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In the boundless world of cloud computing, where data soars freely and possibilities seem endless, one top concern remains the same: security. As we surf the digital ocean, the need for cool guardians to protect our precious info becomes ever more pressing. We invite you to explore the biggest cloud security companies working hard to safeguard our digital realm. Their ingenious solutions are key to a safer cloud experience for all. So, let’s discover the magic that keeps the cloud safe.

"The shift to the cloud brings unparalleled agility, but it also challenges traditional security practices. Organizations must adopt a cloud-native mindset, leveraging automation and DevSecOps principles to embed security into every aspect of the cloud lifecycle and stay ahead of emerging threats."
Sarah Williams
Cloud Security Expert

What Cloud Security is. Main Challenges.

Cloud security is like a shield that protects our precious data floating around in the digital sky. It’s all about keeping our information safe and sound from potential threats. Yet, cloud security faces its fair share of challenges. 

Spending on cloud security worldwide
Spending on cloud security worldwide.
Imagine these challenges as tricky puzzles we must solve to keep the cloud safe. From sneaky hackers trying to break in, to data breaches that could expose sensitive information, cloud security has a lot on its plate. It’s a constant battle to stay ahead of these risks and protect our data from harm. Look at Forbes Global 2000 (G2000) enterprises (Image 2). They have made the most meaningful significant progress on their cloud security.
The example of G2000 companies. September 2022.
The example of G2000 companies. September 2022.
As businesses move to the cloud, they worry a lot about security. They need a strong plan to defend against all sorts of threats and fancy attacks that come with this new digital world. The old ways of protecting data on local networks won’t work in the cloud, so they have to come up with fresh ideas cloud network security companies can offer. Companies are adapting their security methods to keep a close eye on everything happening in real-time and be ready to respond swiftly to any trouble (Image 1). Things like micro-segmentation and encryption can help minimize damage if there’s ever a breach. In this changing landscape, it’s all about finding new ways to keep the cloud safe and sound. It’s like creating a whole new strategy to protect our digital treasures from harm.
"Cloud security is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. Threats evolve, and vulnerabilities may emerge as the cloud environment changes. It is imperative to have a continuous monitoring and incident response strategy in place to detect and address security incidents in real-time, minimizing potential damage."
Michael Johnson
Cloud Security Architect
Do you want to protect your data?​

Top 10 cloud security companies

Our top choices are the following (in alphabetical order):
  • Broadcom
  • Check Point
  • CrowdStrike
  • Datadog
  • Netskope
  • Qualys
  • Trend Micro
  • VMware
  • Wiz
  • ZenBit Tech


Born in 1961, Broadcom stands as a global IT leader with over five decades of a rich legacy. Having acquired Symantec in 2019, Broadcom became one of the best cloud cyber security companies boasting multiple cloud security solutions, catering to public and hybrid cloud workloads, storage, and containers. The acquisition of Blue Coat systems in 2016 fortified Symantec with powerful data loss prevention, cloud generation security, and website security capabilities. Furthermore, they take pride in their cloud-native workload protection, seamlessly integrated with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines. And the marvels of Symantec CloudSOC! A powerful CASB platform, it bestows upon you a treasure trove of cloud application security services – from vanquishing malware to evaluating cloud apps, and even safeguarding against data loss and ensuring compliance.
How the digital infrastructure is protected in Broadcom
How the digital infrastructure is protected in Broadcom
Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) emerges as a savior knight across public, private, and on-premises realms. CWP is amazing in critical workloads when visibility is being unified within a single view. With Cloud Workload Assurance (CWA) you will enjoy fully automated cloud reporting, compliance, and swift remediation for all IaaS assets. Honestly, this is your superpower when facing challenges.


