Top 6 IT Trends To Follow In 2018

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6 mins read

More or less, everyone is interested in technology, whether it is for the daily purpose, or for the business running improvement. Today, we offer you the list of 6 information technology trends in 2018 which are already the part of our lives.

We are getting closer to our perceptions of what our future is going to look like, though not so far, yet not that close. Things we couldn’t even imagine 20, and even 10 years ago, are constantly being introduced into our daily lives. For some, it may sound scary, for others – fascinating. It doesn’t actually matter which position you have personally taken and whether you are a techno geek or a novice in this field, new technologies are worth your attention.

Recently, Las Vegas held CES 2018, in which CTA (Consumer Technology Association) representatives introduced us to the tech trends worth to follow. Yet there were other conferences and articles dedicated to IT innovations. In this article we present to you several major trends worth following in 2018 collected and analysed from various sources, and especially from CES 2018 conference reports.


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Voice Assistance
  3. 5G
  4. Blockchain
  5. Face Recognition
  6. Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

robot plays scrabble

AI is our everything: as of now, artificial intelligence is introduced in almost every breaking technology product: smart vehicles, smart home assistants, smart cars and even smart cities. CES 2018 made it the centre of its attention, demonstrating the possibilities of the futuristic devices and paying special attention to the robotics industry. Each year we are introduced to new solutions in AI algorithm with even more genuine solutions of facilitating our everyday lives and the way we manage our business.

Voice Assistance Technology

man say to phone

CTA revealed the results of their independent research: every fourth customer used voice assistance while on 2017 holiday shopping. This is exactly the field which is being taken advantage of widely – both tech giants and small companies are developing voice-supported apps and gadgets while implementing new voice functions in the existing ones. Consequently, this technology leads to an increase in the smart speakers sales. Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa Voice Service – that is only the beginning of the technology list, the rest is yet to come.


presentation 5G

 5G can be named an updated version of 4G wireless technology. What does it mean? CES 2018 presentation claimed that 5G technology stands for capacity, speed, safety and low latency. It is particularly essential when we talk about VR and autonomous vehicles because low latency means lower response delays. Additionally, latency is exactly what your safety depends on.

As for the vehicles, it should be clarified that if we replace human drivers with artificial intelligence, the latter must know how to react fast in dangerous or unpredictable situations. Autonomous driving must be safe, and late response is the last thing you want to experience, whether in a car or as a pedestrian passing by.

Face Recognition

block chain

Who doesn’t talk about cryptocurrency now? Despite being a popular topic for a discussion, blockchain and cryptocurrencies demand those who understand them. Only then will you experience the real possibilities and advantages of blockchain technology. 

Money is the topic which everyone is interested in, more or less. Money transfer is its essential part. Safe money transfer is just the thing every strategist is seeking for. What is blockchain then? Blockchain technology accomplishes these tasks easily – no third party involvement, just transparency, safety and privacy. Formerly, blockchain technology was used exclusively for safe bitcoin transactions, but now its possibilities are used in many ways, so it’s up to you to explore.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Face recognition is the technology with a great amount of potential. From Face ID in iPhone X to the vehicle capable of detecting the face of its driver. CTA reported that according to their research, users become more confident in face recognition technology and that they tend to use it for purposes which require personal data (e.g. medical information). By the way, could you imagine opening the doors of your car with face unlock? Face scanner is definitely a breakthrough: a movie fantasy has come to life.

Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR)/ Mixed Reality (MR)           

Virtual Reality devices

Of course, VR is predominantly known for its entertainment purpose, but technologies have gone far since then. Apart from just gaming industry, Virtual Reality can also be used as a part of a 3D cinema experience and as a way of travelling to any place while still at home. VR technology is also an exceptional tool when training people for different purposes (surgeons, military men, drivers etc).                 

Augmented Reality has highly recommended itself in B2B (“Business to Business”) sector, allowing companies to increase their sales and receive better information. If you are a business strategist, you should pay closer attention to AR technology advantages. 

Mixed Reality is particularly a case to study for gaming fans and app developers. Furthermore, we are beginning to observe such great combination ideas as MR + Artificial Intelligence, AR + VR and many other concepts. Don’t miss these breathtaking innovations!

The list may go on, but it’s entirely up to you to decide which IT innovations to follow. Add some of your own and keep track of events to stay successful.

by ZenBit Tech

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