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Develop an App for Business Process Automation: Worth It?

Automation of business processes can improve the quality of management in a company and the quality of its product. What forms of buisnes...

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The Meaning of Internet of Things for Your Business

What is IoT and how does it work? How can IoT technology help your startup skyrocket?

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How Augmented Reality Wins the Day in All Business Industries

This article esposes the evidence of why augmented reality is the future and how you can deploy AR in your business industry.


6 Key Benefits of Data Analytics in E-Commerce Business

Your E-Commerce business needs Big Data to make greater sales and revenue. But how exactly do verndors make profit with it?

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Top Benefits of Mobile App and Web App

What startup to develop: a web app or a mobile application? Let's speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Why Develop Artificial Intelligence in a Mobile App?

How and why should you develop artificial intelligence in your app? What is it actually? Let's talk a bit about what AI is.

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Top Fail Reasons Behind 7 Startup Cases

The answer is here: it is the human nature that destroys us.

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Why Only 1% Win (Startup Survival Rate)

We often see that great products eventually fail. How can they prevent it? Here are these most important reasons.

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Why IT Outsourcing Is a Powerful Startup Tool

IT Outsourcing is growing rapidly. If you've ever wondered what the core tasks of an outsourcing team are, then look it up here.

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4 Startup Taboos You Should Break

Our world is a whirlwind of taboos and stereotypes. Some beliefs may be useful but often they stop you at the very beginning. Let's talk ...