Another steadfast guardian in our cloud security companies list, Check Point Software Technologies, has its global mission to fortify governments and corporate enterprises against digital threats, this remarkable company has created a strong reputation. Picture this: over 100,000 organizations, spanning all sizes, stand protected by Check Point. It is a testament to their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the digital realm from the clutches of 5th generation cyber-attacks.
Check Point boasts 60% of the Global 2000
Check Point boasts 60% of the Global 2000
Brimming with industry-leading prowess, their solutions boast an extraordinary catch rate, like a mythical net ensnaring malware, ransomware, and every malevolent entity seeking to breach their clients’ fortresses. Rooted in refined expertise and innovation, Check Point’s dedicated team remains resolute in the face of ever-evolving dangers. In a world where the virtual domain reigns supreme, they offer a beacon of hope, guiding organizations toward secure prosperity.


One more remarkable choice among companies with cloud security is CrowdStrike. Hailing from Austin, TX, they embarked on their journey in 2011, offering cloud-native cybersecurity services like endpoint security, network security, data security, identity security, and more. Their Falcon platform is a wondrous marvel, processing trillions of events each day. With a unified approach, it guards everything from endpoints to cloud workloads within a single platform, effortlessly integrating cloud workload protection, security posture management, and cloud infrastructure entitlement management.
The magic quadrat for Endpoint protection platforms
The magic quadrat for Endpoint protection platforms
No need for cumbersome on-premises security infrastructure, as CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform accomplishes all through a single, lightweight agent. Their prowess in cloud security, EDR, XDR, and managed detection and response has earned them esteemed recognition from analyst firms and industry groups. With CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon, your security ventures into uncharted heights.


At the forefront of empowering digital transformation and cloud migration, Datadog is a monitoring and security platform widely adopted by organizations of all sizes and across diverse industries. Their SaaS platform unites infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, and log management through seamless integration and automation, granting customers a unified, real-time observability of their entire technology stack. With Datadog’s comprehensive capabilities, businesses can navigate the cloud landscape with confidence, ensuring optimal performance, resilience, and security.
Datadog security tools
Datadog security tools
One of the reasons it is on our list of top cloud security software companies is its recent award. In the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability, Datadog has achieved the prestigious position of a Leader. Recognized for its exceptional performance, Datadog stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the realms of application performance monitoring and observability.


Behold, Netskope, a radiant leader in the realm of Security Service Edge (SSE), as they embark on a noble quest to redefine cloud, data, and network security, armed with the power of Zero Trust principles to safeguard precious data for countless organizations.
Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge
Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge
Through their Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE), customers are safe with reduced risk, amplified performance, and unfailing visibility across cloud, web, and private applications. Why on our list of the best public cloud security companies? This enchanting service has garnered the trust of thousands, including more than 25 of the illustrious Fortune 100, as they navigate the ever-changing tides of threats, risks, and regulatory demands. This way organizations embrace new technologies, transformations, and network changes with strong confidence. The evolving threats are addressed easily, as well as new risks, and technological shifts, so that cloud security innovation is always a step forward. As the winds of change blow, and new regulatory requirements emerge, Netskope gives trust and resilience.


In the world of cybersecurity, a pioneer emerged from Foster City, CA in 1999 – Qualys, an extraordinary SaaS security company. With an ethereal cloud application suite, they weave a tapestry of information security and compliance solutions, encompassing vulnerability scanning, cloud workload protection, and compliance services in public cloud realms. Their celestial prowess lies in sturdy partnerships with cloud giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and as founding members of the Cloud Security Alliance, they disseminate wisdom through research, education, and best practices like fairy dust sprinkled upon the world.
Unifying Cloud-Native Application Protection at Qualys
Unifying Cloud-Native Application Protection at Qualys
Their comprehensive offerings extend to CNAPP and IaaC security and a myriad of compliance modules, captivating all in their “single-pane-of-glass” view across celestial cloud deployments.


