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Learn more about the digital health market trends that are already running the show in 2022.



Fast evolvement of the Healthcare Industry has brought a brand new way of connection between a patient and his doctors. Location is not an issue anymore and steady real time communication is a great gift of modern telemedicine. 

We used to face bureaucracy dealing with simple things, and queues at several doctors’ cabinets often left neither good mood nor positive attitude and encouragement. 

The “new normal” concept is still valid since the pandemic has started. In healthcare this New is echoed in a confusion to how patients regard treatment and care. Since 2020, they have strongly expected capabilities to be more united and akin, and providers have no choice but strive to face this expectation.  In our blog you can find a lot of articles on the latest trends in digital health – from Remote patient monitoring to Point-of-care software solutions and much more of the profound knowledge on the industry and its market predictions. Time to have a look at 2022, as we are in its very beginning, we can already see what the year has brought us in terms of tech priorities and directions to evolve our business to.

Telemedicine Enriched and Advanced

Telemedicine has vaulted up since 2020 to make online patient-doctor communications possible and lessen their in-person contact for Covid-19 spread protection. 

These remote interactions proved to be helpful, comfortable and very often even more favored. This year, telemedicine keeps extending and its possibilities are growing more and more so that people have a better option than going to see a doctor when it is not needed. Ophthalmology, teledermatology, and many more telemedicine branches are being evolved nowadays as well as medtech in general. With every passing day healthcare technology is getting more trustworthy and more popular.

Waiting room moved online

One more cool trend in digital health is the improved virtual waiting room which is being added to the service lists in many healthcare settings.The pandemic reality has set new standards, and the risks of a traditional waiting in line at the doctor’s door are wisely reduced. Modern digital waiting rooms are available via a smartphone app. When it is the time to come in, a message will appear on the screen. That is so simple. And it is already obvious it will work even after the pandemic ends. Thanks to virtual waiting room tools, medical professionals’ work routine will improve greatly, and patients will be happily staying away from the interactions they do not really need.

Decentralization of health data

Though the world of decentralized records won’t become materialized in 2022, it will definitely be talked about more often. People strongly ask not only for better control over their sensitive data, but also its safety. Blockchain is a perfect solution here. This year, medical institutions and telemedicine businesses are focusing on improving means to rein in the force and potential of blockchain in the healthcare industry.

Remote Elderly Care 

RPM keeps being developed and extended in 2022. These healthcare  technologies are especially valuable for aging people, as most of them have chronic illnesses, require constant professional monitoring, and for them seeing a doctor in-person every time an advice is needed is even more dangerous. An app notifies a doctor in case of health issues, and this way it is faster to react and communicate. It is not that the medical staff constantly watches patients via app, but the software is able to warn the system if things go wrong, the patient and responsible ones will get alerted immediately. 

Eldercare space 

A considerable expansion in Eldercare is assumed in the upcoming years. The wish to give birth is low and life expectancy higher, that is the reason why the percentage of aging people grows more and more. Healthcare experts say that by 2030 there will be almost 1.5 billion people above 60, compared to 1 billion in 2020. This big amount unfortunately means more expensive medical services. One of the existing solutions for healthy aging today is an app developed by The World Health Organization – WHO ICOPE Handbook App. It makes caregivers way more helpful. There are many other apps assisting in medical treatment and fixing doctors’ visits as well as valuable support of various chat bots.

Augmented Intelligence

While in sciences AI is being taken advantage of to find and evolve new remedies and antibodies, the Healthcare industry benefits lie in the area of clinical diagnostics and treatment plans choices. It is supposed to be the space where the most transformation will be performed soon. It is not like artificial intelligence is going to replace clinicians, no way. We are talking of augmented intelligence, which makes a lot of difference here. It is not the software that will make decisions and diagnosis, it is the doctors’ power to make right choices and see better – that is going to be advanced a lot.  

Consumerization of the industry  

Digital health trends in 2022 list would be incomplete without this one, which involves both the use of personal devices at work, and special services like social media, cloud storage, some apps, etc. What is most important here, we are witnessing a patient-first way of data collecting. Traditionally, this process was always driven by clinicians, scientists or health related companies. Right now we are focusing on a patient experience more, and begin to understand its importance anew. And the efforts go towards making everything easier for a patient and treatment more effective. 

Consumerization of the industry empowers medicine with advanced new services and engages more people by offering higher quality, ultimate trust and better treatment results.  

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These are significant but not all digital trends in healthcare to pay attention to in 2022. The frame is set for modernization by telehealth businesses to build a system of smooth and easy interaction between patients and their caregivers. The outcome is exceptional care. If you want to transform your telemedicine business profoundly we are ready to offer our services. You are welcome to contact us for more information. Have a nice day!

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Dmitry Broshkov
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