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There is nothing extraordinary today for brands to have their own apps. Indeed, almost half of the small businesses have their own apps in 2022, according to the researchers. Moreover, you can easily see in your app store that there are apps from many airlines, banks, restaurants, and fitness clubs. So, you are on the right way with the decision to improve your business growth this way, by choosing to launch a mobile app. But, even though a mobile app can be a well-paid product, the modern realities make its successful launch not easy. With the help of this article, you will figure out the stages, What? / Where? / When? / How much? to look for. The launch app key stages are roughly divided into a business stage, a development stage, and a marketing stage. Let us start with the business matter now!

What Does Launch App Mean? Business Stage

Business stage of creating an application is crucially important as it gives real-time influence to set up the priorities. Here you analyze the current market situation, study what your competitors do, choose your niche, and plan. No wonder, poor research about market need is the main reason for launch the app failure. The other factors you can see on the image below:
Ignoring a business stage reasons for app launch failure
Ignoring a business stage: reasons for app launch failure

We will cover the niche consept a bit later, but note that if you define your one at the very start of your app development project, a wonderful reward will be waiting for you later on.
By the way, in our previous post we listed and explained the main benefits of mobile apps, check it out for more helpful insight!

Challenges and independent variables
Challenges and independent variables
You may find difficulties in formulating the app’s purpose or following quality standards, yet the cost, time code expertise, and documentation are always independent variable factors. At this stage, you also have to choose how to launch an app on iPhone or Android. Who will do the job and via which method? There are 3 main ways here:
  • Do everything yourself (free option but huge time and effort are needed. If you are curious to learn several programming languages and develop some skills, this may be your option).
  • Hire an Agency or a freelance expert (not a problem nowadays to find, but the cost may be a stumbling stone).
  • Use special software like App Builder for simplifying the development process and creating apps without coding.

Building A Minimum Viable Product

Your brilliant idea will remain just a dream until you embody it. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is exactly for that. MVPs’ creation means great power for your business success enabling you to build a running version of your app idea the fastest way possible. It makes the concept alive and gives a lot of answers. Among tons of app ideas worldwide, only a few of them are truly relevant. MVPs allow you to see which ones. They help to test the market and the very application. Moreover, although the MVP of your app is essentially not finalized yet, it can already be promoted and create traffic for its future customers. Repeating processes within your app’s MVP allow you to refine your app idea, ironing out the issues with each iteration.
What makes a successful MVP
What makes a successful MVP

Our development team can help with MVP design, prototype, development, and more.
The only thing that will be needed from you as our client is to discuss preferences and approve the options.

We also are here for you in future maintenance needs, as every launch site, application, or software requires post-support and improvements.

Want to develop your own mobile app? Schedule a call
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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmila Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech

We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.

Eric Ries

an MVP guru

How To Launch An App On Android And iPhone? The Main Steps.

Launch key app steps
Launch key app steps

Everything starts from the idea. Formulate it clearly, it is your brand’s future as well as your reputation. Either a fitness app or a period tracker, your product should be recognizable by its name.

No need to stress the market research, audience, and competitors investigation. It is a must-do!

Talking about platform choice, it would be great if your app is available on both iOS and Android.

A good development team is your way to success. In the picture below you can see how various cooperation models differ:

The most popular models of hiring software developers Pros and cons
The most popular models of hiring software developers. Pros and cons

Be sure you prepare a nice detailed business plan and realistic views of your investments. Then comes the time for building a prototype, looking for monetization strategies and marketing. Constant improvement goes without saying.

Sounds easy, on paper, right? Still reading? Let’s go further!


How To Market An App Launch? Marketing Stage

A team of marketers is required for setting up the tactics and strategies you need to win in the app space. And we enumerate them here.

Around 70% of the app growth comes from number one in this list. All healthcare apps are different. Some are viral, others less viral.

The number of active users does correlate with how many people download it.

Active users create growth. The more active users you have, the more people will download your app.



  • Product Lead Growth

You need to have the best product that really solves the problem. They tell others about it and recommend to install. The invaluable thing is the best way to grow and it really works.

  • Blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

This is about building content that drives users to the app. SEO is here too, as search engine optimization like Google can really drive traffic to this content. Mind, this is something that pays off in the long term. It can be rewarding for years but it is not fast to build.

  • App Store Optimization

Tactics that really matter when launching an app. The reason why app store optimization is so valuable is the intent of the users. These are the best users in the world. The problem is that it is hard to scale. The people that are searching for any type of healthcare utility where you pop up as number one, are the best users. It might be 200 downloads a day, but those are the best 200. All in all, winning an app store is incredibly important because that’s where your best users are.

  • Influencer/Creator Marketing

This modern strategic partnership is about finding someone popular who talk to the exact audience you need. There are so many influencers and creators out there that cover all kinds of niches, there is definitely someone who talks to your audience. It is a win-win collaboration where you actually align incentives in a way that drives great behavior and great results for both of you. Sponsors’ stories on Instagram work well, while Instagram posts are something that doesn’t work anymore.

  • Paid Online Marketing

No doubt, it works incredibly well. Yet, sometimes it can be a dangerous game to play. You have to look from two perspectives here. It was great in the beginning. Performance-driven paid marketing today can have the opposite effect on you. The first investments are usually well rewarded, and then it gets worse and worse. At some point, you are going to get messed up because the further it goes, the more distant you get from the core target audience they can find you. Once you are used to high numbers, and they do not work anymore, you face great frustration. It is a messy journey, so make it a part of your strategy but avoid turning it into your food for life. Paid online marketing is not worth relying on it completely.

