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How can a SaaS healthcare company help your business evolve? Join our 6 minutes read to find out!

Unless you’ve been living under the rock the past few years, it is very likely you use Software as a Service, or SaaS, on a daily basis for business and as a customer. It is one of the three main categories of cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, and Platform as a Service. Out of the big three cloud computing models, SaaS is the most popular and widely used one. And the great thing about it is you do not have to be a developer or an IT expert to use it! 

So, SaaS in a nutshell is a method of delivering software and applications over the Internet via a subscription model. This is a game changer compared to our traditional software model used prior to the emergence of cloud computing, where users would have to manage, install, and upgrade software themselves on local servers or computers. 

With SaaS you can simply provision a server for an instance in a cloud, and in a couple of hours you’ll have your software or application ready for use. 

Some key examples would be the email client you use such as Gmail, the application and tools you have on your computer, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud, or even when you are jamming out your favorite music streaming service, these are all SaaS providing productivity apps over the Internet. 

Saas is also widely used in Healthcare.

Attractive Market Opportunities

The market of cloud computing in the industry of Healthcare is foreseen to be worth almost 65 billion USD by 2025, and we are already watching a great deal of investments in this field. The key to success of healthcare SaaS tools is the passion and longing of healthcare businesses to boost care quality with the help of high-tech. The following picture is a very convincing illustration of the matter.


How Does This Model Help Your Business?

SaaS is greatly beneficial, boosting your healthcare business efficiency and workflow as well as creating a safe digital environment. 

Today you will find it quite easy to get in touch with a nice SaaS healthcare company as your partner in improving your care business, and every item of our list below proves why you have to consider SaaS. 

  • Better Data Protection 

With SaaS healthcare settings are safer in terms of data security. We’ve already covered the importance of this and why you must always look for the best options for ensuring security. 

Instead of keeping a cool IT team which will take care of your data safety and take most of your budget, SaaS can be a great alternative. The platform will just provide you with the newest innovative tools for that. Isn’t it brilliant? 

  • Transparency 

This is a beautiful feature in a healthcare company with a good reputation. Effective care relies on a full picture of the patient’s medical records. Not every patient can answer crucial doctors’ questions confidently. This is where SaaS and EHRs save the situation. The E-records trend is obviously growing. 

  • Telemedicine

The Numbers show that the investments in telemedicine will be worth more than 64 billion USD in three years in the USA. How is that connected to you? Your business can be one of the first offering quality care to remote area patients, or those who face difficulties doing visits in-person. Hence, healthcare SaaS tools make telemedicine greater and lots of the processes become simpler. 

  • Faster Interaction Between Doctors 

It is crucial to have doctors provided with effective collaboration tools. Hospitals need to boost interactive workflows between departments more and more as well as most of the processes simplified or totally reduced. Fast communication and expert teamwork makes a big difference and even saves lives. For this reason, SaaS is rather a must-have and not just an option.


Popular Tendencies 

We would like to devote this section to some of the top healthcare SaaS “fashions” and how they can change the whole weather in your business. 

  • AI Solutions, to begin with. There is no need to convince you how cool and dominating they are, and their adoption will allow your new SaaS platforms to be independent and able to learn without intricate instructions. Of course, they are already used in many successful hospitals and labs – more than 80% of them worldwide have made AI tools their daily practice. In Healthcare SaaS businesses AI tools provide data safety and also enhance customization due to voice detecting tech, chatbots, etc. 
  • Then there are constantly increasing Multiple Clouds that solve the problem of collecting, storing, managing and studying the immense amount of healthcare records. 
  • Vertical SaaS is another great thing that is meant to focus on one particular sector like pharmaceuticals. This way it is more efficient to create lighthouse users or fund chains. Focusing on certain concerns becomes more comfortable here as well as giving highly personalized services. 
  • We cannot ignore some minor advantages from unbundling SaaS. Micro-SaaS settings do exist and their efforts are aimed on some features the ready made products lack. We definitely advise you to try this model. 
  • Edge Computing apps put data centers close to where they are needed the most. This version of IT architecture eases the networks operating, mekes computing features better, and enlarges storage and lessens the expenses. Your Big Data needs edge computing and any broad-minded expert will prove to you that. 
  • Pay-Per-Use style, unlike subscriptions, is a way better for healthcare settings that provide temporary and brief services, it is perfect for start-ups. 

There are even more trends, and each of them is motivating and inviting to try. Would you? 

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Dmitry Broshkov
Chief Executive Officer at ZenBit Tech

When technology and innovation come together medical saas come to life. If you have the power and authority to improve patient care, lower expenses, and enhance workflows – consider SaaS tools. Our team will help you to experience and enjoy the changes and benefits they bring to your growth. Shall we talk today?

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