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Custom app development for healthcare organizations. Custom healthcare applications improve patient treatment outcomes through convenient communication between patients and caregivers, and simplified internal processes are another positive side of using such solutions.

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Custom medical app development for healthcare providers

Therapeutic groups
Healthcare Device Manufacturers
Health IT organizations
Healthcare & Medtech Startups
Physician practices

Medical mobile application development compliances

Our healthcare app development solutions

  • Laboratory Results
  • Private Messaging
  • Appoitment Scheduling
  • Video Library
  • Search by Location
  • Medical Notifications
  • Telehealth Solutions
  • CCDA Medical Reports
  • Integration with Wearable Devices
  • eRx Refill Requests
  • Ambulance Waiting Time
  • Symptoms Cheker
  • Billings Payments
  • Physician Search

Our company develops custom medical mobile apps, extensive experience in developing such solutions allows us to create applications that meet the requirements of HIIPA and GDPR.

We can offer you a custom medical application with the functions you need, which in turn will meet the essential requirements.

Integrate with your existing system

  • Patient Portals
  • Individual Custom Data Bases
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management System Software
  • RCM – Revenue Cycle Management System Software
  • PBM – Pharmacy Benefit Management Software
  • PIS – Pharmacy Information System
  • PM – Practice Management Software
  • HIE – Health Information Exchange system
  • RIS – Radiology Information system
  • LIS – Laboratory Information System
  • Medical Scheduling Software
  • EHR – Electronic Health Record
    or EMR – Electronic Medical Record Software

Customize medical app solutions with the functions required for integration with your system.

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Mobile App vs. Web App: What Should You Build?

Advantages of mobile healthcare applications over web healthcare applications

How we work


Partner in Project Leadership

We offer custom-fit consultancy service with the assistance of a senior technical leader, who handles the technology-driven challenges of
a project and deals with the engineering team. This way we ensure efficiency and eliminate possible risks, as well as give utter support in decision-making so that the success of your projects is inevitable.

Product design & development

A to Z Product Development
Our clever and advanced methodologies help us to create and develop telehealth products and services relevant to the market. By doing this, we are proud to add value and quality to society. We guarantee a quick project launch, limited risks, and maximum success due to a design-driven path.


On-demand high-skilled IT Talent
An ajustable custom-fit service for CROs, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions to make the implementation of their digital strategy roadmap easier. Letting clients to pay attention to their main business, while our professional teams take care of the projects execution.

Our mHealth Apps Development Process

Medical app development requirements researching, planning
  • Prioritization of custom medical app features
  • Competitive Research and market analysis
  • RoadMap – visualizing goals, steps, and milestones.
  • Collection of requirements for compliance with applicable regulations
  • High-level design integrations
  • Primary budget planning
Project Planning
  • Determining the scope of the project
  • Creating a Software Development Life Cycle Model
  • Defining the project schedule, iterations, stages
  • Development risk assessment of and risk mitigation planning
UX and UI design
  • UX design – primary user scenarios identification
  • UI prototyping – custom medical app visualization
  • UI design – creating attractive graphical interface elements
Custome medical development and launch
  • The back-end and front-end development of the custom medical app
  • Testing & Revision of software usage risks
  • App certification according to healthcare industry compliance
  • Pilot testing – fully developed app presentation to the focus group
  • Custom medical app launch
Integrate with existing systems
  • Architecture design – need to build a solid foundation to eliminate all of the risks
  • Systems integration design – connecting various independent systems into one while ensuring regular data
  • Implementation – need to make sure everyone in your team understands exactly how the new solution works
Mobile health software maintenance and evolution
  • Custom medical and underlying infrastructure support and maintenance
  • Custom medical app security audits
  • Custom medical app evolution

Why Work With Us

We closely collaborate with and our clients and advise on their strategies and execution plans, then goes design, engineering and health tech projects vision to get a competitive benefit.
We build effective workflow with all client’s stakeholders, self-manage our work, and willfully share our knowledge. We talk of risks with you and face any technical responsibilities.
An innovation culture built on creativity, mutual trust, systems thinking, agility and fluency.
Industry Knowledge
5+ years experience in digital heath product in regulated industries.
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Nataliya Nakonechna
M.D. & Principal Consultant

Our client's testimonial

Andrej Studenčan
Chief Executive Officer at STEMI Global

Focusing on such a sensitive area in HealthTech we depend on a reliable and professional partner and I can declare that after almost 2 years of cooperation ZenBit has been one of such partner for us...

Healthcare solutions we delivered

healthcare, healthcare app, mobile app, meditation, mindfulness

Healthcare Wearable Technology APP

How have we successfully refined and improved an app for healthcare wearable technology? In this case study, we will explain how we improved the application for a wearable medical technology that uses cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation to relieve anxiety. So, what challenges did we encounter, what solutions did we propose, and what results did we achieve? CES works by sending a small electrical signal through a modified waveform that helps to alter brain oscillation patterns, such as alpha brain waves. This is done...

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healthcare, healthcare app, mobile app, meditation, mindfulness

Meditation app

In modern society, it has become essential to monitor your physical health and your mental health, as it can affect your physical health. So we have developed a solution that meets all the necessary standards of the healthcare sector. Further functions explicitly designed for the treatment of mental health with the help of meditations and affirmations: the ability to track progress in percentage and quantitative values, convenient and well-developed management of the media player, the division of exercises into modules, a free model to attract more users.

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healthcare, web platform, telemedicine, toolkit app

Telemedicine Web App Solution

This telemedicine application helps caregivers by facilitating their work in interaction, communication with other working groups. So, to be this done we started with the discovery phase that consisted of three stages: analysis, requirements, and design. It was important for us to create a solution that fully meets the needs of our client and the specifics of the healthcare industry. So we were able to make an easily scalable, reliable, and secure solution that meets all industry standards.

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