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In the late 1800s, tuberculosis was a significant source of sickness and death worldwide. At the beginning of the 20th century, TB cases and deaths dropped in western Europe, North America, and other industrialized countries due to social and economic advancements, including improvements in hygiene, wages, housing, and nutrition. In the 1940s, effective drug treatments accelerated these trends, with national case rates (per person) reducing by as much as 10% per year and fatality rates falling even faster. Countries with declining TB rates have 10 or fewer cases and less than one death per 100,000 people per year.

Increased incidence of tuberculosis

Estimated TB incidence in 2020, for countries with at least 100 000 incident cases

Fig Estimated TB incidence rates

In 2020, the majority of TB cases occurred in South-East Asia (43%), Africa (25%), and the Western Pacific (18%), with lesser proportions in the Eastern Mediterranean (8.3%), the Americas (3.0%), and Europe (2.0%). Eight of these nations accounted for two-thirds of the global total: India (26%), China (8.5%), Indonesia (8.4%), the Philippines (6.0%), Pakistan (5.8%), Nigeria (4.6%), Bangladesh (3.6%), and South Africa (3%).

Tuberculosis Mortality

Estimated TB mortality rates in HIV-negative people, 2020

Fig Estimated TB mortality rates in HIV negative people

2020 TB death estimates are preliminary. They indicate that the worldwide number of TB fatalities rose between 2019 and 2020: from 1.2 million to 1.3 million among HIV-negative persons and from 209 000 to 214 000 among HIV-positive people. It’s the first yearly gain since 2005. Disruptions to TB detection and treatment facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an 18% drop in TB diagnoses in 2020. In 2020, the worldwide CFR rose from 14% to 15%.

Shortfalls in TB case detection induced by the COVID-19 pandemic had a minimal influence on Comparing TB incidence and deaths in 2020. TB incidence lags behind TB deaths for two reasons. First, diagnostic and therapy interruptions increase TB patient deaths. Second, the increased pool of prevalent cases that occurs when more persons with TB are not discovered and treated influences incidence gradually due to the long gap between infection and sickness (which ranges from weeks to decades). The COVID-19 pandemic in 16 key countries with 71% of global TB incidence in 2020 implies that TB incidence may grow globally between 2022 and 2023.

About the project

Together with Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health, ZenBit Tech, and Duo Creative Resources have started work on a healthcare project that will be aimed at assisting in patient screening, the ability to download laboratory tests, and based on all this helps to make diagnoses, and in some cases offers treatment options. treatment. This project’s objective is to provide less experienced medical professionals with access to the most cutting-edge tuberculosis treatment methods available while also assisting them in making an accurate diagnosis.

About the J&J closed event

J&J Closed event

This event is a closed event that took place in online and personal formats in which Johnson & Johnson gathered many of the best international specialists in the field of tuberculosis treatment. These specialists shared the most innovative methods of tuberculosis treatment. Additionally, this event had an offline component that took place in Singapore.

It was an honor for our team to present a demo version of the project that we are working on in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, which should help treat tuberculosis around the world. After the presentation of all the functionality of the project by our team, there was a wide discussion, during which the most qualified international experts in the field of tuberculosis treatment offered additional solutions and opportunities to improve the project.


In conclusion, I would like to say that we are wholeheartedly glad that we are participating in a global project that can help in the treatment and reduction of the incidence of a rather serious disease. Separately, I would like to thank J&J for organizing this closed event at which we were able to realize the seriousness of J&J’s intentions in improving the situation related to the incidence of tuberculosis. We are sure that this project will have a positive effect on the quality of treatment and prevention of tuberculosis around the world!

About JNJ Global Public Health

Global Health Icon

Johnson & Johnson is the biggest healthcare company in the world dedicated to improving the health of more people in more locations.

While the globe has made substantial strides in delivering better health care, considerable gaps persist. Because of the COVID—19 pandemic, bolder and savvier strategies are required now more than ever to address the stark gap in access to medical care.

Through a dedicated global public health organization (GPH) that brings together world-class research and development, global strategy and external relations capabilities, as well as local implementation and impact groups, we place the most in need of services in the world at the center of everything we do – measuring our success by the number of lives we improve.

As a team of pioneers, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health seeks to extend access to health care for HIV, TB, and global mental health, as well as to solve issues and avoid future pandemics. Working with global and local partners, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health ensures that individuals in need of life-saving, disease-treating, and disease-prevention solutions have access to them.

J&J Global Public Health will eventually help to reduce inequality and pave the path for a healthier future in which all people and communities may flourish by sustaining Johnson & Johnson’s illustrious history.

About Duo Creative Resources

Duo Creative Resources is a Hong Kong-based agency specializing in content creation and marketing strategy in the healthcare industry. We design and create digital learning modules, educational videos, newsletters, infographics, presentation decks, and many more.

About ZenBit Tech

ZenBit’s team has extensive experience developing software solutions. Our clients include startups and established healthcare, commercial, industrial, and high-technology businesses. Customers rely on our experience, reliability, and timeliness to bring ideas to life.

Our company has extensive experience in the development of healthcare software solutions, we have already had experience in developing healthcare enterprise software solutions for clients such as Médecins Sans Frontières and Oxford University Innovation.

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