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Advantages and disadvantages of EHR and EMR

Discovery phase in software product development from A to Z

In this article we describe the importance of the Discovery phase in a project, focusing on its benefits and illustrate ZenBit’s discover...

EMR and EHR systems

ZenBit Named a Top Development Partner in Ukraine by Clutch!

Here at ZenBit, we know it can be tricky to juggle implementing state of the art tech solutions while also maintaining a steady level of ...

3d render medical background with abstract virus cells

Does early screening reduce the cancer mortality rate?

Does early screening reduce the cancer mortality rate?


Internet of Things in agriculture

How can IoT technologies help agriculture to meet global food demand?

zenbit named top e commerce developer in ukraine

ZenBit Named Top E-Commerce Developer In Ukraine

ZenBit Named Top E-Commerce Developer In Ukraine

iot in healthcare

Internet of Things: The world of “smart” gadgets simplifying human life

Internet of Things

electronic health record

Industry 4.0: 8 Revolution Technologies that made our life easier

Industry 4.0: what was the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the world and what technologies made our live easier.

outsourcing development

Develop an App for Business Process Automation: Worth It?

Automation of business processes can improve the quality of management in a company and the quality of its product. What forms of buisnes...

it service outsourcing

The Meaning of Internet of Things for Your Business

What is IoT and how does it work? How can IoT technology help your startup skyrocket?

outsourced development center

How Augmented Reality Wins the Day in All Business Industries

This article esposes the evidence of why augmented reality is the future and how you can deploy AR in your business industry.

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