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The composition of your development team depends directly on your business needs and project requirements. The backend development team may consist of the following specialists:

5+ years

Of knowledge and experience in software development


Experts in a variety of fields


Projects completed successfully

3+ R&D offices

Well distributed team in more than 3 offices in Eastern European countries

3 days

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14+ countries

We are trusted by global clients from over 14+ countries.

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Servers configurations (DevOps)
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Media & Content
Feed & content details
Audio player
Audio recording
Video player
Camera access
Gallery & Sliders
Document management
Map & Geolocation
GPS & Location tracking
Map SDK (Google Maps)
Chats & Messaging
Chat / channels management
Direct messages
Groups chat
Private / Public channels
Support Chat
Push notifications
SMS notifications
Scheduled or Recurring notifications
In-App notifications
Sound notifications
Email notifications
Video calls
Audio call
Contacts managing
Google Pay
Apple Pay
APIs devices
IoT devices
Google Calendar
Analytics tools
Admin panel features
User management
Reporting system
Custom CMS
2FA (SMS or Google Authenticator)
End-2-End encryption (chat)
CloudFlare Configuration
Dockerizing a service
CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub/GitLab actions
CI/CD with Jenkins
Set up a load balancer
ELK ()

How to estimate your backend development cost

We have designed an easy-to-use backend app developing cost calculator so you can quickly estimate the cost of a mobile and wep apps backend. It simply takes a few clicks to get the approximate cost of developing an app.

The backend cost of your app is determined by a variety of criteria, including used technologies, functionality, API integrations, third-party integrations, revenue strategy, and push notifications. Review your requirements when selecting an option.

Select the features you need, share your contacts, and get an instant backend cost for your app.


The primary advantage of employing dedicated developers is saving a significant amount of money on software development.

The following are the top five strategies for demonstrating why dedicated recruiting is a cost-effective strategy:

  • There is no need for additional recruiting costs.
  • There are no training costs.
  • The Advantages of Technical Expertise
  • Establish the Most Effective Strategy for Your Project.
  • Pay the Balance as Soon as the Project Is Completed.

Outsourcing is often less expensive than employing local professionals – this is particularly true if you are based in the United States or Western Europe and are seeking a software development company in Eastern Europe. This is due to the disparity in living costs, which enables developers to earn a livable wage while charging less.

A typical software development team consists of experts with a wide variety of knowledge and skills:

  • Designers of user interfaces and user experiences;
  • Frontend engineers;
  • Backend engineers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • Quality Assurance experts;
  • Project managers;
  • Some support members.