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As one of today’s most mainstream concepts for businesses, DevOps means higher performance to the companies who implement them. More and more people are getting attracted to it but there are still many healthcare businesses out there with old-fashioned modes looking skeptically at DevOps. The answer to convince them and explain DevOps to non-developers is quite simple and straightforward. Not caring about DevOps may mean losing the game. You are going to miss out on some important business benefits which can only be achieved by DevOps implementations that make this method lucrative for business owners. DevOps strategy is good for both large, and small businesses. And the ones in-between can benefit from it too. Yet, there are 75% of failures as the companies reported stumble stones in their DevOps adopting experience. The main issues come from poor knowledge and skills, corporate culture challenges, and legal matters – all the things that are possible to solve and are worth the effort as the benefits of DevOps implementation are way brighter than the obstacles.
Proved and potential benefits of DevOps
Proved and potential benefits of DevOps
With all that in mind, the future seems very promising and inviting for the DevOps approach. Let’s just look at statistics.

What does DevOps do And Why Do We Need It?

Let us look at some facts and numbers for a better vision of DevOps.
  • In 2021, more than 65% of the market share belonged to the management DevOps solutions area in the USA, and its continuous growth is predicted up to 2028.
  • 208 times faster code deployment and 2604 times faster incident recovery; 106 times smaller gap between committing and deployment.
  • Seven times less shift failure rates.
  • Brazilian largest DevOps-adopted companies are estimated to reach a CAGR of more than 20% by 2028. Even more impressive growth of 25% belongs to Asia-Pacific.
  • DevOps boost has led to engineer talent blooming, and the average annual salary of DevOps developers is around 104 000 USD.
  • The elite 10% of top-paid DevOps experts earn as much as $134,000 or more.
  • DevOps professionals are most treasured in New York, NY.
Should DevOps be a separate team? They are separate in terms of organization but the footing is equal. Everyone collaborates but can specialize where needed. Common tools will go a long way to helping facilitate good communication. When adopting DevOps in 2015, Keiser Permanente made the teams separate. Will DevOps be automated? Yes. Moreover, this component is going to be crucial for bringing to life a faster, more effective, practical, and user-focused style in software delivery.
DevOps For Hardware and Software
DevOps For Hardware and Software

DevOps For Hardware and Software: The Advantages

Companies that are adopting DevOps are enjoying many benefits, technical in particular. Let’s figure out now all the technological aspects DevOps helps to magnify. First, it enhances efficiency with automation, improves speed and stability of software development and deployment, provides better competencies, and finally, amplifies feedback loops. 


Conventionally, people have to start creating a development project from scratch. The whole process includes all the steps one by one like transition, testing, updates, validation, maintenance, etc. That makes the whole process quite lengthy and monotonous. In contrast, the DevOps approach leverages the power of automation. All these steps are automated here which are carried away manually in many different methods. 

To make it more clear, let’s take the application of DevOps in the financial trading sector as an example. With the help of automation, 45 seconds faster deployment is possible now. These are the same activities that used to take long nights and weekends for the employees previously. That’s how automated tasks can release some of the members in order to let them focus on something substantial. It enhances efficiency and makes their job more exciting. 

Speed And Stability Improved. 

Speed and stability of development and deployment are crucial. We already know that DevOps helps to brake the wall between the development and operational teams via continuous deployment, testing, and resolving problems. So, this process helps to speed up the software and website development process in the IT sector. Developers can now identify bugs and provide solutions 35% faster. 

Greater Competencies. 

DevOps philosophy gives developers the following superpowers: 

  • Systematic release planning
  • Accurate automation
  • Smooth operation 

Thanks to these features, the whole team becomes more efficient, and higher efficiency essentially accelerates the whole project development life cycle. On the whole, these are highly recommended for the substantial competencies and continuous improvement of any business. 

Amplifying Feedback Loops. 

