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Web Development Or Application Development
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Smartphones keep taking the market share in 2022. We use them more and more for things that previously were possible to do only on the PC. Could we imagine some years ago that renting an apartment or booking a flight via our phone would be possible? Now it is our norm.

Yet, what about desktop users? Should those who prefer desktop for their work or shopping be forgotten when the choice between web or app development becomes crucial? No. If you as a business owner decide to build a new mobile app, a website is still necessary for its promotion and content optimization. With the help of a website you will be able to attract and educate new audiences, and building your brand is hardly possible without a solid website. Let’s take a closer look at both web vs mobile development.


Web development. Team And Technologies

Web development was first a facile way to transfer the relevant data to the person.

Nowadays its way of sharing information is more advanced and exquisite. pictures, videos and attachments to different pages. From a single page websites have evolved to multiple pages and attachments.

The web used to be a major development and has grown a lot in terms of innovation, technical knowledge and effortless access. Websites are coded by javascript and HTML which have their own peculiarities.
The web development team varies from project to project but typically it includes the following key roles:

web development team key roles

Web developers use various tools. They have code editing programs at their disposal such as Visual Studio Code, Adobe Dreamweaver, Espresso, etc. They have open doors to a rich choice of templates and models. They are faster to create. Web apps cost much less, as a rule, to build than mobile apps. As for the most popular frameworks in 2022, you may find them here.

Progressive web apps today have more functionality, are accessible offline, and work very similar to mobile apps. They are fast, flexible, easy to use, show better engagement rates and don’t need approvals from Apple or Google. They gave up on such annoying features like push notifications.


Meditation App Development. Steps And Things To Consider

Let us learn more about mobile app development with the example of meditation app development. To get to the top in this area, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

  • Decide upon the platform. Cross-platform is certainly the top choice.
  • Envision your business idea in detail. Do you want to build a mindfulness app like Calm, a guided meditation app like Headspace, or a meditator network app like Insight Timer?
  • Do not ignore the MVP model. It is important for the best performance of your final product.
  • Choose the right UI/UX concept. Design is incredibly important when it comes to apps aimed at improving people’s wellbeing. Natural pastel tones are the best. Minimalism. Animation rather than long text.
  • Include Gamification to gain more users and keep motivation high.

Among the vital elements to consider are the app Architecture, Live Streaming, Monetization strategies – and be sure, the right development team will help you make the most optimal choices here.


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The Table Of Differences. Web Development And App Development

No matter how similar the jobs may seem, web and app developers obviously deal with different things. From the new–old concepts to cheaper vs more expensive points of view, or maintenance level of difficulties – these tables of comparisons will help to better understand the two types. So, mobile vs web development.

Web development Mobile app development
Earlier concept
New concept
Broader concept
Narrower concept since the information is limited
Low development costs
Much expensive
Changes and upgrades are easier
Developments are costlier and tricky(especially IOS)
Internet or data connectivity is always required
Can be used offline
Safer, only location is accessed
Location, sms, camera and much more permissions required to work effectively

The second table is from a bit different perspective but also quite informative on the web vs app development contrasts.

Web Development Or App Development


What Is A Better Option In Healthcare Business? App vs Website

At this point, we have to say that if your business is connected to healthcare and medicine, and you have your own ideas for creating a special software product like a meditation app, fitness app, etc. then it is better to choose an application and not just a website.

For example, among the apps we created like Healthcare Wearable Technology App, Meditation App, Social network App Eldercare, and more, our clients enjoyed the way their visions were brought to life and their product user-centricity.

In Sensorium, for instance, we integrated scalable and nice-to-handle modular base state management, which is meant to easily add new exercises modules later and gradually growing complexity of the app, making it more personal, which could be surely different in the case of a web app. Keeping a powerful and clean structure of the app is vital, this makes it possible for new developers to join the project easily, with less onboarding processes, making its maintenance simpler and keeping the app documentation clean. It also means considerable budget savings.

When developing Eldercare we successfully managed to achieve the app’s GDPR compliance matters, and its key features are our pride. If you are interested in more case studies, go to see the portfolio section, you will make sure this is the case when hiring a team of developers remotely is profitable and promising.

You may also find this BBC article on data privacy in modern apps interesting.


Web App And Small Businesses

All in all, in most cases, it is better to consider creating a web application, and not just a website. Web App Development is especially helpful in case of small businesses and online startups. For now, it is the greatest way to enter the business world or a bigger market. And, it is also a means of  making a difference and bringing something new and helpful to our lives like e-commerce websites, travel planning services, online pharmacies, food/grocery delivery, used goods buying/selling platforms, or cryptocurrency.

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Here at ZenBit Tech, we are experienced experts in both web and app development. Our professionals build responsive scalable web apps and cross-platform mobile apps.

Do you have your ideal product idea already? Give us a call today and we talk over the budget optimization and the ways to make it work for your business success! Our website and mobile app developers may become the creators of your perfect app!

Have a great day!



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