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In this article, we will try to answer the questions of why to hire a dedicated development team and how to make the most of this collaboration for your business growth. 

You must be wondering which is better – to hire a dedicated software development team (DSDT) or your in-house team will manage everything just fine?

If there is no doubt that your local technology talents are top-rated, it makes sense to work with in-house developers enjoying long-term collaboration and a high level of traditional control over each stage.Yet, a lot of projects require building a team that is special to fit your development process needs and scale. Luckily, we have wonderful means for communication nowadays to make workflow close contact and optimal management possible.  AI, cybersecurity, software architecture are the most wanted skills today, and it gets more and more difficult to hire professionals in advanced technologies. A DSDT makes software development ways more faster and effective. IT experts point out that 2 or 3 months are usually needed for a company to create an engineering team on-site, anddedicated development teams provide you with the best talents and the most of quality – a true gift for your business needs indeed! This is why their demand has been increasing so fast lately. So how do we get the most of it? Shall we begin?

The Dedicated software development team concept explained

The name itself tells a lot and there is not much to explain here, to be honest. A virtual team blended into a software project is working outside of the client’s office. That simple. So why it is so popular nowadays?

The client decides who the dedicated development team members are on his/her own, as well as the team size, and the work timetable. The team is hired to design, develop, and execute a long-term project to face the potential challenges and solve them the best way possible. For each business goal requirements are individual, and a team is formed for a special project, depending on a specified period of time.

As the structure of your remote team is very individual, we can only suppose about who will be there for sure, maybe product and project managers, or a couple of UX/UI designers, maybe engineers will be invited to join, or even a business analyst, or quality assurance expert, etc. We never know indeed. 

What makes a DSDT partnership model different is that the client has total disposal of a dedicated software team with highly efficient means of management, which guarantee synergy and productivity.

Creating the right product with the right team

Just look at some of the advantages a remote team can bring to your business processes and outcomes.

  • With DSDT you have more time and energy to focus on what is really important in your business at the moment and what needs your utter attention, you do not have to tear apart trying to control everything. Moreover, the power of transformation is what the new collaboration has already proven to give to lots of companies.
  • By engaging a DSD team, you do not have any extra expenses connected to in-house developers, as the vendor manages everything that refers to organizational staff like recruitment, onboarding, etc. If we take, for instance, the amount to pay toa full-time software developer in the USA, it will vary between 100-200 thousand USD per year, without additional routines mentioned above. The same goes for the Western European IT market so it is easy to see the advantage you get from hiring a DSDT. 
  • It is unlikely that your in-house team consists of those who are super specialists in all main areas like healthcare, banking, etc. With a dedicated team, you have access to these top experts. By hiring a DSDT you get any talent you lack.
  • One more benefit is the DSD team’s fluency. It is always possible to do fast updating of the team size in case of extra hands need. This partnership style is especially valuable when your project has to meet deadlines. The advantage of speed may be also referred to the fact that while DSDT is building a new project for your business, your in-house employees focus on the core workflows completely.

A dedicated team is highly wanted when… 

The remote partnership fits complex lasting projects greatly. The ones that are going to enlarge with time. The dedicated development team is a bravo choice if you’re an early-stage startup when you need a perfect discovery stage execution to be able to grow. This way your team is built like a flash with the money kept safe from wasting on the hiring scenarios. Meanwhile, your current team in your office is not abused with extra tasks stress. Vague ideas can be a serious issue. Weeks and months of preparations and planning, and research may pass until it is possible to relax at last.

Find out how our client STEMI coped with the difficulties of scaling and increasing the stability of healthcare solutions with the help of our dedicated software development team in the block below.

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healthcare, cross-platform app, healthcare app, mobile app, clinic, medicine, paramedics

Stemi – Emergency Medical Software

STEMI is a HealthCare application that helps save lives and optimizes communication between paramedics and stroke and trauma centers in an urgent situation. The app resolves two main problems between paramedics and the hospital team that cause the unoptimized process of patient management. The client needed to move faster to catch up with a backlog and at the same time needed to find an expert team with cross-platform development expertise. But the most important thing was to bring the stability of the STEMI medical emergency app to a new level. It’s highly important that Healthcare applications that are able to save lives have solid stability and 100% uptime.

This partnership is not for you when …

Of course, there are situations when calling a dedicated software development center is unreasonable and wrong. No matter how evident the DSDT model is, it is not a magic pill for all. For example, in case of short time and poor budget, or projects with limited terms. It is definitely not wise to involve a whole team for a small task as well as pay full-time for the tiny job. The best practice here is a common fixed-price way.



To crown it all, here are some tech giants’ names that worked with dedicated teams creating various kinds of digital projects we have been enjoying using already. They are Apple, WhatsApp, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Verizon, Doist, Buffer and many others. Convincing, right?

Let ZenBit help you to win the battle of success. Our developers have high technical expertise in developing healthcare software. If you are still unsure about what will fit your needs best, feel free to contact us today! We will find the solution together! Take care!

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Dmitry Broshkov
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