Remote patient monitoring solutions and their benefits

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In this article, you will build a better understanding of what a patient monitoring system is and the benefits of implementing it in your telemedicine business.

ResearchAndMarkets states that the global Remote Patient Monitoring market is being extended to 2.7 billion USD by this year, demonstrating the deliberate choice of various healthcare software development companies for deep and far reaching innovation.

Remote Patient Monitoring system (RPM) is the way of supervising people’ health outside the frame of a traditional medical institution. It is achieved with the help of modern technology solutions like a smartphone, fitness tracker, other devices and software at locations where it is not easy physically to contact your family doctor. It may be home or office, or a trip, for example. The health information that was captured by a device is being shared to medical professionals for investigation, setting diagnosis, and consultations support. 

In the case of the conventional healthcare system, you have no choice but to go to your physician’s office for recommendations. This is time and money consuming, as a rule. RPM helps to stay out of it unless the case is really serious.  

The advantages of RPM solutions for hospital staff are numerous. The entry to patients’ records is easy and fast, the chance to avoid professional burnouts while providing more effective treatment to more patients is a blessing. And let’s not ignore budget savings for healthcare providers that come hand in hand with higher service quality. 

When it comes to patients, remote patient monitoring benefits are even more vivid. Apart from the more comfortable access to healthcare maintenance and preventive medicine, and better quality of the processes, there comes serenity and a quiet mind because of daily attention that makes you feel safer and constantly educated and supported. 

What is most important, as telemedicine businesses keep adopting cool innovative technological solutions, more new pros are going to become visible in the next few years. 

Improved diagnostics 

Patient monitoring systems reveal the power to spot the smallest nuances, and how the situation alters with time between doctors’ visits. 

RPM empowers clinicians with their medical insight on patients’ current state of health, this means proactive care delivery is being performed. Depending on the important switches in patient status, the treatment plan can be corrected with no time to lose.  

Better patients’ self organization

RPM solutions play an important role in improving patients’ devotion and attachment to the treatment plan. Consequently, the cure effects are much higher at the end of the day. For people with different kinds of diseases RPM might often become a lifeboat, like those, for instance, who suffer from Coronavirus complications, chronic comorbidities, for those patients who are recovering after serious surgeries or the ones with perinatal needs. Remote support and supervision provides patients with cool ready-to-use, individual-centered, and convenient tools for a nice self management and effective cure. 

Net patient profit promoted 

No doubt, online healthcare and telemedicine devices cost less than personal interactions with physicians and clinical staff. Thanks to the innovative workflow possibilities, medical professionals’ productivity has increased, lowering management costs at the same time. 

In fact, net patient profit goes up when a medical setting implements RPM. Remote healthcare also opens the path for repayment and competitive benefit

Chance to avoid infections 

Staying in the hospital infectious department for a few days is a risk to get some new disease, as we all know. RPM saves us from this unpleasant experience making it possible to avoid face-to-face interactions that are unnecessary. It may be life saving for patients who are especially vulnerable like pregnant women, elderly people, those with weak immune systems, etc.  

Patient engagement boosted 

Another important benefit of remote patient monitoring is an excellent patient engagement scheme. RPM is a source of educational tools for getting to know yourself better, ways of improving health and a great deal of motivation on the way to recovery. Positive result of the cure relies on the deep understanding, devotion to personal treatment plan and a mature responsible attitude towards improvement. Comfortable way of using health information helps to develop self care culture furthermore. 

Better user comfort and encounter 

RPM solutions are meant to meet patients in the comfort of their own homes, or where they choose to be at the moment. It is actually a great relief not to be obliged to go to a doctor’s office or have to stay in the inpatient care. 

Better access to healthcare services 

With RPM solutions there is no obstacle wall anymore for patients who need care services just where they are at the moment. Rural areas, for example. It is not easy to get the best high quality treatment or consultations there, as a rule, especially in serious cases or emergencies.  And with the help of remote care this connection between patients and medical professionals is possible. And let’s keep in mind appointment issues that can be successfully avoided due to RPM. 


Budget savings for both patients and caregivers 

RPM makes it possible to switch the right levels of intensive care and serious disease supervising into the comfort of patients’ home, lowering the expensive costs of inpatient care plans.  

A considerable effect has been shown by RPM in making potentially unnecessary ED practice much less, and also a big cut in hospital certifications and readmission that are not needed. This way a green light is on for ED variation and previously overwhelming dismissal, ending up in less time of hospital stay and cheaper treatment bills. 

Moreover, the patient is protected from additional fees of his personal visit in case of RPM treatment plan. It may include unnecessary and uncomfortable journeys, looking for a place to park, paying a babysitter, missing working hours, and more.  


Do you want to develop your own custom RPM solution?

Let’s discuss your future project!

To make it short, the benefits of RPM are numerous and encouraging. Remote care is an evident and persistent success across Healthcare. ZenBit software development team is a successful digital health booster and supporter. We aim to change for the better both the existing telemedicine businesses and startups. Contact us today for more information. Take care!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
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