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Thinking about involving more professionals for your upcoming enterprise? Here you will get to know more about dedicated project team structure and how your business can benefit from saying yes to this model.

Wondering if a dedicated team is ever able to manage the amount of work and face all the project specialities and needs?

To make sure we are talking of the same thing, let’s agree upon the Dedicated Team essence. It is a long term partnership that was set up by a contract between the client and service company. That is, the client hires a narrow field employee offered by his service provider to fulfill a project or one of its tasks.

These software developers are chosen depending on their skills and fields of expertise. The client just tells what he wants and then, after getting his new dedicated employees, takes a decision whether to guide the team on his/her own, or to entrust the whole workflow to a project manager of his provider’s office. This person will shape up all the communication and processes.

Dedicated team services have nothing fancy or intricate in their pricing scheme. Each month a client pays a fixed amount of money depending on how many workers are hired. Apart from salaries, that fee also includes a part belonging to a service provider for regulatory routines, etc.  

Dedicated employees are a great choice when the amount of work ahead is very vague and not so easy to foresee, and also when the process of development brings up new challenges and inevitable changes on the go. The main purpose of this style of partnership is to engage a team that will improve everything where the necessary skills used to lack, and take care of your fluent corporate working policy. Whether you are a successful company with experience or a startup that is only dreaming of.


To Be Or Not To Be 

Talking about the benefits of inviting outsourced specialists to your business growth, It would be wrong to ignore some milestones. So here we try to focus on mentioning both sides of the coin.

  • Signing a contract with your Dedicated Team means a budget that is clear and matter-of-fact. Yet, the process of enrollment and crewing can last longer than you wish.
  • The client can have total supervision and access to the team management. On the other hand, it is time consuming, and you may prefer appointing for these administrative duties someone from your provider’s office.
  • What is worth its weight in gold here is that dedicated developers have a clear full vision of the project’s goal and client’s business needs. Nevertheless, it can appear to be a failure in case of short-term projects.
  • This mode is great for a dynamic project with a vague scope of tasks, when today you have one request and tomorrow it is changed for another as if out of nowhere. In fact, dedicated team professionals are the best ones who have trained to adjust to unexpected changes. Yet, be ready to find out that the model is usually more pricey than the traditional ways.
  • This team certainly looks like a usual in-house employee office, but in this case, they do not give you any headaches connected to organizational, tax, HR, tax, and social benefits’. Moreover, you are free to put your attention on more important things concerning your business, big goals and new markets.

All in all, the constant interaction with the team by daily supervision via modern web tools will lead your workflow to success, there is no other team so steady and reliable that is fully devoted to its tasks and the best final result. By the way, if you are eager to find out more about a dedicated team working style, we have compiled a checklist on how to start the collaboration smoothly and effectively, what to take into account, etc.


The Budget

While diving deeper into the dedicated team meaning, let’s have a look at the cost of this trendy cooperation with remote developers.


According to the 2022 Global Outsourcing Survey, different locations have different rates. The same goes to expertise level, experience, and technologies involved. But in most cases, the very reason to look for a remote team is saving the expenses. The budget friendliness was illustrated above when we touched the notion of simple and transparent pricing policy. You are absolutely free from extra investments in office rental,  necessary equipment, bills, vacations, and so on. What is more important, it’s much easier in terms of time and money to sign a contract with a Dedicated team than to look for each expert one by one.

Here you may have a look of the possible team structure, by the way.

Dedicated Developers or Settled Price Format?

Although these two are often misinterpreted and confused, they cover different business requirements.

The latter one is a more conventional scheme where a client is obliged to pay a definite price no matter the time it took to fulfill all the job tasks. This style is certainly better when your project is simple short-term, with a certain deadline and detailed steps where no changes are possible. To talk about its potential risks here, paying too much comes first to mind.

The dedicated team way opens up more “fresh air” and space for creativity during the development process. 

Dedicated Team or Time-And-Material Style?

Another alternative for comparison to your better understanding. In the case of the Time-and-Material agreement, you only pay for the matter-of-fact things. That is time and effort spent on fulfilling your end goal. It may be nice to stick to it when you have no idea about the market, for example, or you are not sure yet how your product can fit it.

There is some level of freedom here, yes, but no one can promise you are going to work with the same people during the whole process. Experts are usually moved to other projects if you cannot provide enough work. 

At the same time, the preciousness of a dedicated team lies in its DEDICATION. You can trust they never quit until your common goal is reached.

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We hope we were useful and by this time you already know what partnership is best for your company at the moment. Do you? ZenBit Tech team boasts its experience of collaboration within a dedicated team format, and you can take advantage of it for bringing your business vision to life. Still hesitating? No need to! Contact us right now! See you soon!

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