Web Development Case Studies

We have extensive experience in creating and implementing customized web software solutions, as well as new procedures for implementing mobile apps for companies in different industries. Check out the successful web development case studies of our clients to find out how specialized web software solutions gives companies a competitive advantage. These are examples of case studies for web development that you can familiarize yourself with.

Telemedicine Web App Solution
healthcare, web platform, telemedicine, toolkit app

Telemedicine web app solution – helps to improve digital processes for healthcare organizations as a part of important innovations in telemedicine.

Web application
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Medical Social Web App
healthcare, healthcare app, mobile app, social network platform

A Medical Social Web App that makes potential solutions and treatments based on user data.

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Web application
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gamified cryptocurrency exchange

Exchange cryptocurrencies or buy PWD tokens to get buildings from Polyworld game and make your own finance system

Web application


Since they rely on the browser, web apps work with any operating system, making them a faster and more cost-effective option. However, while a lower cost is an advantage for a web app, they don’t leverage device features causing some functionality limitations.

Check our web development case study about TELEMEDICINE WEB APP SOLUTION

Custom web application development is a method for creating one-of-a-kind, business-specific online applications.

Check our web development case study about MEDICAL SOCIAL WEB APP

A Superior User Experience — With responsive design, it is more simpler and less expensive to create a web-based system compatible with many devices and screen sizes. Flexible Connection – Employees with Internet access may work from wherever.

Find out in our web development case study how we developed Telemedicine Web App Solution