Why IT Outsourcing Is a Powerful Startup Tool

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Imagine, you are going to launch your product. The first thing you may wonder is how am I supposed to do that? Outsourcing, of course! Let’s pretend you need someone to do something for you. For example, you have to transform a current project or your team is already overloaded with tasks so you have to outsource in the IT sector. Yes, there is no magic in finding designers, developers, business analysts, engineers who are ready to assist and save you. The problem is, they can just offload your tasks to your team. 

People who do outsource, they don’t just put a “Done” sign in front of the to-do list items. They come to your problem, they want to help you, and they want to solve your issue. The outsourcing team wants the same as you do, they want to bring your idea to life. What is the most important, they improve your product by providing brilliant ideas. 

What are the Exact Advantages of Startup Outsourcing?

First of all, it is Efficient. Because the work that is given to real professionals tends to succeed more often. A good specialist usually uses one tool or several tools at a specific niche market. 

In addition to this, we can also say that outsourcing allows you to handle different tasks and fix some bugs in what has already been done. In other words, highly needed resilience with the company’s workforce is reached this way. Outsourcing gives you the advantage of Cost Savings up to 60%. Outsourcing can give you different variants of spending the money you have saved through your budget. For example, this money can be put into advertising campaigns, or some other stuff for your product.


The Core Steps of the Outsourcing Process

  1. First of all there is Planning. For example, you want to launch an Android application. You should start with considering what you have to do about it. How are you going to promote it, and what are the developers of your product?
  2. Then goes Establishing the Contact. So, you have decided that you want to hire a team to build your app. You meet their representative, you  make phone calls, you text each other. Everything that is done in this period of time is set to establish a great partnership and a great network.
  3. Then it is time for a Contract Agreement. Contract is a thing that contains everything that is being discussed including payments, deadlines, some other problems, etc. Though, being a simple formality it helps avoiding several conflicts during the outsourcing process.

Then comes Cooperation and Support. Developers, designers and other guys who do your stuff are eager to help you and they want to improve your stuff. So it is better to listen to them – they suggest really great things.

Potential Challenges and Milestones

So, you have set your mind on working with an outsourcing team to reach your project goal. Your personal responsibility lies in clear understanding of the following aspects.

  • The things you should consider include first of all Budget Estimation. A lot of people are likely to put down effort and the budget they are ready to invest. So, the two whales of your successful startup outsourcing process are Time and Features you want to include into your product. Sometimes, at a point when the effort and the budget you are going to spend on your product is way bigger than the requirements and the primary to-do checklist. And that is when the preference between two whales has to take place. That is time and the effort.
  • Another piece of advice is rather simple. Never harness your product’s Quality. No one wants to see and to use a product with completely bare bones.
  • Then comes the problem of Human Resources. We often may come into a point when we can’t find proper professionals for our startup. But there is no lie in telling you that the better part of these professionals is found through your network.
  • Then comes the lack of Feedback. When you have a somewhat ready product, you definitely need your users’ feedback to improve its quality and make some updates, add new features, etc. 
  • The next important thing is you should tell what exactly you want to see to your outsourcing team. They can give you some cool Suggestions and of course they can tell you how to improve your product.

And finally it is Cooperation. When it comes to cooperation, that becomes the main thing that is crucial to your success. When the two sides have mutual interests in what they do, they are definitely set to succeed.


Clients Often Ask

The time needed for launching your project depends on how complex it is and the level of expertise needed. And the size of the team is important. As a rule, it takes around 2 weeks or a month for simple projects, and up to 2 months for more extended ones.

As for the company standards and policy, our clients are free to perform their own style? We cherish flexibility. Your internal developers and employees can act according to your company culture and technical procedures. Your remote team is your staff extension.

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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmyla Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech


Despite the possible doubts, choosing an outsourcing team is definitely a good option when you want to launch something IT connected.

Please, contact our team for more information. We may become partners. Our development team is ready to guide and improve your projects and we do our best to discover new ways of making our collaboration first-rate and exceptional.

We have rich experience in managing a lot of workflows. No matter how easy or intricate your task is, we ensure to launch it fast and bring your project to life. According to your requirement, a team of experts will be created fast, and soon you will enjoy the results. Have a great day!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech