Node.js + React Internship

In 3 months – you will get a full immersion in work, experience writing complex applications from scratch

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What awaits you at the internship:

  • Established process Experience of daily work on Scrum methodology – daily calls, weekly work planning
  • Simulation of a real project Independently develop applications in an agile team
  • In-demand technologies React-redux, Nest.js, TypeScript, Mysql
  • Mentor Teamlead who supervises the work, gives feedback and clarification of difficult things
  • Teamwork Writing a project as a team
  • Online Communication will be online
  • Structured and understandable code Daily code review
  • Job offer Several interns receive an offer from the company
The task of the internship is to write a project together with other interns
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How is the internship going

in the company

Selection of 10 interns​

  • Test Task
    • An additional stage is possible – a questionnaire for checking technical knowledge
  • HR interview + English language proficiency test


  • Introductory lecture
    • Learning about the company
    • Organizational issues
  • Working days
    • Morning daily calls with the Project Manager
    • Weekly calls for work planning
    • Independent solution to unfamiliar technical problems
    • Writing code
    • Code review
    • Viewing courses to improve technical skills
    • Regular demonstration of the results of the work to the mentor

This is for you if you:

  • Have basic knowledge
    and practice with React, Node.js
  • Impressed by the values of Zenbit
  • If you speak english
  • You study and show the acquired knowledge in practice

An internship is not suitable if you expect that:

  • An internship is a training

– the trainee is ready for intensive work and responsible for the result
– the company looks at potential employees at work
– it’s not enough to do tasks, be active

  • The mentor will show each step and check it

Selection criteria for further employment in the company:

  • Provide work results every day
  • You ask questions, discuss, and participate in discussions at rallies
  • You make up adaptively
  • Made the most of your efforts during the internship
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What awaits you after your internship at the company:

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Corporate events online and offline
2 icon
Training at the expense of the company on educational Internet sites
3 icon
Teamwork and independent work in various projects
4 icon
Remote work schedule with flexible work planning
5 icon
Salary increase on a permanent basis
6 icon
Development assistance by experienced developers
6 icon
Development assistance by experienced developers
7 icon
Access to our course library
8 icon
Spoken English Club
9 icon
Sick leave and vacation compensation
10 icon
Working with English-speaking clients

About the company

Zenbit is a company of proactive people that specializes in projects that benefit society.

We work in the direction of developing complex service applications in the direction of HealthCare, MedTech, Logistic, and Supply chain.

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Is the internship paid?

This internship is unpaid and free for interns

Who will be the mentor at the internship?

The mentor will be the Chief Technology Officer of Zenbit

How much time should I allocate for an internship per day?

From 4 hours a day

How long does the internship last?

3 months

Contact us for suggestions or help