To update and further improve, user feedback is a crucial component. So to make the necessary correction to the project continually, magnifying the feedback loops is essential. The feedback loop is the process that collects data and returns information to the source. DevOps can successfully amplify feedback loops as the environment is designed to detect problems and solutions faster. World-leading companies like Adobe, Facebook, Amazon, Esty, Walmart, and more are implementing DevOps. 

All of these renowned companies are using DevOps for the following reasons: 

  • adaptive release management;
  • shooter development cycles;
  • increased deployment frequency;
  • faster time to market.    

 That’s how they are improving their technological sectors so significantly. 

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The Quality For DevOps Teams: Cultural Benefits

DevOps is a cultural shift. It’s all about a mutual understanding between developers and operations from the very start, the Discovery phase. So it has a huge impact on the overall outcome of a company. As it involves practicing communicating, collaborating, and brainstorming with colleagues from other areas of a company. It helps to bring out some special cultural benefits: focus on manpower, constant experimentation and learning, faster innovations, and higher reliability.

Focus On Manpower.

Focus on what matters the most. Upbringing the inner ability of a person is the best way to improve productivity, and DevOps cultural essence focuses exactly on that fact. No doubt, when you feel a positive vibe at your workplace, that enhances your working tendency. You feel more energetic and so do other team members. Such a collaborative environment can wonderfully boost the productivity of humans. For that reason, Microsoft, perhaps the world’s largest software factory, takes DevOps very seriously. Naturally, it has magical impacts on the team members. Microsoft did break down silos between teams during the successful DevOps implementation. It ensures better communication among the team members, visibility, and alignment on goals. And thus build efficient manpower and better products and services together.

Constant Experimentation And Learning.

DevOps helps to execute the constant process of experimentation and learning. Through the rapid implementation of instant corrections and revising, it can make it happen in real life. PayPal, for instance, with its more than 200 million active accounts. It processes more than 100 billion USD weight every three months. Before the DevOps adoption, it took days to create a new application, weeks to deploy it on a test server, and months to get it to production. PayPal’s answer to this complexity was a new, entirely self-service system for the software development life cycle. By implementing DevOps, this company has enrolled a great collaboration between teams. After that, more than 1000 new applications have been created on PayPal’s SDLS platform. They support now public clouds, Docker containers, and other features.
  • Faster Innovations.
Your innovative team is the fire that helps you lead over your market competitors. The team innovation skill becomes faster as they can now deliver products faster following the DevOps style. Faster innovation is often the only solution for many healthcare companies to stay on the market, and DevOps practices can accelerate product delivery immensely.
  • Higher Reliability.
DevOps is the model that helps you harmonize your development and operations teams. That is the way to improve reliability. Keiser Permanente, for example, after implementing DevOps, team members learned how to turn failures into sources of light, and that has ensured the security measure of the user day by day. Like any big transition, building a DevOps culture can be difficult at first, and questions about why DevOps is bad appear. The key aspects here are an environment of psychological safety and clarity around expectations. Without them, teams tend to do lots of mistakes.

How DevOps Helps Business To Extend and Evolve

Entire Business Optimization

The process of developing and applying new strategies to make a company more efficient and cost-effective is known as business optimization. A well-planned business optimization can improve business efficiency to a greater extent. In fact, implementing DevOps best practices and workflows help businesses save time and money, increase software life cycle predictability, build a corporate culture around innovation and keep motivation levels high. Walmart, for instance, relies on DevOps and IoT to improve its business model. It has brought cultural and technical changes to initiate a digital workforce. The introduction of the new method helped to reduce the cost and time by automating repetitive tasks. As the result, the company’s performance improved greatly increasing sales to enhancing customer satisfaction more easily. That’s how Walmart did a great job and found a new and exciting way to serve customers.

Building Stronger Team Engagement.

