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Would you join our discussion on virtual reality healthcare companies and how technological ingenuity is reshaping the industry and the way we perceive care in general? You are very welcome!


The power for VR in Healthcare is narrowed only by the inventiveness and wit of its creators and those who are smart and brave to implement the new solutions. If you are reading this, you are one of those who prioritize innovations, we believe. 

These tools are already linking gaps, not opening them up, and in the end of the day, the virtual will allow us all to turn into more human

Doctors with new skills and equipment can perform surgery without incision. Invasive surgery is actually stepping aside from now on. It becomes easier for therapists to explain their patients’ the operation specifics effectively and bring the risks to minimum. 

The market

According to the studies, the overall VR in healthcare market size was worth almost 460 million USD last year, and it will grow up to 628 million USD this year, and reach more than 6 billion USD by 2029. Impressive, ah?



VR In Practice 

Seems like magic but there are a lot of medical virtual reality companies today, let’s see what they do!

FundamentalVR, for example, boasts its haptics, immersive technology and more. This tech is believed to utterly change the user/computer interface, go beyond borderlines, and fasten the workflows. HapticVR makes skills training way easier and faster, and provides pleasant user experiences. Thanks to their efforts, surgeons are able to obtain real and precise muscle memory via a cool medical education space. 

A video space called Touch Surgery Enterprise empowers hospitals to view surgical processes and access all the related data safely and smoothly.  

Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s medical staff use BodyMap – a great medically precise VR anatomy and simulation practice software program.

There is also Augmedics, which merges surgery with newest technology wonders. Their x-vision devices make surgeons see under the patient’s skin as if they are looking at an x-ray print. It is vitally helpful during the invasive operations as the medical tools are being guided more accurately.

EchoPixel professionals focus on creating tools for innovative patient care. Have you ever imagined a doctor being able to build a virtual twin of his patient with usual medical images and, moreover, having a 4D interaction with it? Yes, they are the ones who made all that real! 

Health Scholars is working on helping medical staff to perform the best care during emergencies and intensive therapies. Thanks to virtual reality tools, they enrich healthcare simulation. This way, virtual training became like real experience, flexible, and cheaper. Moreover, they also do a great job in helping medical staff to minimize errors and reach the utmost safety. 

There are some healthcare Virtual Reality companies that focus on incision training and education. One of the most popular apps here is Touch Surgery that has around three million “students” worldwide. It is realistic and interactive, and its power and success have been proven many times. 

VR Software Design

The architecture of Virtual Reality tools is, naturally, built upon their use. Still, it often includes some essential parts, as a rule. One is for clients, the other one is for data repositories, and finally, a web administration page that links and operates both previous parts. Here is the illustration of how it looks like in most augmented reality healthcare companies.


Where VR Is Being Used

Let’s move to the most inspiring section where we illustrate the spheres of usage and how exactly VR magic improves Healthcare, affecting how caregivers and patients see treatment. Surgical training benefits we have already covered to some extent, so let’s leave our attention to other fields too.

Soothing Pain

VR has its new vision of old-school distraction techniques. It offers a whole new world of engaging fun-and-games. These activities are played in a virtual space. Some result in therapeutic virtual reality for those who suffered fire, others provide a cool muscle rehab. There are even drug-free pain soothing options, and no doubt, the future will bring more VR applications in this sphere. 

Innovations In Dentistry

Either beginners or dentists with years of practice can benefit from what the new dental tech is offering with perfect images of teeth textures, 3D models of jaws, surgeon simulators, rich treatment models, and more.

Care For Mental Issues

Panic attacks and anxiety are being treated differently and more effectively thanks to VR tools, bringing calm and comfort when they are needed most. It brings a brand new face to the exposure therapy in general, making it a less expensive, scalable, and safer option. 

Medical Training

Virtual reality therapy companies make valuable contributions to education via VR simulation tools like 360-degree video with 3D interactive data. Former generations of students could only dream of things like that.

Managing Phobias

It is possible now to relieve a phobia with the help of VR high-tech solutions. The newest options let people fight and manage their fears and have a chance for a better life.

Cancer Early Diagnostics

Virtual endoscopy emerged and gave the new appearance to the screening tools quality and efficiency. The previous methods were expensive and complex. 3D models of organs are becoming more and more accurate thanks to VR high-tech.

Sport And Fitness

Virtual reality is a great way to add more joy to routine training. Either as a game or in an unusual environment, it increases patients’ engagement and makes fitness treatment programs more effective in the long term. Fitness apps are encouraging with their daily feedback, challenges and rewards.

Diagnostics tools

VR healthcare companies empower medical professionals with solid diagnostic tools. Together with other innovative methods, the right diagnosis is guaranteed which often makes invasions not necessary. Moreover, Alzheimer’s disease can be spotted earlier which leaves the chance to a person for effective treatment. 

Alcoholism Treatment

Re-evaluation of life choices for life quality improvement was something that psychotherapists tried to do better for alcohol addicted patients. Virtual Reality brought new abilities here and new guarantees in the successful behavioral treatment.

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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech

Virtual Reality is becoming a part of our usual Healthcare space and more and more investments are being done for reshaping businesses now. Would you like to be a part of this transformation? We want to know your vision and bring your VR project to life! Leave us a message today! Take care!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech