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Everything you need to know about mobile app backend development is here within our 6 minutes read. Welcome to our blog!

Looking at the recent statistics, it is obvious that the digital reality is growing and flourishing with 4,5 trillion USD sales in e-commerce last year. With this great interest in online services, healthcare in particular, businesses have no choice but to be innovatively functional, and offer their clients advanced websites and handy apps. And the developers enjoy having their skills in demand to build them with 13% job prospect during the next 5 years which is the highest rate compared to other specialities. The impressive comparison is illustrated below:


Today we focus on backend development. As we know, every website can be split into two parts – the front-end and the back-end. The front-end is all the visual stuff you see on the web page, and the back-end is what saves and manages your data. For example, if you are on, the backend would store your order history, your profile, it would load search results and much more.

So, What Does A Back-end Developer Do?

All the possible things about the website that the user does not directly interact with. All the behind the scenes parts of websites like data storage, security sets, site performance, and other server side functions that are responsible for the logic and integrational content the front-end developers do.

A proper backend web development partner will offer you the most Advanced Technology for making sure every stage of the process goes smoothly. Our team, for example, is using the newest reliable software and fulfills regular cleansing of all tech systems and tools.

Another high standard is Security from beginning to end. The backend app development tools have to be covered up with the steadiest and most predictable methods and can freely share data between all the components of your structure.

As for the Scalability, creating things that are possible to expand in a smooth natural way when needed depending on your company growth, is by all means a sign of good taste and respect for your clients.

What Is Covered 

Technical Analisys And Estimation

In order to make the most of your current application or to shift your heritage system to a new platform, there is the need for a detailed  back-end investigation and analysis. During this essencial process, as a rule, a lot of stepping stones are spotted, and all the infrastructure becomes revived in general.


Talking about app development, back-end processes imply creating scalable tools and solutions with decent rate of fault tolerance when adopted by companie’s digital systems, complex web structures, IoT frameworks, etc. Your team of developers will probably assist in adding an improved legacy plan with an external outset.

Operations Connected To Cloud Environment

Whether it is about migration, infrastructure or some specific solutions, everything posesses flexible computing competency that gives a chance for your entity and order to smoothly adapt proportions with the most popular cloud spaces. Moreover, a good partner should offer help in transfering your heritage back-end plans to various clouds. Here is a description 

Backend Mobile Development

The creation of back-ends include a lot of thing for our daily usage – from wearables, mobile apps, and smart home devices to social networks, and all kinds of multimedia.

Choose a backend software development team that offers supervision of your business philosophy and app’s server. No need to remind that all the important data should be properly synchronized all over various devices and spaces by putting in a solid back-end. It will guarantee a cool and efficient data storage, extend when necessary, and operate fast.

Internet Of Things

Of cource, back-end services also touch the sphere of IoT. They aim to make the best of each process, and nicely coordinate the overall frame of IoT. Implementing the proper services to withdraw your data from storage and process it on patterns that are relevant to your product, specialists you hire, and/or end users is where you truly witness what your IoT is worth.

Consider contacting an analysts or a subject matter expert to define those patterns and how to make your best to boost its power and significance. The back-end tools we develop will serve you in hooking signals from linked devices or streamlined facilities sensors, add them into your environment, produce research study reports, etc.


Some Examples

Imagine a hospital with its own possessorship, where the in-house team of software developers are fighting the common issues like lack of financial resources, IT expertise gap, and more. The efforts focused on building and support of backend code slows down the work of employees greatly. Ad this is where remote teams’ back end services save the situation, releasing the internal staff from this burden, while enjoying the profits of effortless and save access to important data. This is a wonderful way to focus on what the hospital’s internal developers are skilled at.

Another example goes to quite serious challenges that all healthcare apps face. The Big Data collected by providers is inevitably shared across many discordant digital databases like EMR, PACs, and other environments.

To be able to access the information a unique API is necessary or HL7 or some other protocols. It is not so easy to develop the perfect coordination between systems, and you can never know whether it will work in your case.

Therefore, back-end solutions work as a go-between in UI and data storage. It saves hospital or clinic managers years of creating time in attempts to associate and blend harmoniously with hospital systems by themselves.

If you want to know how much does it cost to develop a backend software solution check the box below, and it will open the online calculator.

How much does it cost to develop a backend solution?

Backend development services made by remote teams are a wonderful way to optimize your spendings. Either building a database, an app or web development, be sure you are getting the highest quality products and meet your deadlines.

Our ZenBit Tech team creates cool on-premise and cloud-based back-end products for different systems from mobile to IoT that are capable of extension to fit the needs of your growing company.

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
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