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health and fitness app development
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It has become really popular, especially since 2020, to build strength, endurance and develop healthy habits with the help of sport and health application. We all know the hardest part of getting fit is not to complete a workout but strat a more active lifestyle. After all, it is one thing to start eating better and get to the gym. But it is another task to actually do it. Apps have proved to be helpful in kick starting people’s fitness and mindfulness journeys. There are many types of them nowadays. Some focus on physical exercising, others on the right nutrition and there are many apps for mindfulness and wellbeing. If you feel ready to enter the fitness apps market, are you sure about the type of product you prefer to offer your audience?

Market Review. Why Are These Apps Important?

According to Statista, the market of best health and fitness apps worldwide in the first half of this year looks like this (number of downloads in millions):
health and fitness apps worldwide

As we can see, healthy fitness tools are all of different types here. Sweatcoin was the global number one, with 34 million downloads. The app is tracing daily steps and converts them into cryptocurrency motivating people to move more. The Indonesian Covid contact tracing app PeduliLindungi got global second rank, and the third was Blood Pressure app. There are also period tracker, a workout app, an app for improving your sleep, etc.

The Pandemic times are over and the fact that apps are still popular and their usage is wide and constantly growing proves we need them and investing in this healthcare direction is your way to success.

So What Are The Main Types Of Healthy Fitness Apps?

Best health and fitness apps at the moment we are mentioning here fall into several categories.


Lifesum, BetterHelp. Map My Fitness, Better Me, and many others, are made to create a picture of a person’s health and fitness by analyzing main indicators like calorie intake, heart rate, physical activities, sleep, women’s periods etc.


Fitness apps like Runkeeper, Strava, Glo provide general and individual exercising and guidance for users who want to boost their physical activity. The choice is great, it varies from jogging, running, swimming, biking, and more.

Health Advices

Some apps are super helpful for issues and health conditions that are not urgent, when there is no need for an instant visit to a therapist.
There are apps that enable users to book consultations with medical professionals of various fields via either real-time or written communication. TalkSpace, ReGain, Pride Counseling, and more go into this category.

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Making Your App Successful. Functionality

Every app that deals with personalized experience must have a USER PROFILE, artificial intelligence is often included here to simplify and optimize many crucial processes.

A nice and functional DASHBOARD is another essential in health and fitness app development to give a picture of a user’s health data. It may appear in different forms like workout activity feed, health indicators tables, schemes, etc.

NOTIFICATIONS and REMINDERS will make your app effective as they contribute to users’ awareness and responsibility towards their own care and health improvement.

The app you are going to create will handle tons of private and sensitive data, for this reason PRIVACY and SECURITY feature is another important must have to make your product trustworthy and always relevant in legal matters.

Security also includes a protected PAYMENT PROCESSING. If you plan to make it profitable, and include ways for monetization, of course.

Steps And Stepping Stones

Talking about potential challenges when creating both health and fitness apps for android and iOS, Scalability and IoT Integration are one of the most vivid ones, and also there may be difficulties in reaching the right accessibility and optimized user experience.

A healthcare app processes huge amounts of data via medical wearables, for instance and other sources. A non-scalable product will fail when this data reaches the ultimate point, causing data britches, functionality restricted, access unavailable, etc.
Most modern apps function together with additional devices like wristbands, and watches for immediate tracking of the indicators that matter. This is why your app needs to be perfectly synced to all the potential wearables.

In addition, apps like Calm, Headspace or Flo are beloved because the way they are used is based on intuition, and their gamification features contribute to high motivation and interest. This is the result of a perfectly cohesive collaboration of the frontend and backend developers which defines the following necessary steps.

First, the target users and their needs are identified, as well as the main problems to be addressed and solved.

During the next step of pre-development the types of expertise are determined, project’s budget, the professionals you will need to fulfill your task, and the tools and tech, and also all the certification requirements.

So, the step of actual development comes into play only after the previous two, and is about choosing programming languages like Vue, and React Node.js, Ionic, etc. The rightly done process defines app performance, and quality assurance wraps it all into a ready made product.

Monetization Strategies

Unless you plan to create a totally free app, there are some ways to make your health and sport product profitable.

  1. The free version comes no doubt first so that your audience has a chance to get to know and try it. Paid app versions model for advanced level of usage and is very popular and effective.
  2. The free version that allows users to make purchases within the app.
  3. The free app plus subscription is widely used.
  4. In the case of a completely paid app model, we still advise offering some months of free trial.
  5. There also exists a partnership model, it is most relevant to a niche market, and implies chances for sponsorship.
App monetization strategies

As we can see from the picture above, in-app adverts are the most dominating ways for revenue. The other two are paid app strategy and in-app purchasing.

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All in all, the choice of how and what to build is only up to you. A development team will just be your expert help and support during each step. Look for professionals, this is your way to success.

Our ZenBit Tech crew is ready to bring your vision to life! Give us a call today!

Thanks for reading and take care!

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