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A Medical Social Web App that makes potential solutions and treatments based on user data.
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2019 – 2021
React, Redux, Nest JS,, Typeform, MySQL

Healthcare App: Offers solutions and treatments based on user data.

Medical social app network that connects people all over the world affected by the same medical conditions. The medical social app is aimed at offering potential solutions and treatments that will help to relieve and cure these conditions. The project implementation was split across multiple phases. The end project consists of healthcare web app development and a healthcare mobile app development platform powered by an AI system that helps to find a specific treatment strategy based on other users’ input, backed by additional medical or non-medical staff, that will help users to achieve their goals.

In other words, by specifying a precise set of healthcare states, the user will have access to the potential diseases that affect their state of health and to a specific set of potential treatments and solutions that could relieve and cure these conditions. This system is going to become a large medical social app network that bears the banner of individual and general health.

The target audience is 30 years old people and above who want to find a cure for their illness or to be healthier in general, then everyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help find relief for medical conditions from other Inerjix medical social app users, and finally, anyone who wants to maintain good health and fitness – they could be a nutritionist, doctor, researcher, or just someone who wants to be healthy and help others.

About the client

Co-Founder and CEO Inerjix Barak Dahan, Laboratory Operations Manager at Biolojic Design, Ltd. from Israel. Barak’s creation, Inerjix, is evolving a professional healthcare system in the form of a social network. Any individual who values a good quality of life, being healthy, and the ability to rely on informational support when necessary can use the platform. The AI-based platform Inerjix focuses on medical treatment advice. You can share information on the platform, put it in the right context of everything you experienced, and discover new solutions and answers to the questions you might have.

The company aims to enable perfect precision in terms of both giving treatment advice and getting treatment advice from its system. Personal insights and health data are of unique importance when shared. The information about each personal experience brings to light new knowledge, great visions, and solutions. Moreover, there is also a real possibility of finding a new potential cure for existing health issues in this manner.

Business challenges

In the healthcare web app development and healthcare mobile app development platform process of our social network, we faced some business challenges: first of all, market competitors. There are many competitors in the field of information entry and healthcare services at the moment, but only one major competitor in the big data of end-users: PatientsLikeMe.

Data collection

In spite of the similar idea, there were a few key differences. The website collected exactly what information we needed about users, but it had a few major drawbacks. It did not study user data or make medical recommendations based on mass wisdom. It was not focused on the user experience or the information they needed from each user.


PatientsLikeMe is only in English. Inerjix was meant to be a multilingual system in all languages, using the users themselves to translate the terms entered into it. Most people in the world still do not speak English, and most of the adult population certainly does not. In addition, the competitor’s site is not well designed, conveys a feeling of depression and despair, is overloaded with text, and is not user-friendly. Their site focuses on diseases, while we are going to focus on health. Inerjix aims to be a system that caters to the whole world, to people who want to maintain their health of all ages. Not only will they be concerned with health but also with a proper lifestyle, proper nutrition, and exercise. PatientsLikeMe remains within the limits of information collection. Inerjix will urge its users to investigate their medical conditions and contribute information. In the distant future, it may request genome and blood tests for bioinformatics tests so that new drugs can be developed. The profits from drug development would go back into the hands of patients and researchers in accordance with the predefined user agreement.

HIPAA issue

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Avoiding HIPAA violations was another challenge. The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has guidelines that created issues in terms of social media – for instance, doctors not being able to openly address their patients as it breaks the HIPPA’s privacy and confidentiality rules. Talking generally about conditions and treatments, staying away from any discussion of patients, clear and regular posts about policies and procedures on all social media platforms were some of the ways to avoid violating the law. Remaining compliant also included following FDA rules about advertising.

In this healthcare solution, we have made every effort to secure it and comply with HIPAA. If security and HIPAA compliance are also important to you, then we suggest you to get free cybersecurity consultation using the button below.

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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech


No matter how powerful the social media and healthcare alliance is, there is always a risk of disinformation. That’s why healthcare professionals are greatly motivated to stop the spread of irrelevant information as well as create interesting, engaging, short, accurate, and timely content. Social media platforms are great at sharing healthcare information quickly, but it must be with a clear awareness about permissions and signed releases to be worthy and credible.

This was another difficulty that needed to be addressed, so Inerjix came up with a plan to solve the disinformation problem, an attempt at least, or a safer ground since, in fact, everything would be based on information provided by thousands of users.


First Step – Profile



Our project functionality was implemented in the following way. The Inerjix users were divided into two types: patients and caregivers – patients with their own personal profiles and caregivers with several profiles for patients who they are caring about. Users create their strategy with a multistep form with data about their conditions, symptoms, treatments, and medical exams.

