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This post is devoted to suggesting a new way to perceive IoT, as there is something more here than just creating cool gadgets. It is an environment where the climate is favorable for IoT healthcare development that could change our future for the better.

The vision of Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Software Solutions is in a tied-up physical space, and the cyber world embeds it to an utmost extent. This idea is way more intricate and mingled than a newest coffee machine, or a highly complicated and labyrinthine smart home. 

IoT is the idea of connecting not just devices but also things to the Internet so that we may collect the information about the world and make decisions based on that information to make the world more efficient. We actually hardly need to be creative to imagine all of this. There are plenty of sci-fi movies for reference. In fact, we typically get two different versions of this future. One of a highly advanced technological utopia and another a bleak picture of the human race in society controlled and/or destroyed by technology, believes Dr. Gina Martinez. You can watch her inspiring speech on TED Talks, by the way.


The developers are constantly working on different projects to help the world understand the full capabilities of Healthcare IoT software of next generations. Printed displays from Ynvisible, for example, electrochromic displays made up of printed organic materials sandwiched in between PET films, are really energy efficient. They can be powered by a lemon battery. The beauty of this concept design is its simplicity. It is fully integrated with the labeling process. What is precious about this type of intelligent wearable is in the kit for a drug that is going to be administered over a two or three time period is that there is a band that you could snap onto the patient that actually starts timing sequence for the doses and the curiosity of those doses.


Useful vs Useless

Many worry that with IoT making all of the decisions for us and everything around us with a goal of optimizing everything, humans would just just become mindless entities ushered along by technology, stripped of what makes us human. In the movie Wall E humans are just big babies being carried around by their hover chairs. Everything is done for them by robots.

However, either of these visions seem very far off. When we see devices like these flip flops that can play ads for the company so instead of avoiding telemarketers, we are actually going to wear them. Forks that can mask slurping sounds, we have a couch that can tilt and vibrate enhancing your movie experience just like in those immersive cinemas except that there is a noticeable delay between the movie and a couch. So it’s really just preventing you from eating your popcorn in peace. And we have a trash can with a camera on the lid that takes pictures of the content of your trash bin and uploads it to facebook for no reason. 

Not Just About Connecting Devices

Let’s put aside for a moment a question of whether these devices needed to be invented and focus on what IT is about. IoT healthcare Software is not just about connecting devices but also in making decisions so that these devices operate in efficient ways and improve our lives. And the more of these devices we connect and enable the more optimized those decisions can be.

The point is, it is not the individual gadgets but the services that we can create through the collective IoT capabilities. And with each device that we connect and enable we have more and more ways for a digital world to interact with a physical world.

Leaving The Question Open

The process of developing IoT healthcare solution capabilities as building an infrastructure, a programming interface through which we can develop applications that have much greater impact for the future. And you’ll probably ask what those applications are in Healthcare? There is no answer yet, and it is ok not to know. 

Whatever your favorite applications are, when the software developers create them, they are decomposed or compiled into the same or similar instructions that are part of the computer’s instruction set. In this sense we are building a programmable world. It has two major components – hardware and software. And they interoperate elegantly through a well defined instruction set. 

When an unforeseen pandemic crisis arose, we had the foundations to expand and create services to respond to unanticipated demands. We are not saying that we should just welcome useless intrusive devices into our homes, cities or hospitals, we have every right to be apprehensive. These devices can become ripe with vulnerabilities, riddled with avenues for exploiting security and privacy. In 2017 the FDA confirmed that implantable cardiac devices can be hacked such as pacemakers. Malicious actions done to them such as a depleting battery and administering incorrect pacing. We periodically hear in the news about our video systems being hacked, baby monitors, home security systems, webcams, etc.

However, as these vulnerabilities are discovered, their fixes are developed. This is a part of the development process, and no doubt security and privacy needs to be integrated to this process from the start.

Consider an IoT program that makes it easy to turn on the hot tub while on our entering home and body sensors detect that pulse and respiratory signals indicate some level of fatigue and stress.   

Even more exciting is what we do not know. Someone brilliant can come along and create a program that will address all of our stress factors.

If and when a new need arises, such as the needs that came up when Covid-19 pandemic hit, we have the capability of creating a program that will address those.

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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech

It remains to be seen which IoT services and devices of the future will be deemed necessary and useful and which ones will be deemed silly and useless and even harmful. What we do know is the full potential of IoT can only be realized the more devices we have they have the capabilities of identification. Sensing, networking, computation, and actuation.

And even though yes you probably do not need that smart toothbrush, it certainly has more of those capabilities than an old-fashioned one.     

Dreaming about bringing your innovative idea to life? ZenBit Tech specializes in healthcare IoT software product management and development. We offer you our partnership that is going to successful advancements and new levels of your business growth. Call us today!

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Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry Broshkov
CEO of ZenBit Tech