Exchange cryptocurrencies or buy PWD tokens to get buildings from Polyworld game and make your own finance system
Team size:
4 members
2017 – 2018
TypeScript, ReactJS, Redux, Solidity, NodeJS

Though being a rather serious topic, who says cryptocurrency can’t be game-like?

The game-based approach has never been so intriguing before.

Polyworld has its special tokens called PWD tokens, which are directly connected to the cryptocurrency itself.

Polyworld gives you an opportunity to show everyone that you have a solid property – use tokens as resources for your building or landmark. Every day, you are given an opportunity to visit other buildings which you can potentially buy!

When somebody visits your property, they must pay you a fee. But don’t get lost in the “yayyy!” too early! If you postpone visiting the app, someone else may steal your money!

Buy more buildings, get more PWD tokens and get a chance to travel around the cryptoworld, in all its meanings.
Polyworld introduces both Android and IOS applications including the initial web solution.

The whole game process is controlled by a smart contract for a finance system.

Both the state and the people in the ethereum world pay taxes, so Polyworld functioning process is completely transparent and autonomous.

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Since the beginning, ZenBit was very involved in the project they were very supportive and helpful and they allow us to make the best technical decisions, they didn’t only focus on the technical side but helped us to refine our design…

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