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We stay current on healthcare IT trends and advances and constantly publish new articles on topics such as healthcare data analytics, healthcare cybersecurity, patient and also find how to develop hospital mobile app development in our healthcare app development blog, and more. In our healthcare software blog, we assist senior IT managers, project managers, healthcare providers, medical device makers, and pharmaceutical firms in determining how to improve the productivity of the IT-healthcare symbiosis for caregivers and patients.
Artificial intelligence in healthcare
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Pro or Con?

Ever wondered how the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare is reshaping the medical landscape? “How is AI used in...

Building AI: Understanding Development and Сalculating Costs

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as one of the most impactful inventions. The widespread adoption of AI software is evident across...

Benefits of Using the Amazon Cloud Healthcare Platform ()
Benefits of Using the Microsoft Cloud Healthcare Platform

As we stand at the crossroads of technology and healthcare, one cannot help but wonder: How is Microsoft Cloud redefining the...

Benefits of Using the Amazon Cloud Healthcare Platform
Benefits of Using the Amazon Cloud Healthcare Platform

In an era defined by the convergence of technology and healthcare, the choices we make about our digital infrastructure can mean...

Benefits of Google's cloud platform for healthcare
Benefits of Using the Google Cloud Healthcare Platform

Can Google Cloud be the prescription for a healthier future? Explore the benefits of this transformative technology: From data-driven diagnostics that...

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Healthcare Cloud Providers: How to Make the Right Choice?

Imagine a world where patient records are seamlessly accessible, where doctors can collaborate effortlessly, and where the promise of cutting-edge medical...

Cloud Computing In Healthcare
Cloud Computing In Healthcare: Use Cases And Trends

Cloud-native ways are no mystery. Many of our everyday applications are tailored for cloud deployment. Gartner’s crystal ball sees a future...

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What is Quality Assurance in Healthcare?

Before setting up a QA healthcare team, it’s crucial to define clear objectives and requirements. Think of it like a roadmap...

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What is protected health information

As we enter 2023, protecting sensitive health information is more critical than ever. In 2022, the healthcare industry was the most...

Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry
Guide for Implementing DevOps in Healthcare Industry

What startup to develop: a web app or a mobile application? Let's speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both.