A cybersecurity marvel Trend Micro from Tokyo is a global provider offering hybrid cloud security, network security, user protection, and threat detection and response. With a keen eye on the future, they craft tailored solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and risk management. Their expertise extends to several cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft, and Google.
Trend Micro’s most important rewards
Trend Micro’s most important rewards
They secure multiple deployment environments, be it private or public cloud, with their advanced workload security feature. A rare gem among cloud computing security companies, Trend Micro dedicates itself to crafting specific solutions for IoT environments. Their unified security platform embraces automation, customizable APIs, and seamless integrations across major cloud providers and leading cloud tools. And behold, Trend Micro Cloud One stands tall as their CNAPP solution, harmonizing workload, storage, and network security.


Another reliable option for you among top cloud security companies is VMware, a venerable provider of multi-cloud services for all apps. With a journey spanning over two decades, they empower enterprises with unparalleled control over their digital future. A master of acquisitions, VMware welcomed CloudHealth into its fold in 2018, fortifying its cloud governance offerings and enabling seamless integration with VMware workloads and public cloud services.
Trend Micro’s cloud security products
Trend Micro’s cloud security products
Nestled in the heart of Palo Alto, California, VMware envisions a brighter tomorrow through its ambitious 2030 Agenda. With over 24,000 dedicated employees and an extensive ecosystem of 75,000 partners, they touch various industries, from banking and healthcare to government, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation. As they weave a tapestry of innovation and enterprise, VMware stands as a guiding light for organizations seeking cloud security companies in the USA to shape a better future.


A newcomer in the cloud security companies world named Wiz emerged from New York, NY in 2020, showcasing expertise in cloud-native security solutions. Their distinguishing feature lies in a normalizing layer that swiftly identifies and eliminates critical risks across various cloud environments. With an agentless approach, Wiz empowers security teams with comprehensive visibility and context, enabling them to proactively detect, prioritize, and prevent risks without impacting resource or workload performance.
Wiz’s trusted clients
Wiz’s trusted clients

Their robust API facilitates seamless integration with public clouds, encompassing virtual machines, containers, serverless functions, and data stores. Among their key solutions, the Wiz Security Graph offers contextual insights, dissecting configurations, vulnerabilities, networks, identities, and critical data in the cloud, unveiling “toxic combinations” and real risk issues. They also present a graph-based CNAPP, delivering complete visibility in diverse cloud environments.


Among the top cloud data security companies Ukrainian ZenBit Tech emerges as a reliable and trusted partner. With a dedication to safeguarding precious data, they weave a tapestry of protection and trust for their clientele. Their team of dedicated experts has successfully implemented security measures for over 500 projects, making them a proven force in safeguarding digital assets.

ZenBit Tech clients with their stories of success
ZenBit Tech clients with their stories of success

With their expertise as cloud security virtuosos, ZenBit Tech stands tall as a steadfast guardian for organizations seeking to fortify their digital assets. With a client satisfaction rate of 95%, they stand as a beacon of reliability and trust, guiding businesses on a secure journey through the celestial clouds of data protection. 

"As more businesses migrate to the cloud, the attack surface expands, making it crucial for companies to prioritize cloud security. Understanding shared responsibilities with cloud service providers and implementing robust identity and access management are essential steps in mitigating risks and ensuring data confidentiality and integrity."
Jane Doe
Cybersecurity Analyst
Want to protect your data but don't know how to do it?

Guardians Of The Cloud Security: Empowering A Safe Digital Future. 

In this illustrious compilation of the top ten cloud security companies, we focused on innovation, reliability, and unwavering dedication to protecting the digital realm. Each company, with its unique strengths, stands united in the quest to safeguard precious data and embrace the limitless potential of cloud computing.

Geographically dispersed across the globe, these companies hail from diverse locations, weaving a global network of trust and expertise. From California’s Silicon Valley to the enchanting landscapes of Ukraine, each region contributes its unique touch to the world of cloud security.

