Challenge4Change is a Canadian fundraising campaign aiming at retaining indigenous languages and growing their speakers base. In this app, you can learn common Anishinaabe phrases using a game-based approach and an achievement system.
Team size:
4 members
2017 – 2018

Challenge4Change achieves a rather unique and cause-worthy aim: getting people interested in keeping indigenous languages alive by learning them in a game mode. The more people will know about the language and, what is even better, actually speak it, then less likely it is to disappear.

When developing an educational app, it is crucially important not to overlook the importance of study stimulation and feeling of achievement.

The well-thought achievement system stimulates the users to continue their study in a fun and pleasant way.

The competition-like approach has helped to spread the word about the application around Canada and largely contributed to the growth of its fan base.

The topic differentiation allows its users to choose themselves what the most important thing for them to learn right now is.

Making the app free to use is essential for such type of applications, no matter if it is web or mobile.

The fundraising campaign and many other donations made it possible to see the development of such an important, fun and modern app.

Challenge4Change sums up the importance of choosing the right approach in the development of an educational app, as its development strategy will determine its success.

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David Nogueras

Co-founder of EvZein

Since the beginning, ZenBit was very involved in the project they were very supportive and helpful and they allow us to make the best technical decisions, they didn’t only focus on the technical side but helped us to refine our design…

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The solution we have developed allows our client to

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