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The wearable technology in the healthcare app was developed to combat anxiety with a wearable medical device that uses a non-invasive technology called cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation.
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How did we enhance and upgrade a healthcare wearable app?

In this case study, we will explain how we improved the application for a wearable medical technology that uses cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation to relieve anxiety.  

So, what challenges did we encounter, what solutions did we propose, and what results did we achieve?

About the client

Co-Founder and CEO of RogaLife, Ami Lebendiker led the global operations for the launch of the Google Pixel Phones at Google. He brought the product from a Powerpoint presentation to store shelves and worked with many stakeholders in the Engineering, Finance, Supply chain, Marketing, and Sales departments.

Ami’s creation, RogaLife, is a wearable medical device that uses a non-invasive technology called Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. CES works by sending a small electrical signal through a modified waveform that helps to alter brain oscillation patterns, such as alpha brain waves. This is done via a pair of stimulation patches placed behind the ears. The FDA approves CES technology for the treatment of anxiety. It is designed to help you relax naturally.

The goal of the company is to improve the lives of those who are suffering from anxiety through an affordable, portable, and modern wearable medical device.

In the light of recent events related to global problems, we are increasingly exposed to anxiety, that’s why Ami developed the device described above. However, without a phone application, the device cannot work. The app features unique video programs for different types of anxiety. The client turned to our company because this application did not perform all of the functions that they needed. The wearable medical device that can reduce anxiety levels in just a few minutes cannot work without the app because it is a kind of symbiosis. 

The challenges

1. Connecting the wearable medical device to the app

The wearable medical technology must work with the application in tandem because:

– The exchange of information between the application and the device is one of the most important functions of the application

– The data that is collected in the application is subsequently analyzed to find out how much the emotional state of a person has changed

– Content such as music, together with cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation, can help people to cope with anxiety

– Content such as video meditations are motivational against panic attacks and helps to improve a person’s overall condition 

2. Interface redesign

Originally, the application was quite crude because it did not have a well-designed interface, and the client needed at least some type of phone application to start testing the operation of the wearable device. Thus, the application was not ready for widespread use. Our wearable devices app development team needed to refine the interface and optimize the operation of some of the functions, for example, the application needed to detect whether the wearable medical device was connected or not. 


The phone application includes a list of programs that will help users relax, it helps track user anxiety before and after each program and allows the user to see their general progress. 

Rogalife connection setup


Wearable Medical Device Connection Setup

The content in music and videos stored in the application must work synchronously with the wearable technology in healthcare for efficient operation. Along with the
assessment of the emotional state, there is a journal in which you should write down exactly what you feel so that in the future, you can see how much the condition has improved after using a wearable technology in healthcare and application. One of the main problems was connecting the wearable medical device to the application and exchanging information between them. Since a wearable medical device cannot function without an application, our team had to develop the ability to connect the device to the application.


Have difficulties with connecting your IoT device to the app?

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Other solutions

Rogalife Control

Wearable devices app development process needed careful design of UI and UX – this is what makes applications user-friendly. We implemented some user-friendly solutions, for example:

Here the user can visually see their anxiety level and how much it has changed after using the wearable technology in healthcare and its app. Also, due to the use of Firebase, it is possible to register users via Google, Facebook, and other platforms. 

In addition to a great user experience with the wearable device, the phone application should also be pleasant and convenient for users. It was important to optimize the video player in the wearable technology in healthcare application because, earlier, there were sometimes issues when the wearable technology in healthcare application tried to download a video to play. In response, our team developed and implemented a solution whereby the wearable technology in healthcare application uses cloud-based streaming to play a video, which allows it to play smoothly without delays. 


The results

As a result of our productive partnership with our wearable devices app development company, wearable devices app development is now finished and ready for widespread use.

We worked on an audio exchange between the wearable technology in healthcare application and the wearable medical device. This added the ability to view content through the application with video instructions, meditation practices, motivational videos, and other help in the form of videos to counter panic attacks.

Additionally, we added convenient features such as filters to find exactly which video content is suitable for each user’s situation. By implementing cloud storage, we were able to improve user interaction with the content provided by RogaLife. Now users do not have to wait for the video to load, it opens immediately and runs smoothly without delays.


People around the world will now be able to appreciate the benefits of this wearable medical technology and app, using all of the features and capabilities of RogaLife to effectively reduce their anxiety. According to the WHO, 265 million people have some type of anxiety disorder and all of them can benefit from this product. This is a huge step in the fight against anxiety and we are glad that we were a part of it.

Let’s improve the healthcare industry by building digital technologies together and offering joint solutions!

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Our partners Testimonial

Andrej Studenčan
Chief Executive Officer at STEMI Global

Focusing on such a sensitive area in HealthTech we depend on a reliable and professional partner and I can declare that after almost 2 years of cooperation ZenBit has been one of such partner for us...

The solution we have developed allows our client to

  • – The ability to exchange data between the wearable medical technology and the application
  • – View the status of the wearable medical technology through the app
  • – Filter for easy search of the desired content
  • – A journal in which you can record your emotional state
  • – The history of the sessions will show how much the emotional state has changed after each of the sessions
  • – Ability to view data in the form of the number of sessions, duration, and percentage reduction of anxiety
  • – A convenient data representation for non-technical specialists
  • – Data optimization to improve data exchange between the wearable medical technology application and the database
Rogalife solution

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