Why Slack is so Popular

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7 mins read


Have you ever wondered how apps make millions and millions?

Every man wants to be successful in his life and career. But having a great idea is not enough when it comes to launching your own product.

What you have to strive for is a good strategy. Strategy is what makes you successful.

If you think that your application is never going to be as outstanding as Instagram or WhatsApp, then let me say the following. Their creators are just ordinary people, just like you and me. What made them big is their ability to see what people really need (or at least they had it). 

What is Slack and why use it?

Another great example of such a rise is the Slack app.

Slack is a cloud-based messenger app designed especially for teamwork collaboration demands. All chats happen in the so-called channels created by the company itself and through direct messages.

It was released by Stewart Butterfield in far August 2013. People say that the company has raised over $4 billion.

 We can say that Slack’s success has been greatly determined by their marketing campaign, though the real reason of the profit is functionality. If you keep wondering what is so special about this platform, we suggest that you look into its following features.

How did Slack get its name? 

Despite all the rumours, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield officially claimed that S.L.A.C.K. stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. 

10 Advantages of Slack

  1. Cloud base. Slack is a cloud-based platform aimed at storing all your company’s important (and not so much) documents, plans, meeting schedules etc. You can always find your old reports or schemes. It is extremely important to keep all your product-based notes in one place. Slack was made to help you share memos and snippets.
  2. Channels. Slack has brought the message priorities to the new level. If you think that channels exist only in Telegram, you are terribly wrong. Channeling has never been as easy as it is in Slack. From now on, you won’t lose yourself in the pile of corporate spamming. Sort out your discussions according to their topics. Mute specific channels and forget about distractions. Self-concentration has become more achievable with Slack.  
  3. Search History. As to its search history, Slack has both pros and cons. If we speak about the advantages, this business app offers you a complex search solution within all your channels in the company’s profile and direct messages. On the contrary, its developers always try to remind you that you ought to buy a pro-version to view the full history. It is still unclear whether this feature really leads to fortune. As for me, that is an oxymoron to be limited in such a flexible application. 
  4. Hashtags and Mentions. Did you know that hashtags and mentions may be used not only on Instagram, but also on your Slack workspace account? If the answer is yes, then help others to find out about this feature! Teach your colleagues, your employees, make life easier for everyone! Tell them that they can notify individual users with @ sign. For example, @janyy_wats, are you going tonight to the pub with all of us? And Jenny is to answer. 
  5. Quick Actions. Each Slack command starts with a slash sign / . You will see a popup telling you what commands you may use to increase your productivity. 
  6. Customization. Choose any theme you want from the given list. Not every workspace messenger has a feature of even a simple design change. For some, colours may seem inappropriate. Others have eye problems like colour-blindness. So why not adjust your communication network to your taste? Notification preferences can be modified as well. By the way, did you know that they have a “Hummus” notification sound? Check it out!
  7. Emoji Reactions. This feature allows you to react to someone’s message with an emoticon. On mobile, you tap and hold the message and choose the emoji by hitting ”Add Reaction” option. This helps avoid emoji spamming in messages and shows people’s reactions all in one place.
  8. Integration with Other Services. Such applications and services as Google Drive and Google Docs may be integrated into your account to ease the experience. The preview gets better, the work performance grows faster. 
  9. Synching on all your devices. Forget about constant backing up. Slack is an app on-the-go, so not a single message will escape your attention (unless you want it to back off). Being logged in both on your laptop and your smartphone helps employees stay in touch if something unexpected occurs. Imagine a sudden trouble in your code, a bug. Do you want it to be fixed as soon as possible? Do you struggle for some help? Slack is here to help you. 
  10. Privacy of Your Team. The main difference between a regular app and a booming app is its competitiveness. Your app has to offer that exact thing your users want to see and which they didn’t find in other places. It also has two-factor authentication for hack prevention. Will Slack go public? No one can say for sure.

What developers and entrepreneurs should learn from Slack

What can you take out of Slack’s staff experience? Tune in the next steps.

  • Actions speak louder than words. Make sure to always do what you’ve promised to your users. And don’t forget to actually listen to them.
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  • Make sure you don’t bark up the wrong tree. Putting new features that not one asked for may be risky. Consider making some important changes first e.g. bug fixes, and your users will thank you.Make sure you don’t bark up the wrong tree. Putting new features that not one asked for may be risky. Consider making some important changes first e.g. bug fixes, and your users will thank you.
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  • Success doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg. Don’t trap yourself into the “fortune = success” trap! Waste of money is not going to pay you back if you don’t think carefully about what you do and why. Like, do you really need to spend $500 on that new feature you want to see in your product?
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  • Cutting corners is not the answer. Taking into consideration what we’ve mentioned above, it is easy to find oneself in the opposite trap: cutting down budget on everything. Trust me, your users don’t want to feel tricked. If you want people to use your app, then please show them some respect.
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Why is Slack better than..?

Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Zulip… All of these are the apps which are also intended to serve for corporate demands. It is unreasonable to claim that one app or another is significantly better than the others.

Each of them has its own weak and strong sides which are of different importance to each person. That’s why we can’t say that Slack is for sure better than everything else. Though, we’ve listed its points for superiority.


Can Slack conversations be monitored?

An employer has full access of Slack’s corporate account. Even your private messages can’t escape Big Brother. Your boss keeps everything under control and if he doesn’t yet, he will. 

Additionally, your colleagues may take a screenshot and this way you won’t escape responsibility. Remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.

What Slack channels to create?

A new Slack workspace automatically starts with two channels: #general and #random. It’s entirely up to you to decide which one to create and to invite to. Apart from formal project-named channels, you can turn on imagination and show the world what you are made of.

Invent a #help channel. Start an #announcements thread. Pin it to the top by marking it.

Split your project tasks: #design, #optimization and #bug-fixes.

Create a social group: #funny-puppies-photos, #art-events, #friday-beer and so on. These informal threads occur anyway here and there, so why not have them in places?

Our Conclusion

Zenbit Tech has used Slack for some time and we can assure you that this is a flexible app with various opportunities. Our developers share snippets, they discuss plans, make important phone calls with the clients… And all of this along with the team-building moments.

We’d like to see more apps like Slack make headway to become famous and demanded.

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