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In software product development Discovery phase is an investigation of the project. The process is not fast and usually lasts up to two months. The information is being collected and thoroughly studied, defining the target audience and market, and visualizing the goals, range, and obstacles.

This stage is important for understanding what the end-users need or if there is a need at all, or maybe they need but can’t afford it, etc.

The Discovery phase process ends up in the system requirements specification (SRS) list, the ground for the project development plan. For instance, significant deliverables, primary and additional features, less stress, and more. You will also get a preliminary prototype to imagine how what the project will look like, and the team lineup cost recommendation. So, the benefits are clear and crucial for business.

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First of all, it is Efficient. Because the work that is given to real professionals tends to succeed more often. A good specialist usually uses one tool or several tools in a specific niche market. 

In addition to this, we can also say that outsourcing allows you to handle different tasks and fix some bugs in what has already been done. In other words, highly needed resilience with the company’s workforce is reached this way. Outsourcing gives you the advantage of Cost Savings up to 60%. Outsourcing can give you different variants of spending the money you have saved through your budget. For example, this money can be put into advertising campaigns or some other stuff for your product.

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Product analysis is meant to provide manufacturers with a clear vision of how to make their creations as good as possible. The analysis makes it obvious whether the product or service is ready to be sold and if to expect delightful results.

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CTO is very important for companies developing products if they want to work effectively, not to do some things over and over again, constantly moving from one technology stack to another, CTO will help with the effective organization of development processes, management of the development team, and other aspects of your organization. So, for example, you cannot gather doctors in a circle and say that you are a hospital and send doctors to do something. You need a person who can effectively organize and control the work of specialists.

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We usually don’t get married after the first date. Choosing a team for the project full workflow is very similar. Contacting a sales representative at a firm and having a nice talk is a cool beginning! On the other hand, you will probably work with your remote developers for more than a month, or even more than a year. Going like lightning here is no way wise.

Follow these tips consistently to make sure you’ve chosen a team who can understand your idea, think widely, execute the steps of your project correctly, and assist your business in the future.

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Let’s define an offshore development center. It is an IT business setting that offers software development services but is located abroad. It is assumed to be a minor and collateral to your main business.

Eastern Europe has become a popular destination when it comes to hiring IT experts as the US and European ones are not so freely available due to the high wages and the number of professionals in narrow spheres of IT. Creating a remote development team in one of the countries with a poorer economy means easier tax regulation policy and a vast variety of talents.

You may be wondering, are ODC and software outsourcing the same?  Not really. ODC is about a different location, out of the main office state. Outsourcing is just a third party business that may be situated in the same country. Their main goals are different too, OCD is for budget saving while outsourcing services are meant for productivity boost. One common purpose of these two models is reaching a huge talent pool.

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