This is Why You Won’t Launch a Startup

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7 mins read

Is there something in you that stops you from launching an awesome product? I guess there is.

Everybody wants to be successful. A lot of people tend to block themselves from being happy because of some prejudice they have. The world of business is not an exception for that.

In this article:

  • How our character traits may affect our productivity
  • Reasons that keep you from success
  • Positive thinking as a key to success


Human psychology proves: our emotions may often be an obstacle to a successful career. Our fears, or insecurities…

Getting rid of them is not an easy task to do, and that is not even a good option. Some traits may be okay in our daily life (like total sincerity) but a big no in the business sphere. 

Let’s take a look at these traits which we will call The Rule of 5“S”.

  • sincerity
  • shyness
  • skepticism
  • sensitivity
  • support

Still not clear how these may lead you in the wrong direction?

bored and tired at work by

Too SINCERE people may mess up their own reputation by being too direct towards others. Let us say, your colleague doesn’t want exactly to hear what you think of her new unusual haircut. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spoil your relationship with the boss by telling him “No, I don’t wanna do that. For real, why would I do this for you?”

Instead, you could have just said: “I’ll handle this matter in a time”. Or, “maybe [somebody else] would do it better than me? You know, I have a report to make…”

Too SHY people may often not climb their career ladder. They are too afraid to ask for the promotion, too afraid to join the chitty-chat with their colleagues… They almost never launch something outstanding. Why? Because they are not sure.

Try to be self-confident. In the world of business, you have to be aggressive in its positive sense. Stand your ground and prove that your ideas are going to turn this world upside down. 

People won’t judge you for your initiative outbreaks. Instead, they will be amazed by your brevity and intelligence which have helped you to come up with such an amazing idea.

Too much SKEPTICISM won’t let help you in any way either. If you are skeptic about your product and the success it could bring, then you are never launching it.

By the way, we’ve also talked about the 4 Startup Taboos that you should break. Check them out.

SENSITIVITY only adds to your ability to be prone to critics. The problem with sensitive people is that they may take everything too close. Often, this is the cause of so many stress-caused issues including health and productivity.

Even so, this doesn’t mean that you need to cover your ears from the reviews you get. 

The point is to try to take everything as pieces of advice, not a reproach. every feedback you get (even if it’s negative) help you understand what’s up with your product. 

Is it good or not yet? How do people understand it? How can I improve it?

 Don’t let anyone disappoint you and prevent you from starting something awesome!

“I don’t have SUPPORT.” Whether it is a matter of money or just people around you, don’t put yourself in depression to no purpose. 

The reason you think you have no pillar of strength may be that you simply don’t share your ideas with the world! 

Explain your startup idea to people, launch a crowdfunding campaign, make them interested! Soon you’ll see how easy it is to find those who want to change the world with you.


Everybody wants to be successful but not everyone manages to accomplish this task. What keeps us from following our dreams?

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Fear of a failure
  3. Wrong strategy
  4. Setting goals which are too big
  5. Concentration issues
  6. Your comfort zone

Lack of motivation is a serious issue when talking about productivity. If you have no reason to do something, then why even start?

The solution to that is finding passion in what you do. Or, doing the thing which makes you passionate.

What is a comfort zone?

Fear of failure stops you at the very beginning. That is the issue of a lot of perfectionists. Such people are afraid to take risks because of the probability that they won’t make it ideal. Sounds familiar?

How to deal with that? Accept the fact that you are not perfect. Neither is any of us. Neither is any successful product. Everything has its own flaws, we just have to embrace it. So, don’t let yourself down, you are about to fulfill your potential!

The right strategy is what leads your startup right to the hall of fame. Of course, you cannot know everything and you surely don’t have time for that. Consider hiring a mentor who will help you along your hi-tech way.

It would be advisable to learn some essentials from the course of Marketing etc.

But always keep in mind that you should have a team of professionals to do the job you are not qualified for. Better safe than sorry.

Set your goals right. You want to launch a tremendous product? Good. But before you do that, you have some much simpler tasks to do.

e.g. Launching a mobile app demands some coding. Coding demands a team of programmers. So, your initial task is to hire a developer.

Jumping from one task to another is a sign of project-concentration issues. This will not do any good for your marketing strategy. Consider doing some planning an stick to it. There is no use in fussing around. This way you won’t finish a single task.

Crawling out of your comfort zone is a hard task to do. Your stress-free lifestyle is a doubtful key to success. Embrace the world! Try out new things and make attempts to achieve what you want in life.


Positive Mental attitude, or PMA, is the art of positive thinking. Psychology proves that “self-help” may totally change the way we think of ourselves and the world around us.

What does that mean?

Instead of saying the following most common things to yourself, try to convert them into more positive ones, which will lead to your success.

Instead of… I have no money.

try -> It costs a budget, but it’s not impossible. I can definitely try that when I get some.

Instead of…

  • People will not need my app.

try -> At least I’m going to try and do what I want. /I’m going to make something exclusive. Something which no one else has done before.

What if Mark Zuckerberg had followed this direction back in the days? We wouldn’t have known Facebook, that’s right (for some that might have been a likeable option).

Has anybody done this already? Do it better! Analyze the existing products of the same market and try to understand how could they make it better. Listen to your potential clients, their feedback can tell you a lot.

Google Play Store is a good example of that. If users find any inconveniences in the product they’ve downloaded, they leave a review with suggestions. Or angry comments. Keep that in mind.

And instead of…

  • I don’t know how to do that.

say ->I should learn something so I could be more successful in what I’m planning to do.

From now on, we hope that you won’t hesitate and that you will immediately rush planning some incredible things. And if you need some help, IT company ZenBit Tech is here for you to help.

Feel free to contact us about your tech startup!

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