Their esteemed clientele is a testament to their prowess, with renowned organizations spanning industries like finance, healthcare, government, retail, and telecommunications seeking their protection. From Fortune 100 giants to emerging startups, these cloud security public companies have won the trust of numerous clients, proving their reliability time and again. We hope we were useful and you are ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets tranquility for your successful growth and remarkable future. Good luck! 

"The dynamic nature of cloud environments presents both opportunities and challenges for security. While it offers scalability and flexibility, it also raises concerns about data privacy, compliance, and visibility. Organizations need to adopt a proactive approach and employ advanced security measures to effectively protect their assets in the cloud."
John Smith
Cloud Security Consultant

Broadcom, Check Point, CrowdStrike, Datadog, Netskope, Qualys, Trend Micro, VMware, Wiz, and ZenBit Tech (alphabetical order). In the quest to identify the top 10 Cloud Security Companies, various factors were thoughtfully considered. Extensive research and analysis were conducted to evaluate their performance, customer reviews, and industry reputation. The companies selected demonstrated exceptional prowess in safeguarding data, inspiring trust through innovation and reliable services.

Our top choices provide the following services: 

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM), 
  • Encryption, 
  • Security Monitoring and Incident Response, 
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP), 
  • Network Security, 
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF), 
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), 
  • Cloud Compliance and Governance, 
  • Threat Intelligence and Analytics, 
  • Secure DevOps and Cloud DevSecOps.

In the pursuit of uncovering the ideal cloud security company for your organization’s distinctive needs, explore the depth of its offerings, seeking harmony with your specific requirements. Delve into their track record and client testimonials, akin to voyaging into a realm of shared experiences and visions. Finally, engage in thoughtful dialogue, embracing the dance of questions and answers, where the union of understanding and compatibility wins.

In the success tale of AAIS, a venerable insurance association with an illustrious history, a quest for timely growth beckoned thanks to Broadcom. They sought to heed the whispers of changing customer desires, yearning to bring forth new insurance products with grace and haste. With an agile approach, AAIS embraced Rally Software, a beacon of support for its product development, compliance, and marketing endeavors. Together, they unveiled a magical sight – a shortened path to market, unveiling diverse feature sets that harmonized customer-centric and region-specific insurance programs, leaving a trail of delighted customers in their wake. 

In another amazing story of Clari, a trailblazing leader in revenue collaboration and governance, a quest to conquer Revenue Leak and unveil Revenue Precision unfolded. They sought to empower every Revenue-critical soul to join forces and steer towards meeting, beating, or surpassing revenue goals. Confronted by the cacophony of legacy tools and the haze of visibility gaps, Clari yearned for a harmonious solution. With Lacework and Snowflake by their side, they delved into a journey of data enrichment, aligning security insights with business outcomes. Thousands of alerts metamorphosed into a serene handful, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance harmonized with data-rich dashboards, and the cloud’s enigmatic configurations revealed their secrets. In this tale of unity and insights, Clari embarked on a triumphant voyage, guided by a chorus of context-rich, actionable alerts, seamlessly woven into the fabric of their security practice.

Certainly YES, the best cloud security companies prioritize compliance with essential data protection and privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. They implement stringent security measures to ensure that customer data is handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. These companies demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and earning the trust and confidence of their clients.

Absolutely! The best cloud security companies offer flexible and seamless integration of their solutions with your existing cloud infrastructure and security tools. Their services are designed to complement and enhance your current setup, providing a cohesive and comprehensive security strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

Be sure to expect a high level of customer support and technical assistance. These companies prioritize customer satisfaction and offer various support channels, including email, phone, and online chat, to address your queries and concerns promptly. Their dedicated support teams are well-trained and knowledgeable, ensuring you receive expert guidance and assistance throughout your journey. Additionally, they often provide resources like documentation, knowledge bases, and webinars to empower you with the necessary knowledge to optimize and make the most of their security solutions. Rest assured, you’ll have a reliable partner by your side to navigate any challenges and ensure a secure cloud environment.

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