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Everybody wants to be successful. But a lot of people tend to have prejudices that block a lot, and the world of business – founding a startup – is not an exception. Please read our research on how to avoid it.

How To Launch Startup

What is the connection of the traits of our character and how we go to victories? What are the reasons that make you less productive and shut the prosperity doors in front of you? Why is positive thinking crucial on your way to triumph? How to launch a startup and be proud of it?

Human psychologists proved – the way we perceive the world, our emotional intelligence may be a stumbling stone to wealthy life and great career. Five of them are tied into the famous Rule Of Five S. 

  • Sincerity
  • Shyness
  • Skepticism
  • Sensitivity
  • Support

Wondering how they may lead you in the wrong direction? Let’s have a look!

How To Launch Startup

Sincerity is not your strong point

Good manners mean growing business, and bad ones lead to fiasco. Sincerity and honesty are the main parts of good behavior in your working place. Yet, the reputation of sincere people is often ruined by being too plain and straightforward. Wonder if your new partner is not interested in your opinion about his trendy bag or new extravagant manicure? Or making your relationship with your boss tense by showing no interest in his vision? Or sharing family problems during the coffee break in your office?

Shyness may be your virtue but not in making dreams come true

If you are too shy, you will hardly climb your career ladder. The thought of asking for promotion makes you shiver, and you cannot remember the time you initiated anything out of the ordinary. And you know what? Launching a startup, be wild-eyed, aggressive, enthusiastic, intrusive, and almost fanatic! Stand out and show that you want to make this world better and you have to find the people’s support. Be brave and impress with intelligence. 

Skepticism is not sexy

Unhealthy skepticism won’t help you in any way either, so it is high time you overcome it. Skeptical people suffer from “nobody cares” and that becomes their lifestyle. Skeptical and cynical attitude makes your product dead, say goodbye to the idea. Focus on believing. Believe in your project and its success, every step needs utter faith.

Sensitivity can crush your business in a split of a second

Sensitivity only prevents you from being prone to critics. The problem with sensitive people is that they take everything too close to their heart and this is often the cause of health problems and low productivity. It restrains your creative energy. Or even totally blocks it. Our sensitive, empathetic essence fears to offend anyone. Being attentive to your instincts is crucial in business decision-making, it can be your saving circle. 

“I lack the Support” 

Whether it is money or people, you may often think that you have no pillow of strength. But do not drive yourself into depression, you just have to launch a crowdfunding campaign telling people about your idea. What will happen in this case? You will find a soulmate with the same passion. 

Top Things Keeping You From Success

Everybody wants to be successful but not everyone succeeds. Why? 

Lack of Motivation, to begin with. It is a serious issue, zero motivation leaves you no chances. To succeed in your product you have to be motivated. 

Then goes Fear of Failure. Fear of failure stops you at the very beginning. A perfectionists’ common issue. Accept that you are not perfect. Same goes to your product perfection rate. These flaws and disadvantages help us improve and have a better vision of how to open a startup next time. Trust. Some businessmen managed to overcome their fear of failure by calling startups “hobbies”. This way the mind is more relaxed compared to managing “businesses”. Besides, it is impossible to have a hobby failure. 

Wrong Strategy. The right strategy leads you to the hall of fame. Hire a team of professionals to do the job you are not qualified for. Better safe than sorry. Competitors and market trends are important as well as realistic simple plans. Right strategy is driven by data. Regular reviewing keeps everything alive. 

Goal Setting. Set your goals right. You want to launch something great, unique and outstanding… Begin with splitting your tasks. For example, you want to launch a product but first you have to find some coders. Your initial task is finding a development team.  

Concentration. Jumping from one task to another is really a sign of project concentration issues. What do you do about that? Consider a plan and then stick to it. There is no use in fussing around while launching a startup, this way you just won’t finish a single task. 

Comfort Zone. Crawling out of your comfort zone may be a rather hard task to do. Yet, you have no choice but to do it if you want to achieve something in your life. And your stress free lifestyle is a doubtful way to the solution of your problems. 

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). The art of positive thinking. Psychology proves that our emotions, the way we think of ourselves may totally change our mind. Such self help can be really great. Any analogues? Just do it better! The decision of how to open a startup depends on the market analysis and research. Follow the instructions of your clients, their feedback tells you a lot! Try to find out what’s been missing in other already existing products. 

Instead of saying I Do Not Know How, decide to Learn More to boost creativity and “fortune”.   

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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmila Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech

We hope that you will hurry up and launch an incredible thing. And if while launching a startup something goes wrong, or you need some expert help, the ZenBit Tech team is here for you. 

Do not hesitate, forget your shyness and call us today!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech