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Our company develops local and cloud backend solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications, creating solutions based on your needs and the subtleties of a particular industry.
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Backend development services we provide

Our backend development company specialists will help your organization create software, taking into account all your needs and the specifics of the industry.

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Custom Backend Development

We strive to give all of your ideas a meaningful framework via our bespoke backend development in order to guarantee that the proper, intelligible codes are utilized throughout development. It assists in providing you with genuine and dependable backend website and application development.

Backend Development Consulting

To assist you with optimizing an existing solution or migrating a legacy system to the new environment, we can do a comprehensive back-end audit, identify potential problems, and redesign your technology, architecture, coding, and database schemas.

On-Demand Backend Developers

Our experienced developers are always ready to help you expand your team. Using advanced server technologies and tools that allow you to create modern solutions taking into account all your requirements and industry specifics.

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Need to scale your team, add specific expertise or accelerate the product development process? Let’s start tight-knit cooperation in 5 simple steps:
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Custom Backend Development

Our company provides backend development of solutions based on correct and clean written code from scratch so that in the future you will not have problems with scalability. We also take into account all the needs of your organization and the specifics of the industry. Security is an integral part of development, so we pay special attention to security from the very beginning of development.

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Backend Development Consulting

Our backend development consultants take into account the specifics of a particular industry, as they have extensive experience in many areas of backend development. They will help you switch to new systems, be able to conduct a backend audit, and help you find problems related to code, architecture, and other aspects of backend development. They will consult with you both at the very beginning of development and when the application is developed.

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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmila Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech

On-Demand Backend Developers

Our on-demand backend developer service will help you extend your team. Our backend development specialists have wide experience, which allows them to integrate into the development process at any stage. We take care of all of the needs of developers, such as recruitment, finance and payments, and human resources management.

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Andrej Studenčan
Chief Executive Officer at STEMI Global

Focusing on such a sensitive area in HealthTech we depend on a reliable and professional partner and I can declare that after almost 2 years of cooperation ZenBit has been one of such partner for us...

Software solutions we delivered

healthcare, healthcare app, mobile app, meditation, mindfulness

Healthcare Wearable Technology APP

How have we successfully refined and improved an app for healthcare wearable technology? In this case study, we will explain how we improved the application for a wearable medical technology that uses cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation to relieve anxiety. So, what challenges did we encounter, what solutions did we propose, and what results did we achieve? CES works by sending a small electrical signal through a modified waveform that helps to alter brain oscillation patterns, such as alpha brain waves. This is done...

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healthcare, healthcare app, mobile app, meditation, mindfulness

Meditation app

In modern society, it has become essential to monitor your physical health and your mental health, as it can affect your physical health. So we have developed a solution that meets all the necessary standards of the healthcare sector. Further functions explicitly designed for the treatment of mental health with the help of meditations and affirmations: the ability to track progress in percentage and quantitative values, convenient and well-developed management of the media player, the division of exercises into modules, a free model to attract more users.

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healthcare, web platform, telemedicine, toolkit app

Telemedicine Web App Solution

This telemedicine application helps caregivers by facilitating their work in interaction, communication with other working groups. So, to be this done we started with the discovery phase that consisted of three stages: analysis, requirements, and design. It was important for us to create a solution that fully meets the needs of our client and the specifics of the healthcare industry. So we were able to make an easily scalable, reliable, and secure solution that meets all industry standards.