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Remember the three new materials chemists have developed that have medical applications? One – plastic “skin” that can revive and renew itself after a damage. Two – synthetic, manufactured knees and hips. Three – plastic tubes to supplant lifeless arteries. The world of innovative technology is breathtaking and full of wonders. 

Let us move to some numbers now. More than 45 thousand healthcare apps are available on the App Store for iOS, and more than 43 thousand you may download for Android this year. Visually the amount of custom medical mobile apps for iOS (2015 -2022) looks like this, and even at first glance we see the growing tendency:

custom medical mobile apps
Custom medical mobile apps for iOS (2015 -2022)

Hence, no surprise in the fact that most of the patients worldwide realize the necessity of healthcare devices, and in 4 years, by 2026, the market will rise up to around 17 billion USD, according to the research.

And yet, custom medical mobile application development calls for a unique and quite challenging approach for the job. Do not be surprised at  the considerable preparations too, it is definitely worth it, and you will be comforted by the fact your product is a great match for your clients, either old or new. So, what do we have to keep in mind throughout the process? Let us see!

medical mobile application development
U.S. market size by mHealth apps types for 2015-2026

Medical App Development Company: What You Can Get From This Partnership

A chance to bring a new medical idea to life, first of all. Custom solutions open lots of doors for the most daring medical visions, no matter how unreal or impossible they may have seemed before. 

Healthcare company’s administrative workflows automated. Whatever your needs are, the custo app can smoothly and gracefully connect different functions such as doctors appointments, medical records, healthcare education, and more.

Stepping-up and boosting your business workflows. Custom medical apps empower your company with all-embracing coverage of healthcare and organizational processes.

Taking advantage of the newest tech solutions. The better technology tools are used, the cooler created products are.

Marketing tools that are able to perform lots of functions. One of the key reasons for why to customize a medical app is that you make your business cooler with additional ways of reaching both existing and potential clients.

The advantage of being ambitious for big markets. Developing your new app with the ZenBit Tech team gives you every reason for that. The other proven pros are illustrated below:


Medical Application Development
Benefits of IOT in Healthcare
Custom medical apps
Benefits of IOT in Healthcare

Healthcare App Development Process In Details

This is the process where an app is created for smartphones or other mobile gadgets to help users deal with their treatment better, or reach fitness goals faster, or even fix doctors’ visits or apply for insurance more effectively. This is the realm of telemedicine, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and more.

First, you define a powerful strategy. Make it clearfor yourself – what kindof app you are creating, and what problem are you going to solve for your users?

Also answer the question honestly – have you studied your competitors good enough, and do you know how to outrun them? The task number one in mobile medical application development is to specify the goal for your healthcare product. Avoid the fuss and don’t try to do it all. Also, think about who the app is intended for.

Think in advance about financial rewards. The most popular apps are free to download, and money in their case comes from adverts. The reality is that not even 6% of existing apps are paid, and the percentage is getting lower and lower with time. Try subscriptions! It is the wisest way of getting rewards from a healthcare app. With all the important medical data and treatment history, provided that your product is effective and trustworthy, your users will stay with you for years.

And again, we would like to warn you to avoid offering your patients something paid from the start. It will not work, the practice has proved. You can never pay for the thing you haven’t even tried and tested. Let them fall in love with your product, and the reward will come inevitably.

Treat your product as an ecosystem. Our digital world is rich and you cannot expect your users to reach you via only one and single way.   Define from the very start what is the optimal union of interaction tools for your app.

MVP is always a good choice. Because of time saving, first of all. Minimum viable product is the best and fastest way to test what you are building, and the insights during this first experience are crucial. Only then comes the time for the main version. Focus on the outcomes. In the Healthcare space it is all about correct and appropriate info, so make sure your final product is able to provide the most relevant treatment instructions and medical guidance. Study the regulations and do your best in ensuring your app if following everything necessary. Your vision’s stamp of approval should come both from doctors/nurses/lab scientists and patients/app users. And social media, of course. You should promote your product on every popular platform including paid advertisements.

customize a medical app
How your app can turn a profit
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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech


So, you have an idea of your perfect app and you do know the answers to these questions about what it solves exactly, how it contributes to your patients comfortable experience, and will people want to pay for keeping the app on their smartphone? Even if you are still full of doubts and uncertainty, we are here to help you. Our ZenBit team uses the latest tech for custom medical app development creating innovative solutions to our clients’ most daring and challenging ideas. We realize the exceptional needs and stumbling stones that healthcare businesses face, and we provide effective ways to make weak points fixed and help your company on its way to success.

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech