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We stay current on healthcare IT trends and advances and constantly publish new articles on topics such as healthcare data analytics, healthcare cybersecurity, patient and also find how to develop hospital mobile app development in our healthcare app development blog, and more. In our healthcare software blog, we assist senior IT managers, project managers, healthcare providers, medical device makers, and pharmaceutical firms in determining how to improve the productivity of the IT-healthcare symbiosis for caregivers and patients.
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Top 10 cloud security companies

In the boundless world of cloud computing, where data soars freely and possibilities seem endless, one top concern remains the same:...

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What is Quality Assurance in Healthcare?

Before setting up a QA healthcare team, it’s crucial to define clear objectives and requirements. Think of it like a roadmap...

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How Devops Helps The Business Growth

As one of today’s most mainstream concepts for businesses, DevOps means higher performance to the companies who implement them. More and...

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What is protected health information

As we enter 2023, protecting sensitive health information is more critical than ever. In 2022, the healthcare industry was the most...

Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry
Guide for Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry

What startup to develop: a web app or a mobile application? Let's speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Banner Cross-Platform vs Native App Development
Cross-Platform vs Native App Development: What’s the Difference?

In 2022, we have nearly 1.9 million apps offered on App Store and 2.5 million in Google Play. Mobile apps define...

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How To Create A Healthcare MVP: Steps, Benefits, And Challenges

Wondering why we need to build a minimum viable product? Healthcare digital solutions, probably, need it the most. MVP is a...

health and fitness app development
The ultimate guide to health and fitness app development

It has become really popular, especially since 2020, to build strength, endurance and develop healthy habits with the help of sport...

Web Development Or Application Development
Difference between web development vs app development

Smartphones keep taking the market share in 2022. We use them more and more for things that previously were possible to...

Preview How To Build A Fitness App Complete Guide
How To Build A Fitness App: Complete Guide

Ready to kick-start your own fitness application? Let us learn why it is necessary in 2022 healthcare saas, and how the process...