So how to use it right? First and foremost, online marketing is incredibly good for testing and learning. It can show you what messaging to use, and even show you what to build. You can feel it when it is easily adaptable. That is a crucial part of your launch app journey, a strategic technical tool. At first, you need to be something that people like. But it is not your primary growth strategy.

  • Press

Broad PR really works well for Healthcare. If you really get download spikes because of the press, be a bit more careful because it can mess up your numbers. It can look like you are very successful but these downloads might have no retention and have zero value in the long term perspective. It may just be a simple curiosity without any need for what you are building. Everything is about finding your narrow niche. Niches are bigger than we think. The concept of an app today means a global audience, and if you are the best at what you do, in your small niche, you will be successful. It’s hard to get to the top if you go broad too early. So find your niche at the very beginning of your mobile app launch. This way, you can find the press that matches your exact audience.

  • Paid Offline Marketing

Although it may sound a bit weird and old-school, it can work wonderfully. Especially now in 2023 where online marketing is so expensive. Offline marketing looks like a good value for money. This works best in the beginning. We can still do things that do not really scale. It depends on the app, especially things that have limited geography, which can work really well. It is the way of getting the organic engine going. Because it is limited you are trying to get a network effect of a town or a school. As long as it is pretty limited, it is a great idea to do. You might not win the full market of your state but it is the way to break the ice.

  • Organic Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok. Organic posts on social media usually aren’t a real growth channel, to be honest. It is great for keeping an already existing audience engaged for retention and testing, etc. but not to grow or launch an app unless you have your audience already. Sometimes people grow audience and then build an app for them. It can be a success on the condition if you have the right audience. Be active on social media, of course, but do not have high expectations. It is just a little part of a bigger strategy. Plus, we can also include email engagement here. Just have a look at some statistics on the picture below:

Email engagement explained
Email engagement explained
  • Strategic Partnerships

Imagine you have a partnership with a huge company and use their distribution. A real shortcut to growth. We’ve seen many startups being hopeful around this but you should just be aware that this usually fails.

Do not be one of those. It sounds good, the prospect to grow through each other’s audiences and these types of things, but in the new app launch world, it is really hard to do. Any app where you sort of do with someone else, someone is going to feel like they are giving more than receiving. And so aligning with those incentives will be a tough one for you. And you should focus more on what you can actually control rather than a strategic partnership. The key issue here is alignment. Can you offer as much to the big company as they offer to you? As a rule, the answer is now, and this is exactly why it doesn’t work.

What are you supposed to do here then? Wait until you have a lot of leverage. Wait till you have something you can give them that they cannot get otherwise.

Ask yourself the following: Can you offer the partner something they cannot get otherwise? 



If the answer is not a clear Yes, you should not be doing a partnership.



The app development cost vary a lot, some of the projects can reach up to 150 thousand dollars! Instead of wasting time and considering various aspects that influence the how do I launch an app routine, for your convenience, we insist using the Calculator. Just let us know your business needs, and we’ll estimate a development cost and find the right tablets and skills needed exactly for your project!​

Talking about time… Well, you can see it here:

The investment of time when launching a new app
The investment of time when launching a new app

We Can Help You

Here are some more ideas on how to launch an app. What is most important here is not to waste time thinking too much and hesitating. Acting right away is always better than following your inner perfectionist. Do it right now or someone else will! Give enough attention to your market and your check competitors well as the same amazing ideas tend to appear in several minds at once.

The fuss is a great thing sometimes, and this is the case. The pre-launch stage is without a doubt crucial. Make people want your new product, and anticipate its availability. Promote it with photos, videos, articles, etc. This is how you gain their interest and belief.

Let’s be also aware of the factors aspects beyond your app launch. Apart from metadata and keywords optimization, the ZenBit team deals with all of these nuances to provide a nice way for further partnership with digital creative tools.

The money and effort you invest to create a truly cool mobile app be wasted if you don’t perform a nice launch-my-app mission. ZenBit developers are here to help you manage a launch that will put your business ahead of the game and retain app users for a long.



Bringing new ideas to life is not a piece of cake. For that reason, we have our developers team to lead you to your dream come true, building and launching your app. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a message or apply for a free consultation.

We, at ZenBit Tech, work for our clients to be ahead of the game and rise above the typical few daily app downloads. We are able to make your business boast a successful launch, the application does a great difference in your company’s growth, and the marketing scenario for success is also in our power. Contact us today! Take care!


  • How can I launch my own app?

    The app idea is generated, first of all, together with market careful study, competitors, etc. Then comes the time for deciding upon your app’s key features and a rough outline of its design which is followed by creating a real graphic design. The marketing plan for the app launch goes next, choosing a development team, then the actual development process, and submitting to the App Store or Google Play. Investment in advertising is crucial here as well as a further improvement due to users’ feedback. Voilà, you are enjoying the outcome of doing something great and bringing your dream to life. On the condition that every step was performed correctly and with utmost attention to the healthcare industry nuances and details.

  • Can I make money with my own app?

    Going straight to the point, yes, you can definitely make money with your own mobile app. Just apply the right app tactics like free app monetization strategy, subscriptions, ads, etc. Even the simplest mobile health app can be paid off well. Launching applications successfully means you can build an app and monetize it taking into account all the tips listed above.

  • How much does it cost to launch your own app?

    To invest in a mobile app creation means you need to be ready to spend approximately 40-150 thousand USD, in some cases even 300 thousand USD. The key part here is “approximate” as various aspects like app type, features, elaboration, chosen vendor, and the development model influence the cost greatly. Tip for you: outsourcing in Eastern Europe, Ukraine in particular, is a win-win partnership mode nowadays, and a wonderful budget saving when launching a mobile app. Highest level of expertise, meeting deadlines, a convenient time zone for constant availability, and fluent English for perfect communication. All that comes with much lower prices compared to the USA or Western Europe.

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