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In this article, we will do a research on what is the best CRM software for healthcare and how to implement it in your practice.

With the help of healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) software, medical staff in hospitals and private offices engage potential patients and make interaction with existing ones much better. Tones of health data are being collected, handled and stored every day. This info is decisive for getting the outcomes that guide healthcare institutions’ efforts in marketing, management and the extent of reaching out.

Talking about hospitals, Veeva CRM, HC1 Healthcare CRM, Salesforce Health Cloud, VerioMed, Influence Health, Evariant, Sequence Health, Leadsquared, Insightly Health & Wellness CRM, PlanPlus proved to be the best during the last year. It is natural that patients are being more involved in their own health conditions than choosing health providers. Consequently, medical professionals are increasingly adopting CRM software to make the consumers happier with the services and high level of coordination. All the data interweaved into a 360-degree display of its consumers. That is definitely a way to go.


Healthcare CRM definition

A healthcare CRM unifies and handles all patient medical and health records, that covers either sensitive private information or billing history, appointments, drug prescriptions, etc. It also refers to medical staff management, including doctors, nurses, Medtech experts, and other healthcare providers. If you come across a healthcare PRM – patient relationship management – do not worry, it is the same.

Implementing the best healthcare CRM softwareleads to fast communication of medical orders, recipes in poor handwriting is not an issue anymore, and the better control of additional tools like drug-drug interaction caution lists, digital formularies, etc. Then comes a better workflow between patients and medical staff as well as between medical centers and different hospital departments. CRM platform scales down the heavy workload balances hospital workflow and frees up the time of medical staff. That is how everything moves towards patient centricity. With the real-time and historical patient data, doctors are able to make precise reports, and more informed decisions. Moreover, thanks to CRM software tools, scheduling, billing, registration, etc become automatized. The same even with recommending the right doctor – you just share your symptoms and receive immediate information support!
Suggesting potential diagnoses? Yes, please! CRM devices work it out of test results and symptoms study before seeing a doctor. When things get urgent, a patient is offered to fix the appointment right away.

On top of that, a CRM in healthcare promotes wellness education services. This data is often used to make call center operations faster, where routine guidelines appear at the call center without distracting doctors or administrators from their core workflow. 

The top 10 list

We prepared a list of thebest crm software for healthcare industry, and our choice number one is Veeva CRM.

  • Veeva CRM – a cloud-based software leader

The whole costumer lifecycle can be managed with the help of Veeva Systems Inc’s. Veeva CRM Suite is the most loved here, providing smart patient engagement, capability and budget planning, synergy of various channels, and efficient data lineup. Besides, it is also very helpful when it comes to self-service portals building. The software users include world famous Novartis, CIGNA Corporation, Johnson&Johnson, Merck&Co., Inc., Anthem, Inc., etc.

  • Salesforce Health Cloud – efficient workflow across departments

One of the best crm platform in healthcare is Salesforce Health Cloud. It makes patient experience warm interactions during the whole treatment journey, getting every supportive feedback via text, calls, chat, emails, etc. It is especially helpful in effective care delivery balance and safety with accessing the right time-relevant data and services.

American Red Cross, Priority Health, Piedmont, MIMIT Healthcare, Hologic, and other prosperous companies are using Salesforce Health Cloud.

  • HC1 Healthcare CRM – medical staff efficiency and satisfied patients

HC1 Healthcare CRM provides real-time displays and reports. It is so convenient to have a fast look of the hospital department current performance, patient info, and share the urgent tasks immediately. It also enables doctors and nurses with tools for tracking a patient’s treatment. It is also a great help for patients being notified with vital healthcare recommendations as well as doctors’ access to personalized insights for the most accurate testing and prescriptions.

The software is used by more than 1000 healthcare companies globally, including Sonora Quest laboratories, North Memorial Health, McLaren Healthcare, and others.  

  • VerioMed – Intelligence, Analytics, and Order Entry units

A healthcare CRM space for hospitals and laboratories VerioMed offers a prioritized outline of your patients’ health. Access and patients data feeds tracking and processing are safe and easy. Lots of services have  seamless integration feature for perfrmin a cool customer service.

Most importantly, the platform helps you coordinate, perform, and monitor engagement across channels, making it truly one of the best crm for healthcare.

  • Influence Health – knowledge and investment

There are CRMs for healthcare that go beyond financial investment. Building a vision of the patient statistics and high-value expectations is brought on the table, dragging out strategic discoveries to make attractive content for patients engagement. Influence Health’s Healthcare CRM does it successfully.

  • Leadsquared. Creating awareness and enhancing patient experience

Leadsquared’s Healthcare CRM proved to be helpful in building, managing, and expanding awareness campaigns, monitoring appointments, and setting alerts to doctors and patients about upcoming meetings. The software uses all the available online and offline sources like marketplaces, social media or TV ads for collecting patient intrest and needs info. OMNI hospitals, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd, Practo, Global Hospital and other companies are using this software.

  • Evariant. Vision of what’s working – and what’s not

The Evariant healthcare CRM is Salesforce’s partner in providing patient and doctors acquisition and communication as well as various marketing solutions. Apart from that, this platform is great in keeping an extensive and centralized data management pivot.

  • Sequence Health fixes up the precise lead data

A HIPAA-compliant Sequence Health Healthcare CRM platform works for attracting new customers using a special approach. It monitors every patients’ action through their treatment experience, a continuous line of engagement is kept as a result. They also own Digital Marketing solution with extremely useful Online Seminars, Patient Intake Forms, and Search Engine Marketing, etc. 

  • Insightly Health & Wellness CRM. Contact management perfection

Insightly’s Health and Wellness CRM boasts more than 1.5 million users in different fields. It is blended with apps like Gmail, MailChimp, so that is it comfortable and easy to synchronize your patient data with email communications, digital documents, bills, etc. The software is also popular in donor-volunteer communities.

  • PlanPlus – digitized online planning and more

And the last in our list but not the least in terms of importance PlanPlus Healthcare CRM is famous for its Patients Referral Management tool and cool monitoring features. The software enables top-quality, on-the-fly super patient-centered experiences.

Do you want to develop your own custom healthcare CRM?

Let’s discuss your project!

10 Best Healthcare CRM Software

Today when hospitals constantly create data and share it with their current and future patients, CRM helps them to keep in touch with customers. The important far-reaching data frameworks are what bring modern hospitals’ workflow to a new level, a patient-centered style of healthcare. With CRM platforms the focus goes to superior knowledge and patients’ needs while giving them a better idea. In hospitals, CRM centers around such needs as fixing the appointments and the patients’ medicines records history.    

Our ZenBit developers are focused on healthcare software with best features, seamless integrations, and customized reports generation options. We can help you with an easy and interactive implementing and onboarding a new healthcare CRM system process. You can become our partner today! Having questions? Contact us!

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