concern. For this reason, all data must be deposited safely in the cloud and special accesses allow only the approved people to see and study the data.


Customer service

Thanks to a mobile app, better adherence to treatment plans is possible as all barriers are being removed. It makes it easier to keep in touch with your customers and help them with relevant information about your services. Moreover, your app enables you to build better relationships and loyalty with your customers. This is a great way for them to get in touch with you. Besides, you can better manage customer queries and complaints.

Monitoring of a higher level

A mobile app helps to better monitor clinical studies and patient outcomes. Patients can open and see their medical records/prescription details at home in front of the TV, literally anytime, anywhere. Unlike manual patient records management, medical apps minimize all the potential risks of human errors and make digital reports with the utmost accuracy. This way, doctors make the right decisions about treatment and prescriptions. Moreover, In the case of moving from one hospital to another, the data can be picked up easily which can even save lives in emergencies.

Wants to develop your own mobile app?


Chronic disease management

With a mobile app, it is much easier to manage chronic diseases or monitor vital signs. It is a big trend in the industry, considering the fact that 40% of American patients above 16 have a chronic disease. Through effective monitoring routines and tools, people stay informed and are encouraged to improve their lifestyles. Both sides benefit from a mobile app: people take care of their health better, and medical professionals become more efficient.

36% more tablet users during the past 7 years make up an impressive number of 1.14 billion.

Economies of scale

A mobile application reduces the cost of workflows greatly, and economies of scale are one of the most important app benefits. There will be a great help mobile apps for your business in terms of marketing, and workflow. The cost advantages your company will experience thanks to developing your own mobile app will be impressive.


Regulatory routines improved

A mobile app lowers the healthcare industry’s regulatory burden.
In various healthcare fields, mobile apps keep expanding access to services, replacing and integrating into the existing standards of treatment and preventive medicine. This way, special value, convenience, and comfort are created for patients. Yet worldwide, the systems of healthcare are facing the challenge of how to combine and make effective the rising speed of innovation and make profitable use of new digital tools for improving the treatment of illness and helping to develop healthier lifestyles. Mobile health apps solve this challenge by facilitating the identification of secure and efficient tools for doctors and patients to bring about the most health benefit and also help with payments and insurance, where needed.

How people use their smartphones? Voila, 88% of time in mobile phones belong s to apps. Check the picture below. 

Average daily mobile Internet time in the USA.
Average daily mobile Internet time in the USA.

Time efficiency

With the help of a mobile app, a lot of time is saved for healthcare providers and professionals. Besides, mobile apps are much faster than websites. Business success is all about providing services the fastest possible way, and a tiny lag or slight delay often leads to substantial loss which does not make customers happy.
One of the benefits of an app is its functional feature of local data storage and instant retrieval of the appropriate dataset. Moreover, the intricate code frameworks used for mobile app development are faster than the scripts used for website development.


A mobile app can help you to stay a few steps ahead of the competitors. The well-built app will give you chance to engage new patients and keep the current ones with loyalty features and new cool digital tools. It also creates an excellent company reputation and makes your brand stand out.

The mobile app development world is doing well in the modern super-competitive market. How do you think App Store is growing per day? Impressive 1.5k apps, according to Statista.

No wonder, plenty of apps inevitably vanish in the App stores’ whirl. The best 20 apps in any app store get discovered by users, as a rule. This is why, naturally, developers aim to jump into the top 20 by all means. Having accomplished that, download statistics will soar. This is why you should trust professionals when investing in the creation of a mobile app for your business.

In addition to this, in the image below you can see even more valuable things a mobile app can bring to your Healthcare business. IoT implementation enhances medical science, and payments for medical services are becoming more convenient thanks to mobile apps, etc.

More benefits of an app.
More benefits of an app.

The Difference Between A Mobile App And A Web App

Most healthcare businesses and software development companies realize the weight of this choice and the consequences it will bring. It is really not easy to avoid doubts when looking for the right way to rise the quality of your products and services, or just bring your dream to life.

Cost efficiency is probably the key factor here. Your budget and your readiness to invest a definite amount of money in the product you will make influence your choice greatly. And the other things are important to consider as well.

According to the Reviews research, the average American looks up in their phone every 5.5 minutes per day, that is 262 times! 

So, let’s define the main differences and features which offer by both mobile apps and websites. Read till the end, and you will gain more confidence and the vision to understand what will fit your company best. Yet, we find it worth noting that a good outsourcing company is always a reliable advisor, there are many cases when launching products on both platforms was a win-win choice.

Financial needs, accessibility, memory storage, and many others are features that make a mobile and a web application differ. Yet, your number one question to answer is “What do I want my product to do?”. Both kinds of applications have their own why and wherefore.

How to make users more involved and connected to the products? How to improve my company brand? How to provide the best user experience and make people enjoy my services? The honest answers will define the kind of startup you exactly need. Naturally, it will take forever to create such apps or websites alone, you need to look for a good outsourcing company.

According to Research and Merkets, global mobile health apps market will grow and florish. At least up to 2030. 

Mobile health market growth foorecast.
Mobile health market growth foorecast.

Top Development Challenges

Apart from mobile app benefits, we want you to be aware of the potential difficulties when developing your digital product to avoid risks or being frustrated when something goes wrong. They are the following:

  • Budget expenses.
  • The intricate process of creation.
  • Many mobile devices lack interoperability.
  • Security issues remain a significant concern.
  • Lack of efficient payment models for mobile health apps.


Nevertheless, the benefits of mobile apps overweight the challenges of developing them. Besides, all of the above is possible to fix. Hiring a development team in Europe, after nice research of your candidates, will guarantee great results. Take your time, study, choose all the options carefully, and be responsible. Good luck with that!



Our phones are our devoted companions either at home, work, in the street, while we’re having our coffee, doing sorts, eating, falling asleep, in bed, and even in transport. No surprise if you are reading this from your smartphone at the moment.
Your healthcare brand need a mobile application.

Get your healthcare app developer today! Our ZenBit Tech Team experts offer profound skills and experience to successfully launch your own mobile app so that you embody your business ideas in the best possible way. Want to ask more about the benefits of an app? Let’s get in touch!

  • What is the advantage of using a mobile app?

    The utmost comfort and convenience of usage, easy and secure communication with users, immediate access to all the crucial data, better prescription routines, effective alerts and remote monitoring, improved payment schemes, and many more.

  • Disadvantages of mobile apps

    They are not easy to build as well as not cheap to make available for users, and further maintenance. Interoperability challenges and security issues are still there. Nevertheless, the disadvantages are in no comparison to the high value of benefits a mobile app can bring to your business growth. 

  • What are the benefits of having a mobile app for your business?

    Stronger brand name and better customer involvement, 24/7 access to your services, precious customer insights, perfect tools for marketing, market competition power, etc.

  • Are mobile apps better than websites?

    It depends on your business needs, but as a rule, yes, mobile apps are better than websites. Apart from cooler personalization, easy notifications, and a variety of features, the mobile app’s benefits also include offline mode, freedom in design, and a much faster speed of operations. 

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