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How to Make My App Successful?

Starting your own business is always a tough thing to do, launching an app – even tougher.

There is no secret in saying that you should have some budget when starting your own business. Programming demands even more credit. But not only money is what you need, but also a lot of efforts and a professional business insight. 

We offer you some tips on how to launch an app with triumph and stay afloat.

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What app should I make? 

First of all, you should remember that good apps are the ones which are cause-oriented. That means that your app should be necessary. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Will my app cause excitement?Will my app cause excitement?

Try to think of an app which will make people want it. What is your target audience? What market do you want to join and how can you stand out from your competitors?

Make your app special. Add something your competitor doesn’t own and do not copy his disadvantages.

Will my app serve a definite purpose for customers?

Set a definite goal for your app to achieve. Ask yourself what your app can do and how important it may be for your clients.

Will my app ease the lives of my customers?

If it doesn’t make our lives easier – there is no point in it. Make a useful app. At least for some minor purpose.

But how does one make a good app?

  • Make a plan.

Nothing works well if there is no good strategy. Consider your business plan: which path should you take? Where to take money from? How to find investors?

Note down each important step you want to make. There is no point in creating a 300-page novel (unless you want to). Make some sketches to follow. This way you will know exactly what you are doing and you won’t waste time rushing about.

  • Make sure you fix the bugs

No one likes bugs! One minor problem is okay, but if your app constantly crashes or makes mistakes, that’s a problem to consider. Try not to launch a “stable” version without testing the whole application.

  • Hire app testers

You need someone to try out your brand-new app, and it’s better not to be your customer. For real.

  • Watch your competitor

What are the ups and downs of the app you are competing with? What do your users want to see most? What do they complain about?

Spend some time on the reviews of your target audience and make your product better.

  • Build credibility and loyalty

When someone downloads your app, that is no doubt a good thing. Staying loyal to the app you have made and keeping it on the phone is much better.

Try to focus on building credibility and confidence in your product. Make people not just download it but to actually use it. Not only today, but also tomorrow.

  • Simplify it

If your app is understandable, then it is usable. No one would like a complicated 30-minute tutorial.


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How to make people download my app?

  1. Maximize your audience. Make several platforms available. If your mobile app, for example, is available for Android only, why not make it for IOS? Grow your audience.
  2. Consider a marketing campaign. Advertising is everything. Investing even in a small campaign will later lead you to a greater profit. The more people see your add, the more they talk about it. The more they talk about it, the more they use it. 
  3. Make it free. Making your app available for the better part of the audience is probably the best variant out of all. Before doing that, consider the policy of the market (e.g. Google Play does not allow you to turn a free app into paid, though a vice versa variant is available). Instead of making a paid app, install some premium features, for instance. Or make two separate versions while one of them costs money. Even so, avoid being greedy : give your users the experience they want.
  4. Know your market. Do some market research to find out whether it is oversaturated or not. Know your rivals and think twice before offering something that already exists.

Any more tips…?

  • Don’t sit on it! Rush it up to the market or someone else will do it instead of you. Same ideas may come to several minds so make sure not to underestimate your market.
  • Make a fuss around your product. Share some videos, post articles, give announcements about your product – make people wait for it! The pre-launch period is awfully important for your app because this way you gain the audience. Remember that bringing idea to life means money, so always search for an opportunity to attract your potential customers.
  • Make betas and alphas (if possible). If you are not through with all the features you want to put in your app, you can try and launch a beta version for it. The only thing is to make sure your app type is suitable. There is no use in making a beta of a rather simple game, though you may try.

We, at ZenBit Tech, know for sure that bringing ideas to life is not an easy task to do. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to hire developers, find investors, report and fix the bugs and so on. That is why we have built our own developers team to help you make your dreams come true.


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We hope that in this article we helped you in setting your business goals on the way to launching your first app. We thought you would also like to look at the Top 6 IT trends, which are worth following to become successful.

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