Inerjix recommendations are based on the strategies of other users with similar stats. The medical app development process required the minimum viable product (MVP) version that was implemented as a rating system for the efficiency of the treatments. The users answered on the strategy page. They can publish wall posts and see the following users’ wall posts on a timeline on the Homepage screen for logged-in users, comment, react, and share posts.

Let’s have a closer look at the Inerjix website sections and how they work. On the Homepage, users can start searching for a medical condition. As they type, search results will be retrieved from the database based on medical conditions and their synonyms. The process is fast and takes almost no effort, but the benefit of the support is immense. In addition, the search suggestions will show similar medical conditions or medical conditions that usually come with the medical condition in the first search offer.

To be able to create strategies, users need to create a profile where they provide more details about their conditions. If the logged-in user is not a patient and is a caregiver/parent, they will be able to create multiple profiles for the people they are taking care of.

The user can tick the “Own profile” checkbox, and their name, birth year, and country will automatically be populated from the user registration info. If the user is creating the profile for a person they are caring for, they will be asked why they are filling out the form for the patient (the patient is physically disabled/the patient is unable to use the platform themselves).

Second Step – Strategy Page

Strategy Inerjx

After saving their profile, the user is redirected to the “Create strategy” page.

Creating a strategy allows users to input even more data about their current condition and track their treatments. For the system to be able to suggest possible treatments, users need to input all their current conditions, symptoms, and treatments. In time, they will be able to track their symptoms and treatments, and how the strategies are affecting their condition. Using this data, the system will suggest the things that worked for users with similar conditions. Each strategy is tied to a specific patient. The “Create strategy” page consists of a multistep form that will collect data such as symptoms, lifestyle, age, medical exams, etc.

The Strategy section itself allows users to see the data they input associated with one or more conditions. This is a detailed overview of the patient’s condition(s), symptoms, treatments, and medical history, allowing them to edit the current information or add new information.

The Condition section shows basic information to non-logged-in users in order to attract them for enrollment. The detailed information to logged-in users is also here and helps them connect with other users or find a strategy that works for them. An orange dot on the map marks the location in the world of a person reporting the medical condition, and the size of the orange dot indicates the number of reports from that area. The map is blurred for non-logged-in users. There are summaries and a list of the most common treatments the users have reported, sorted by prevalence.

Third Step-Privacy

Forum posts show a feed of posts related to this or another topic for authenticated users.

Profile privacy can be chosen as visible to other Inerjix community members only or visible on the Internet – in this case, the profile can be found on Google, etc. The privacy option is a great way to meet some legal regulations.

Users can share their posts via the link. The system will generate links and provide them to the user, so the user can share them over email, messenger, etc.

Fourth Step- Verified Information

The ML algorithm aims to analyze existing text, entities, and try to come up with suggestions. At first, it will be available for admins only, who can like/dislike posts, which saves the system from irrelevant information.

Fifth Step- Convenient Solutions

In the Nutrition plans section, a user can create an automatic diet planner, subscribe to diet plans, analyze meal information, and collect info about calories, carbs, fat, and protein. Billing is done by charging money and gaining credit for a successful plan. You can see what users are posting about it and get reviews, as well as directly contact a user about a nutrition plan.


Our efforts successfully resulted in the healthcare social network Inerjix medical app development, and we are proud to share its numerous benefits.

The social network medical app development for healthcare professionals and patients raised public awareness first of all. There is no easier and safer way to collect and analyze information about health matters quickly and give trustworthy advice on vaccination, therapy, precautions, and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Also, social network healthcare data widened the reach of current resources for healthcare professionals. Doctors discovered new things and treatments. Social network healthcare data became easier to reach for a great number of professionals in the shortest possible time.

And let’s not forget about shy citizens who have become more engaged and open. It is not always pleasant to talk about some of the health problems, so few people look for professional help in the traditional way. Now, they are able to get the professional support they need without leaving their comfort zone.

Inerjix provides patient support, which is especially valuable when needed. The platform provides a great deal in public health monitoring, as hashtags such as #flu reveal a lot about the locations and the extent to which the disease has spread at a definite moment.


Healthcare professionals are joining efforts to take advantage of social media. Using the Internet to connect healthcare users effectively is challenging but luckily a reality nowadays. People do rely on the data available online looking for healthcare information and support from other people with the same experience.

All the reviews and comments are precious resources for healthcare professionals. Moreover, the social media information on choosing hospitals, laboratories, and doctors is extremely helpful in making mindful decisions. The product that we developed for our partner, Inerjix, connects people all over the world and offers potential solutions and treatments. It is a huge step into the future of healthcare, and we are proud to share it.

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