Interactive Rubik’s Cube: GoCube App Helps You Solve the Rubik’s Cube!

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GoCube: Modern & Digital Rubik’s Cube

GoCube as a new Rubik's Cube by ZenBit

Could you imagine Rubik’s Cube become even more interactive?

We have all known Rubik’s Cube since 1974, a classic one-player puzzle game. But what has has changed since then? Time goes, new gadgets appear but the classics hasn’t been modified much.

You may ask, but how could you turn such a simple concept game into something more modern and more entertaining? We can tell you: a group of enthusiasts from Israel and Hungary invented a modernized version of Rubik’s Cube, the so-called GoCube. What is its point?

GoCube’s features:

  • Smart Sensors
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Embedded IMU
  • Low Power Use
  • Light Indicators

The main advantage of such device is that it has several sensors all around it which transmit the signal onto your mobile device. Each your move is being recorded during the process of a game. GoCube knows exactly how you hold the cube. If you get stuck at some point of the game, the cube analyzes the whole situation and you get a hint from the app. 

GoCube statistics app by ZenBit Tech

The app includes live competitions with friends (or even enemies), worldwide battles, and a detailed statistics to track your time and progress within a game. It also has several challenges and a practice mode which lets anyone play the game, no matter whether you are a beginner of a “cube monster”.

Udi Dor and Amit Dor, the founders of GoCube, launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect about $25K but instead, they have managed to collect more than half a million dollars. As of now, the campaign has collected almost $700K.

GoCube package is going to include GoCube app and the sensors-filled cube itself. The price claimed for this product is $119 and $129 if bought with a charging stand.

The smart Rubik’s Cube sales are expected to start March 2019 with a worldwide shipping.

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