Why Data Protection Is Important – GDPR

Why Data Protection Is Important – GDPR Preview
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In this post, we share our thoughts on the importance of data protection and what is the purpose of the data protection act. Either software developers or company owners will find this 6 minutes read helpful. Please enjoy. 

Almost every app uses your data for some marketing or advertisement purposes, and more people are getting concerned about what is being shared and why. And who are these third party companies? 

How does this happen and what are the possible outcomes? 

Sharing some of the information is definitely important to run some apps. For example, you won’t run a camera app if you do not give it access to your camera first. That’s quite logical. Nevertheless you should know what personal data is being gathered. 

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Not only can mobile apps identify your location by your check-ins or by using your GPS, they can also read your contact list and messages and some private things. Today we cannot imagine our life without the many things the Internet has to offer. For example, we can use the single account to various devices, even on various operating systems. But everything that is stored in our browser history, and in our bookmarks and cookies, ect, everything has its drawback. For example, if you search for a strawberry tiramisu recipe, be ready to see various ads concerning strawberry tiramisu. The same thing happens with our personal data in various websites and apps.


World Famous Scandals

There was the case with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the scandal that brought on the whole importance of personal data collection. Breaking news that the Trump campaign advisors took advantage of millions of Facebook users’ data improperly made people furious all over the globe. In early spring of 2018, journalists got a treasure – a pile of Cambridge Analytica documents proving the crime of using personal info for creating voter accounts. The revelation caused legal issues and a huge crisis for Facebook. And a good lesson for the whole world on why data protection is important. Here’s the New Your Times in-depth coverage, if you are into more details. 

As a result of another famous personal data violation in 2020, in Italy, the fines were more that 11 million euros. Eni Gas e Luce (EGL) got into trouble with illegally processing personal data. They were making calls to potential clients to promote their services without the legal right to do it. Moreover, there were cases of unsolicited contracts. Due to abuse of data honor, around 7000 Italians were included on EGL contracts without being informed that their energy supplier from now on will be EGL.  

These cases vividly demonstrate how vital for every business is the respect for users’ personal data and high data policy culture. 

The Prime Law – What does it Mean and Tips to Follow

A new law regulating personal data, provided by the European Union in May 2018 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law says that every app or a website supplier should inform their users of what information is being collected exactly and furthermore users should be able to refuse any collection and even control what is being shared. This is also necessary if we talk about such sensitive information like race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. 

As we can see, these data protection rules force all app development companies to review their policies and to make considerable changes in their structure. By the way, apart from the GDPR, there is a video by the ZenBit team on how to launch your successful app. 

So what does the GDPR mean? The regulations of the EU are the following. First of all, it is Transparency, Purpose Restriction, Minimization, Precision, Confidentiality. 

All in all, that means that users should be aware of the measures and the methods by which their data is being collected. And you have to collect the information in a legal and transparent way. Then the purpose of data collection should be the same as what was claimed initially by the company. Then the volume of data collected should not be more that it was regulated by the purpose of the company itself. Then, inaccurate data should be deleted by the user’s demand. And finally the company should not disclose any personal information, meaning that no third company is involved. And the law regulated that the fine for violation may rise up to 20 million euros.


What Should Web and App Developers Do? 

First of all, you have to review the ways you collect users’ personal info. Then you should review your Terms of Use and make some changes if necessary. Though the GDPR is applicable to the EU, it is much easier to comply with these rules just in any country. 

What is especially crucial when your app or web services include some of the european languages for example or if your users can pay for your services with any european currency. 

Though the GDPR is aimed for the countries of the European Union, it is much easier to stick to this rule no matter what country you are located in. 

Benefits of data protection act

So, does the GDPR serve for anything good in this case? Yes, of course it does! GDPR is one of the most important documents and regulations helping to build credibility in your services. Furthermore, it establishes the relationship between the client and the developers. Data is definitely a type of modern currency in the world of IT, and using it properly and legally will help you to make your product or services trustworthy. Try not to abuse your dear users.  

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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech

The EU’s main data protection law refers to all types of companies, and there is no way nowadays, you can avoid the responsibility for non-compliance. Whether you are a tiny office or a global company, wrong steps will cost a lot and your reputation will be damaged. Let us focus on the high standards of transparency and data safety instead. Your business should have all the benefits of data protection to succeed and have its future. Let our team help you with this. Let’s develop your dream together! Contact us now!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech