Benefits of Choosing React Native for your Project

Featured Benefits of Choosing React Native for your Project
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In this post, we will discuss the main advantages of React Native, and why it is your best choice when building an app in an utmost efficient style. 

React Native is a beloved creative environment that developers use to build an app in the shortest deadlines ever. 

Facebook developed it 7 years ago, originally for iOS, a bit later for Android. This way a space was born where it became possible to develop a mobile app on two platforms at the same time. Yet, the native look remained there, and the feeling in general that you are using an “authentic” software product made for the particular platform.


The picture above speaks more than words illustrating how popular RN is among renowned companies like Pinterest, Walmart, Artsy, Tesla, Skype, Bloomberg and more. Motivated and interested more now? Let’s see the benefits of React Native for mobile app creation and why we use it at ZenBit Tech.

The essence and nature of RN

As we’ve mentioned before, RN is a space for programming that empowers developers with the chance of building a full mobile app that looks like native even if it perfectly fits both platforms. Written with JavaScript adds more points to its comfortable usage. Everything is focused on the same essential building blocks. A developer just has to put those blocks together. Code reuse is wonderful. It is literally the same across various devices, both web and mobile, so no need for a developer to build every single app separately. Alternatively, he/she can use the same code again and again within each OS. In addition to that, React Native is grasping analytical and demonstrative IT to guarantee code quality. 

What is magical about RN is that the framework is a free, open access environment that is alive due to its huge community of experts eager to support others and share their knowledge and experience. Besides, with every new update RN is getting more and more “full-fledged”, and it is a pity for its competitors as a lot of time and effort are needed to draw near. 

React has everything essential, and businesses with tougher budgets will stay with it for a long-long time. Now, it is time to go deeper into the benefits!


Benefits Of Using React Native For Your Business Growth

Apart from time and budget efficiency, code reuse and friendly community, that we have mentioned before, there are some more important advantages. Let us have a more profound look at each of them. 

  • Big and friendly Community 

Being a free access space, RN offers to use all the necessary documentation completely for free as well as to make their own contribution if they want. 

Furthermore, one of the top arguments to go for React Native is the fact that developers can supervise beginners via forum chats. Whether it is a code edit or current React projects, any developer with little experience can get meaningful and precious feedback. All in all, being a part of such a community is the experience that is worth the gold in the IT sphere.  

  • Cool Performance 

They say in the IT world that there is no better programming language than the one of a native app. That is why one of the striking things about React is its performance similar to any app created for a specific platform.  This is indeed one of the main React Native advantages to appreciate. How is it possible? Because the user experience is much cared for and is being thoroughly upgraded. RN is great in powering up graphics processing entities, which make the apps operate faster. 

Unlike their competitors, React apps have native parts of the user interface, that is exactly what makes the functioning and user satisfaction better.  

  • Flexible Framework 

Flexibility is not only about yoga. Talking more seriously, the RN apps can be used across multiple platforms, the same goes to their maintenance and updated versions. That is what a flexible environment is. In addition, for instance, if one developer is coding, the other can join and continue the workflow at any time with no difficulties. 

Flexibility is obvious also when we look at tryout use cases creation. It is quite an easy process. Moreover, if a business for some reason decides to change the whole framework, RN developers are able to do it smoothly and seamlessly by some exporting techniques.


  • Code Reusability 

One of the biggest pros, as we already know. React developers are relieved from developing a separate product over and over again. Most of the framework requires the same code and it is great in terms of time and money. Even more – a mobile app can be developed out of the same code of a website app. Impressive, ah? 

  • Extended and open access Libraries 

The beauty of RN framework is in the fact that everything has been already written, you just have to choose what you need for your project and make it work. Huge libraries help with the whole implementation work. There are tools for avoiding potential bugs and errors, supervising the progress, and other important checkouts.  

  • Live/ Hot Reloading 

To make code refresh faster and smoothly there is a Live reloading (LR) feature. It makes the most of the working experience. LR upholds the local state of the code during the change. 

As for Hot reloading (HR), it is another cool tool. Similar to LR it provides the smooth changes of code but not on the whole app but a part of it, while the rest of the files remain unedited.

If you want to know a cost of a developing a react native solution, check the box below!

How much does it cost to develop a react native solution?

Thanks for reading the whole post! There should be no doubts at this point that React Native is a great framework with generous and unrestricted support, right? Huge and open team, flexible structure, always evolving environment of the most innovative ideas, great performance and fast development. 

Have any questions or ideas about your envisioned app? Do not wait any longer! Leave us a message right now! Have a nice day!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
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