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Let us have a look at today’s medication management software systems in hospitals, and how to make them work for the benefit of your healthcare enterprise.

Last years were naturally marked for medical professionals as Covid-19 fighting, most of the efforts have been focused on that. Meanwhile, a lot of types of medical care were unfortunately kinda forgotten and underestimated, they were transmitted to telemedicine as secondary and unimportant. It paved the path for pills misuse and polypharmacy “viruses”, there are few talkings about it though.

The misused pills issue is obvious without definition, and polypharmacy means the use of more than five pills at the same time. The numbers are truly astonishing. From 10% up to 99% of patients are victims of each one or both. The good news is that those who prefer a serious and respectful attitude to their treatment are safe with what modern technology offers. The saving anchor here belongs to medication therapy management software.

Definition And The Essence

To make sure a patient takes his medicine in time and the right amount, a special strategy has been created. Medication guidance, in other words, or management as its wide notion, or tracking that refers more to technology. No doubt, the strategy for supervising and encouraging proper treatment is extremely important either for medical professionals, hospital staff or for patients themselves as well as their family members. Hence, it is something that refers to the society in general and making our world better.


What Can Medical Professionals And Hospital Staff Get From Using Medication Management Software

  • Contradictory prescriptions come to minimum or even are totally excluded from the medical care practice.

As a rule, the technology solutions possess full data on the medicine intake both a while ago and at the moment. What is even more important, there is already information about possible allergies, which may be vital in some cases, therefore it is a great help for doctors and hard to overestimate.

The device will notify and send alarms if the doctor is about to choose a treatment that may conflict with other drugs. This brings the chances of human error to zero. Let’s not ignore the fact that most of the doctors nowadays are working extra hours, and human efforts and resources are better to focus on diagnostics and better human interaction with patients. 

  • The system of medical records of great scope that is easy to share

The reason why people often change their physicians may be due to a cooler medical insurance offer, or moving to a new place, or a natural need for another professional’s opinion on their health condition.

With the help of medication tracking software, a full patient’s history is alway in one spot and a newly assigned physician can access it in a few seconds to get a clear vision of all aspects that matter. This is the guarantee for a proper drug prescription.

  • Data patterns on main body organs

Medical indicators are the main but not the only options. There are extra services like weight monitoring, sugar level or blood pressure check, etc. and so on. They play the role of a caring friend spotting the first sign when anything goes wrong in your body.

Talking about the market today, this kind of medical tech is crowded enough. The existing choices have multi language options, are compatible with other devices, etc. How do you know what your niche is?

What can patients and their relatives get from using medication tracker software

  • Automatic notifications

Let’s be true to ourselves, we all need some caring reminders, it is not only about aged people. These medical devices have either daily alerts, or monthly notices, invitations to do regular doctor appointments, essential tests, and more.

  • Nice and simple usage

Even though the tracker contributes to a serious goal, it is pretty simple and easy to learn no matter how old you are. Clear and understandable icons and basic interface, lightweight system is all that is needed for perfect and fast functioning.

  • Possible to use with other devices

Together with GPS, for example, your tracker will make it easy to find where the chemist’s shop or emergency room are. It may also detect a laboratory with the most relevant prices for the tests you need to do. Yet, you should keep in mind that the cheaper ones often lack medical insurance coverage.


Essential features

  • Following the legal regulations comes first, naturally, so your medication tracker must be HIPAA compliant with private health data secured, high standards of data collection and transfer, etc. No further disputes here.
  • Your software has to be coordinated across a couple of patient relatives’ mobile tools. This way family’s support is more powerful and effective. This tactic ensures doctors visits in time and proper pills intake. On top of that, the notifications will be sent to the physician in case of emergency.

  • Although the device is lightweight, it allows you to store medical history for 2 or 3 years minimum. Our bodies feel the influence of the chemical trace for a long time, and it is difficult for your current doctor to access all the drug prescription history from previous healthcare providers without reliable technology. Medical tracker will serve as a specific full library of data that might be life saving for someone.

  • Notes and Comments feature is great either for hospital staff or the patient. To be taken on the empty stomach, during the meal or after? How often? What to do in case of vivid side effects? All this and more will definitely need some help and comments is the best and most convenient way to get the fast answers.
  • A free trial period opportunity goes without saying. It must be a pleasant first impression and usage, nice reviews, essencial getting to understand practice.
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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech