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IT software outstaffing has become of great interest lately. Want to know why? And how to get the most of it? Welcome to our blog.

Your idea and vision are the most essential when we talk about creating software. How come, you might wonder? Because there exist simple, budget friendly ways to bring your vision to life where you do not have to learn how to program. 

It is a wonderful and easier way to compose a dedicated development team or extend the one you already have in your office. At heart, that’s another approach to explain staff augmentation.  

Ukrainian IT outstaffing services have proved to be cool and effective due to the following reasons: comfortable time zone, relatively low investment expenses, rich talent pool, impeccable position for quality. 

It can be your perfect road to creating a project or extending an established internal team. Many companies worldwide have already taken its benefits, it allowed them to develop their solutions with cut expenses. 

You can take the most of Ukrainian IT outstaffing when your task is about current upgrades and innovations, and also when extra skills are needed or any narrow-field technical expertise that you have no access to in your own office. It can be greatly useful when your software creation has no clear technical rules and demands, or the bright and early scaling is needed.  

IT Outstaffing Company: What You Get And How To Start

There is no better and faster way to have at your disposal all the technical skills you need or lack. A way less investment is needed here in comparison to internal long-term employees. It reminds us of working with a contractor very much, a partnership scheme that many companies already use with makeshift staffing agencies. This model makes it possible for you to get super skilled and experienced professionals and set the optimal size of your project team, letting you launch an extended project fast or augment your team to get everything ready before deadlines.


Why Ukraine?

If you are seriously thinking of going for this model, Ukraine is a great choice indeed. Apart from the popular tendency and desire to support Ukrainian developers and contribute to the country’s economy during the Russian aggression, Ukraine does boast a large concentration of development talent. Their outstaffing companies usually have a “reserved” pool of developers, in case they must act fastly in response to clients and ensure an easy team size composition or adjustment. This way it is not a big difference whether you build or extend your team, in 10 employees or just one. 

Being top-of-the-line. Ukraine is truly one of the best locations worldwide for IT development skills. Moreover, with a variety of IT schools, its talent number keeps growing. Ukraine has around 220 thousand IT professionals, and every year it is added by 20 thousand reinforced by local universities that specialize in IT courses. Ukraine’s huge workforce pool of IT professionals makes it a cool destination to look for specialists for empowering your internal team’s expertise set or creating a temporary team for the project development lifetime process. Ukrainian developers can be engaged for a fraction of the cost of the same kind of speciality developers from Western Europe where the cost of life is much higher. 

The quality of job together with the comparative cost-effectiveness make a lot of start-ups and already successful businesses strongly depend on Ukrainian IT outstaffing services to make their in-house team complete while working on a specific project. The vivid need for Ukrainian IT talent has consequently ended up in building up powerful practical knowledge working for various fields of industries and getting acquainted with specific experiences, precious practices and all the necessary legal demands.

It Is About Money Savings   

To some degree, lower investment efforts and resources are needed than going the traditional way with in-house staff. And Ukrainian experts are cheaper than locally based experts in Austria or Sweden for instance. This model works best with Eastern Europe letting you access top-class skills at moderate costs. It is way better for your budget to invite a Ukrainian guy with huge experience than to be responsible for the expenses connected to local employment in countries with better economies like the USA or France. 
An extra benefit when taking in a software outstaffing is that you become free from many organizational issues about office space. The money you are saving from salaries, vacations, medical insurance, and rent, etc. go to the needs of your project, allow you to put your main efforts on big goals, or do more promoting campaigns.


Convenience In Time

Companies in Asia cannot provide the same convenience about time as Ukraine’s GMT+3 zone. It is perfect for seamless workflows with Germany or Denmark clients, for example. Moreover, GMT+3 has good daylight overrun with North American areas, and Ukrainian IT companies will surely adapt their working hours to optimize communication and ensure everyone is ready to respond when needed.

A Chance To Supervise

With this model you will not need to worry about being able to control any part of the process, besides, your far-off team is devoted solely to your business needs until the project is done. Your team joins your company and the work process the exact way you define.

You treat your remote team of outstaffed specialists just as if they are your internal developers sitting in the next office, same rules, same attitudes, same responsibilities. You can talk with them freely anytime you find appropriate during their working hours. And with staff management tools you are sure and confident with constant reviewing of what they do and how everything proceeds.

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Liudmila Dziubynska
Liudmyla Dziubynska
Chief Technical Officer at ZenBit Tech

Our team of developers has years of rich and successful practice that is aimed at employing the best IT talent and bringing great software ideas to life for our clients’ joy and growth.

Apart from their technical skills, ZenBit developers have a decent level of speaking English. Moreover, you will have a chance to interview each of our developers yourself.

We are passionate about what we do, flexible and responsive. You can rely on ZenBit to be your outstaffing company partner to help bring your software vision to life. Follow our blog to learn more about software outstaffing and innovations that change our world. Let’s keep in touch!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech