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Only imagine that more than 50 billion USD were invested in medical and healthcare apps just in 2020. Today we are going to talk about whether it is still a good idea to invest in hospital software development in 2022. 

The usage of telemedicine or healthcare applications has grown 38 times compared to pre-pandemic reality. The crazy fact is that more than 60% of Americans have either already used telemedicine or are planning to use it in 2021. Which is a green signal that investment in that direction is definitely a good idea. 

These IT solutions are meant to make care delivery workflows optimized and easily accessible for authorized persons. It refers both for internal hospital tasks enhancing and making each patient happy with the service quality. Better treatment results go without saying. 

Why hospitals hire healthcare app developers for virtual management.

Healthcare and medical apps have grown tremendously. Both from users’ perspective but from doctors’ perspective and from a hospital perspective as well. So we are going to check some of the facts and figures which will help us to understand whether it is still a good time and whether we are going in the right direction when you are investing in anything related to hospital app development.  

From customers’ perspective, it is absolutely a great idea. People are longing for this, a lot have already moved to it and it is going to stay long. 

Do you have any idea on what type of application you have to develop? There are so many things you can plan in your care delivery system. If not, do not worry, our blog is full of information on app development, besides, you can always contact our team for advice and consultations. 

You will be guided in the right direction for your product based on the countruìy you are living in, type of people around, etc. 

Do doctors see a need for the application? The facts are rather interesting. More than 90% of medical professionals feel that they can serve more patients in a better way when they are dealing with a mobile system like mobile app or a web app. More than 70% of hospitals have already accepted some of the hospital software solutions that connect doctors and patients in more efficient ways. This is going to make life much easier and increase the productivity of the staff, totally transforming the way healthcare works in the near future. Moreover, virtual consultation, doctors and patients online meetings have increased 32 times since the beginning of 2020! This is another good sign of how doctors and patients are adapting to e-consultations services. 

Not just the relationship between a doctor and his patients. More than 39% of doctors feel that the administrative tasks have been reduced. The back-end process has definitely reduced while using online systems because they get all the statistics, medical data, health records, all in one place. More than 36% of doctors feel that it has become much easier to collaborate with staff within the presence of hospital IT solutions.   

All these positive points are definitely a good idea to move towards investing in online applications.

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Different kinds of applications

There are applications for enhancing hospital management workflows like staff management software, medical billing, data analytics, inventory handling, and many more that aim to make life easier and save tons of time and effort. 

Another group is connected to care delivery. Electronic health records are here together with various apps for diagnostics, RCM for tracking income, virtual workplaces for medical professionals, laboratory tests and medical prescription software, etc. 

Some apps are oriented for making patients’ healthcare experience happier, consequently better trust and confidence and contributing to providers’ impeccable reputation. This group includes such things as AI chatbots, remote monitoring, periods tracking, educational portals, and more. 

And finally, there are apps grouped by medical practices like primary care,  cardiology or mental health, practically in every hospital department, each one for better diagnostics and accurate data on vital organs.  

Popular Tendencies 

Checking what is trendy at the moment is crucial before you start the actual developing process, you have to be aware of how to make your app attractive and competitive. Our little research of the brightest innovative directions is the following. 

  • Patient-Generated Info 

American adults love to measure health data via apps, the statistics show the number of 64%, that’s a lot indeed. That’s why it makes sense to collect this data because its preciousness lies in accurate realìtime updates. What does it include? Some info on “guilty pleasures”, healthy lifestyle, biometrics, medicine intake, maladies symptoms, periods’ calendar, rehabs, etc. The benefits of these apps are immense for clinicians filling in the gaps in decision making and making cure way more effective.  

  • AI Chatbots For Supporting Patients In Real Time

Modern patients prefer to fix doctors’ appointments online instead of calling and hoping someone will reply at the first attempt. Same goes to consultations and lab test data. Chatbots provide immediate responses which can be life saving in stressful situations or emergencies, they are also super helpful with patients during their rehab or chronic diseases. 

  • Location 

Geolocation is also used in all apps related to health and fitness as the need for finding nearby chemists or hospitals or a laboratory is important. Moreover, geolocation also shows such things as health risks in a definite area, which transforms into medical news delivery and educational measures relevant to that specific location. It is also very handy to look for  local medication names and have their reviews on prices and existing analogues. The feature is also useful to get notifications about local accidents, severe weather conditions, and more. 

  • Preventive measures 

Time may be life saving. To notice and prevent the disease effectively, neural systems, AI, and machine learning algorithms are used. Big amounts of data are being processed fast and doctors can see the whole picture faster, therefore early cure gives higher chances to recover. 

  • Telemedicine Solutions 

They make it possible for medical professionals to monitor and support their patients via video and chat. Apart from health care such services offer important reminders, education and other things to make the hospital experience way more pleasant and effective. Find more on telemedicine benefits here

  • Medication Tracking 

It is known that around half of patients with chronic diseases are not so careful in their medicine intake as they should be. So, medication tracking apps came to solve this issue. Here, in our blog we’ve covered reasons why you should consider such software within services your company offers. 


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The investment in your own app is no doubt worth the gold. The creation of an app can be fixed according to telemedicine, health and fitness needs. If you are lucky to find a cool hospital software development company, the process and results are surely a huge success for your business in the years to come. 

If innovation is what you value a lot and are brave enough to transform for the better, we offer you our help in bringing bright technological ideas to life. You have our experience and love for changes that make a difference. Stay tuned to our blog to know more about hospital mobile app development and other trending IT wonders in Healthcare. 

Contact us anytime! Have a great day! 

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