Employee engagement is one of the strongest contributors to the company’s success. If your workers aren’t happy, productive, and consistent with their work, both the output and general results will suffer. High-performing and functional DevOps work environments are known to improve plenty of employee experiences. In the case of Nordstrom, a famous luxury online retailing company was having trouble with its custom mobile app. The business was losing a lot of potential clients because of the prolonged lead time. To solve this problem, they researched the reasons behind the lead time problem. The whole team was redirected to use the agile methodology combined with DevOps practice. They needed to switch to a step-by-step development method, one with a continuous feedback loop for validating features and needs on a regular basis. Also, it has taken measures to remove the communication gap and divisions that were prevailing between teams. Then the magic happened, DevOps scenario changed the ultimate team performance. So successful were the DevOps and Agile processes adopted in Nordstrom that they decided to apply them to the other areas of their business.

Continuous Improvement.

Recurrent revisions of small issues can maximize the offering of a company. That’s how DevOps has become an essential mindset for the continuous progress and growth of an organization. Continuous integration and delivery and continuous deployment is the key. It is the process that encompasses the constant development in a DevOps-adopted company. As a result, companies that adopt the methodology report improved customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction ratings. Amazon, for example, can boast impressive improvements due to its DevOps practices. Shifting from physical servers to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud 12 years ago made it possible to deliver services at a boosted speed and quality. Thanks to Apollo, the internal system for continuous deployment operations, the code could be refined whenever the developers needed it and to whatever servers it referred.

Cost Reduction And Speed Delivery.

Routine and repetitive duties make up a large portion of IT operations. Most of them can be automated using scripts, but if the scenario differs, the script fails, and the scenarios in production vary a lot. Implementing DevOps principles of IaC, CI, and CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) helps ensure the uniformity of task scenarios and infrastructure immutability. So, automation becomes 100% efficient and helps significantly reduce the amount of time and cost spent on routine and repetitive tasks.

Customer Satisfaction.

When your company creates proprietary solutions faster, it is in a better position to provide business customers. It means your employees who are DevOps engineers can genuinely help you enhance customer service for your firm. According to recent research on the benefits of DevOps for business, more than 70% of companies improve their customer experience after establishing a DevOps program. This is obviously a huge advantage for the business.

Adjust To The Constant Changes In Market Conditions.

Business benefits from DevOps also include increased time for innovation. Your company’s procedures will be streamlined and more efficient after implementing DevOps. This gives you a lot more time to think about new ideas and brainstorm. The more time you give your company to develop and improve, the more likely it is to expand and flourish. The best companies worldwide give their employees time to experiment with new ideas, create new products and try out new ways of getting better outcomes.
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DevOps For Startups Benefits 

Increased market competition has highly boosted business holders’ interest in DevOps. And DevOps too proved the worth of adopting it. As a customer-centered working model, it can positively influence your business’s operations and user experience.   

In case you are still uncertain about the superpower of DevOps or wondering whether DevOps developers are worth hiring, here are some encouraging facts and numbers: 

  • Usual long-established Ops require 41% more time in general. 
  • Using common Ops makes you spend 21% more time touching off
  • Conventional Ops typically waste more than 7 hours per week on information exchange
  • With DevOps, 60% less time is wasted on support cases management, and 33% more time is focused on infrastructure upgrades

Moreover, if you adopt DevOps in your company your harvest may be the following:

  • Improved quality of product deployments
  • Frequent software release
  • Make the cooperation and collaboration culture better
  • Rise the quality of coding

We Can Help You With Our DevOps Expertise

DevOps gives you great rewards for your investments and the superpower of constant innovation. ZenBit developers have profound knowledge and experience in the DevOps world including DevOps for machine learning. We can help your healthcare business become more efficient and flexible via Outsourcing or Outstaffing partnership. This will lead to faster deployments and the chance to react in the best way to potential changes in the healthcare market. Our partnership will set your company on the road to constant profit and great success! You can check out our portfolio here.  


Business benefits from DevOps implementation leave you more time to innovate and generate new ideas for improvement. This is sure to help your business grow and expand in the long term. With all that in mind, our ZenBit team offers you expertise in the DevOps approach to gain your business ground in the market. You can enhance the consumer experience resulting in increased sales and profitability just like Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft, and the companies we named before as a successful example. Let your business be well-valued among the customers. Contact us today! 

Take good care and see you soon in our upcoming posts!   

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